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Dr. Fauci Says U.S. Will Fight Covid By Remaining In WHO | NBC News NOW

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the president, told the Word Health Organization that the U.S. will not withdraw and will fulfil its obligations.
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Dr. Fauci Says U.S. Will Fight Covid By Remaining In WHO | NBC News NOW


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  1. He looks so well now, younger…well done Fauci, you deserve this

  2. How will the WHO spend the money America gives to them other than by using media to encourage people to vaccine and follow guidelines which is already happening?

  3. Ya stay in the World Health Organization the crooked organization that let this pandemic get out of control.
    Ridiculous, the WHO was playing politics instead of doing their job.
    They screwed up massively and allowed this mess.
    Which country puts the most money into the WHO ?
    Year end, 2019 USA $893 million, China $86 million.
    Seems right.
    Can’t fix stupid.

  4. ALERT: Trumpard showed America and the World that a Dictatorship in America is possible…. and gave America a feeling and taste of what a Dictatorship is like…..

  5. Didnt this clown tell us to go on cruise ships when covid started?

  6. Oh yes let’s all believe in Dr Fauci and WHO…… self-serving liars! Don’t wear a mask……no, wear a mask! My god wake up people!

  7. So he felt like he couldn't speak before bc he was more concerned for his JOB than the health and safety of the country….mmkay. Now he leads the delegation to the WHO which is a huge promo. Gee, where's his loyalty???

  8. I still don't trust him. His science could be motivated and influenced from wherever the money comes from. I don't want to this country shut down again in attempts to halt the spread of this virus. Whether it's a republican or a democrat, I have lost all faith in politicians and the people they surround themselves with.

  9. Who is the production team on this? I can literally see the cameraman in the window!!!!!! C'mon guys, we can do better. I know the bar has been set low from the previous administration, but lets back to some common sense!

  10. False God's all over these days

  11. We are going to fight covid by remaining part of an organization that lied to the world about covid. Awesome.

  12. 400K dead under Fauci and counting…. By the way I Voted for Biden bc I wanted Fauci and Trump gone. Fauci was a condoner and switched back and forth every week

  13. Wonder if he thought the virus was gonna go away when it got warm too lol

  14. Science-can

  15. I-dont

  16. Of course its importand to be part of WHO in order to take a lead and ensure the country has up to date knowledge and are able to take action where disease control is concerned.

  17. He is like … “finally I can do my job”

  18. I have had Momvid for 12 months now. Everyday is a struggle but I know if I stay locked in my house and just buy stuff online… I'll get through this.

  19. Fauci, and his ilk, should be brought up on criminal charges for the lies they've been spouting. The damage he's done so that he could pretend he's a little god is likely not going to ever be completely reversed. He should be locked up for the rest of his small, pathetic life.

  20. Look the fool with the phd is back to tell us more lies

  21. "In 2008, Dr. Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper about the Spanish Flu Epidemic (sic) that rates as the most devastating modern pandemic. It swept the entire planet in the wake of the First World War and caused millions of deaths," reads a meme shared by Facebook user William Curry on Oct. 23.

    What Fauci and his co-authors discovered during their investigation, the meme goes on to state, was that "most victims of the Spanish Flu didn't die from the Spanish Flu. They died from bacterial pneumonia."
    Where this disease came from is the most shocking revelation. 

    "And the bacterial pneumonia was caused by… wait for it, wait for it… wearing masks."

    While not clearly stated, the meme suggests Fauci conclusively identifies masks as the unwitting culprits, rather than preventers, of an "unobserved" bacterial pneumonia pandemic.

    "And Dr. Anthony Fauci knows this, because he wrote about it in 2008."

  22. I have confidence in this guy handling the pandemic

  23. Would that fauci had left instead of Trump.

  24. Love you love you great man 😂😂😂

  25. I think this guy was wrong about everything how many fools will follow this man to their grave

  26. I knew he was genuine when he didn't let trump 'push him around.'

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