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Dr. Michael Baden on Brian Laundrie cause of death

Fox Business contributor Dr. Michael Baden discusses what the autopsy could reveal on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FOXBusiness
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  1. If the pigs got him they would eat bones an everything

  2. There was no other suspect, if there was it would have showed up on the DNA, Brian is the only DNA that was on Gabby,

  3. What a tragic story for everyone involved.

  4. If only he or she walked away for few hours, and stay apart all of this could have been prevented!
    Their lives, and many more destroyed over absolutely nothing!

  5. Let's see,who found the bag? Who was the bag handed over to after dirty Laundries hands all over it&not wearing gloves&2nd,wasn't the officer carrying the bag not wearing gloves? Bravo,smart moves made by f*ck wits. Ignorance is bliss. ✌out.

  6. This is so horribly sad, two very young people lost their lives so needlessly. I hope and pray that he left some sort of information for Gabby's parents as well as his own. My heart breaks for both sets of parents.

  7. If they didn't find a sleeping bag or tent and there wasn't evidence of a fire then he went there not intending to return.

  8. Gabbys dad came down and whacked him! thats what I hope.

  9. Is it possible that he is still alive? You can always live without few bones!

  10. Truth. Education has turned into a brainwashing scam…..for many many years.

  11. Has it been confirmed whether the notebook/Journal was actually Brian’s? Gabby’s ex-boyfriend mentioned in a statement she kept a journal too.

  12. Grew up watching this man on HBO autopsy. Used to scare the shxt out of me as a kid

  13. This finding of laundries body is extremely suspect!is it really his body?

  14. I think the Florida laws should be changed in someway, going forward, so this does not happen again.

  15. If Brian was so close to the parking lot, why couldn't the dogs pick up his scent in the area – maybe where he walked from the car forward?

  16. If that area was under so much water why would Brian hide in deeper water?

  17. First off there is not a shred of proof that his parents did anything wrong. And the area was searched twice before.water was too high to have seen anything. Takes tissue a long time to decompose.


  19. Lots of cover up (s) going on here.
    The Laundry family, they are all guilty of murdering Gabby.

  20. Its insane to blow your brains out to commit suicide….thr best way is a heroin over dose….at least that way it will feel good lol

  21. No flesh was left. ? They didn't mention wounds

  22. 🇨🇦🕊️🌿🌹✌️

  23. A man who took all the time to go missing.and escape the law and then he kills himself? Time will tell.

  24. Please take down all the Brian videos. Enough already. Brian and Gabby are gone.

  25. How do you know for sure it was him?

  26. they sure wont find his balls seeing how he had none! MEN who act like men have balls and those that are wimps (like this POS) dont. enjoy hell buddy cause after what you did thats where your going.

  27. Is it possible it is someone else?

  28. Dr. Baden is a credible perspective. Who is the expert on a digitial imprint ?

  29. This old fella sounds, looks like he's on his last legs . . .

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