Thursday , September 16 2021
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Dr. Siegel: You don't get people vaccinated by threatening masks

Fox News medical correspondent discusses potential mask mandates on ‘Kennedy’ #Fox Business

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  1. Read carefully: NEVER. I will NEVER get the so called 'vaccine'.

  2. The evil Fauci, CDC, WHO got caught in their own lies. They weaponized the PCR test to give huge numbers of false positives! People were tested, found positive no symptoms, these individuals think they've had covid and recovered! When in reality, the false PCR tests were used to create a false narrative of 'confirmed' cases'! Generating fear! Now the evil Fauci and CDC are caught in their own lies because now the order is that those that have had covid don't need to be Vaccinated! And these false positive individual are sure they don't need a jab!
    Evil Fauci, CDC, WHO
    They all got caught in their own lies. Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive'!
    They are all guilty for crimes Against Humanity and deserve to be executed for what they have done to the entire world!

  3. Nope. Not gonna happen. Go away.

  4. It is not a vaccine, it is an experimental injection.

  5. All these liberal Karens can stick that vaccine where the sun dont shine, then wipe with the mask. I will not wear a mask again, unless its Halloween. The only upside of masks, the liberals continue to wear them, it quickly identified the morons and hides those sasquatch mustaches. Bonus!


  7. I can't speak for everybody, but from my point of view, Biden can go f%$k himself with an ice cream cone.

  8. Remember, this was all supposed to go away once China Joe was in office. Could it be that China Joe really didn't win the election and is afraid of loosing control?

  9. COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective period. people, start taking Ivermectin on the first sign of Covid

  10. There is no hope for those who have submitted to the vax. Boycott all establishments the enforce the tyranny.

  11. Grow up, get the vaccine and STFU.

  12. If trousers can’t stop a fart πŸ’¨ how can a mask 😷 stop a virus 🦠

  13. So, When TF did the Biden admin ever try to set a mask mandate? Perhaps I missed it.

  14. oh lool Another msm with statecorp money that is pushing the statecorp big pharam vax

    Sorry, nope,

    Go take your bs solutioj and shove it

    We are never going to take it you moronic fools

  15. Scarlet letters for all unvaxxed

  16. Telling healthy people to wear masks because some healthy people tested positive despite not being sick, is like telling every virgin to take birth control because some virgins tested pregnant even though they weren't.


  18. Biden you and jen,You put that mask where it belong. I BEING NICE πŸ‘Œ..

  19. Dr Peter McCullough truth eleven dot com very good read

  20. psaki is a psak of sludge

  21. You're stupid if you take that gene therapy.

  22. the white house top to bottom are a bunch of deutches

  23. Democrats from Texas brought a vaccinated virus infection to the capital. Where a mask in public.

  24. Not shamed, no vaccine, dump this administration

  25. Maybe unvaccinated folks should be made to wear masks 😷

  26. Masks don't stop the spread of a virus and neither does the jab

  27. When are Republicans going to fight back?

  28. Never complied width mandates before and never will

  29. NOT getting any experimental vaccine OR wearing a stupid ineffective mask for weak covid



  31. Over a Million and a Half possibly Infected Illegals are being deposited all over the Country . Mask Up again ? Biden can bite me .

  32. No one is going to comply with mask wearing again

  33. I'm going to wait for another year before I take the vaccine because they are having too many reports of it harming people and I don't trust the damm vaccine at all right now. And they should leave the children alone it's been proved that the children don't spread any virus like this. I am still very cautious and wear the mask wherever it Is mandated.

  34. News Flash: The Covid test is unreliable and the masks and experimental vaccine do not work.

  35. the government can butt the f out with masks already. think about all them mass produced FABRIC masks like at walmart amazon etc etc designer masks n shyt.
    like wtf. actual masks typically used for things like this aren't like that. it was a ploy to get more money to china for fabric products at cheap cheap pricing to help with the 'try to control people' factor. biden sucks – fact.

  36. I agree stop making America pay for your Agenda you don't have to be the DC stop lying if everyone needs to Vancinated what about the BORDER What About The Border stop stop we're no longer waiting on an Welfare Check πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  37. You certainly don't by pushing misinformation and lies like Fox's opinion hosts are!

  38. If the vaccine is so safe,why are children allowed to get it???! Hmm

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