Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Drone Company Explores Potential Delivery Of Covid Vaccine | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Dasha Burns gets an inside look at how one drone company is exploring the possibility of using their technology to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine when available.
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Drone Company Explores Potential Delivery Of Covid Vaccine | NBC News NOW


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  1. Smaller commercial drone technology is not as sophisticated as the military drones which is more secure.

  2. Drones is not a smart decision to deliver the vaccines this quickly. Now that you have disclose using drones to deliver the vaccines you now just open the supply chain for cyber criminal activities. Think about the cyber security impacts.

  3. Don’t worry about the need for below zero refrigeration in the drones…. it will all be just fine no matter. Trust me….. love- Hunter!

  4. save your money,drone people,a lot of people don't want to be part of an experiment.

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  6. Great time to practice ?🤯

  7. Skynet has now gone live…… Run for your lives!

  8. Did the trucks break?

  9. Love the accent of the rep of the company

  10. Companies like this will be making millions while working class Americans starve and are locked away at home with no stimulus, the Covid money train keeps on rolling, from for-profit hospitals getting millions our tax dollars to private companies and drug companies raking in the cash while we all suffer. When will you people wake up?

  11. how come we don't let the post office have that job?

  12. 17 states join texas lawsuit against swing states an committee denies recognizing biden as pres elect as they cant go ahead of electoral process

  13. Thank you for such informative information!

  14. "Sunshine vitamin" or new vaccine?
    Vitamin D reduced % of patients to ICU from 50% to 2% …  I repeat … 50% to 2%. ICU of 100 patients becomes just 4 patients with vitaD. Simple, cheap, no side effects.

    Pandemic over (calcifediol is metabolized D3).

    Most people are D deficient in our modern world. Less sun.

    Even 600 IU/day is low. Need 4000 to boost levels (see para before Conclusion).

    80% of C19 patients are deficient and higher vitaD better outcome. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/10/201027092216.htm

    Populations match: 
    black/brown lower vitaD and higher C19 rate than white; age, obesity and type 2 diabetes low vitaD high C19 rate.

    VitaD regulates cytokines and numerous other immune system/inflammatory responses; c19 "snowball" problems.

    There are many other supporting studies. In one .. short term high dose D3 (60,000 IU/day nano drops for 1- 2 wks) for mild/asymptomatic. At 3 wks 60% no C19 while 20% no C19 in control gp.

    What are the health agencies recommending? 

    Nothing. Not proper clinical studies.
    VitaD cheap, easy, no side effects, works. Most people deficient … so GIVE ALL VITAMIN D.
    Lowers ICU population by 25x improves outcomes .. helps mild/asymptomatic. Cheap easy "made by our own body when UVB hits skin".

    What else?
    VitaD better than flu shot.

    Got vaccines instead. Vaccines often have side effects. For example, recent Pentagon study showed flu shot INCREASED chance of getting coronavirus by 36% (c19 not yet tested …susceptible to other coronavirus … worrisome that C19 would also .. in my opinion)

    We evolved using sunlight to produce essential hormone we call vitaD.
    Modern life less sun.
    Deep solar minimum (just ending) less sun.
    Mask … less skin exposed.
    Stay inside less D.
    Wear sunscreen less UVB less
    Pandemic of vitaD insufficiency some have said … I agree.

  15. This is going to be a disaster.


  17. Youtube killing first amendment today … announced censorship policy… protest people ! 121020

  18. Human came so far with the advanced technology in science, medical and transportation and we still have people doubting on the reliable of the vaccine. Human came this far taking risks. If Wilbur and Orville Wright didn't take the risk, we won't have this machine called "airplane."

  19. -The severely inaccurate mass PCR testing is driving the false data and hysteria, Not science. All mass testing must stop Immediately!

    -The absolute Only thing that anyone should be paying attention to in all this chaos and hysteria, are the excess deaths and overall mortality numbers. They have remained remarkably and starkingly consistent with other normal years. That is how anyone with any critical thought process, understand something smells beyond logic and fathom.

    -Calculate the total sum of excess deaths, then subtract normal annual natural mortality and the mass increase in death by suicides, and then account for the uptick surge in deaths caused by cancellations and suspensions of (The) number one life saving mitigation in the world, ( Early Detection cancer, heart attack and stroke). Equates to the actual death rate from SARS-COV-2, to be almost nullified in the data.

    – In other words, if it wasn't for the mitigation attempts of lock-down and the collapse of a globally dependent economy, the excess deaths and overall mortality right now, would be on par with any other year. The data does not lie! SARS-COV-2 is not radical or exceptional, equivalent to a severe flu season and nothing more. However, for the first time in history, the government response is radical. What is going on in the world, is nothing less than crimes against humanity!


  20. Well, they take a Predator, and instead of a missile with a warhead….

  21. Please, for the love of God, don't get the vaccine. Me, my family and my friends want your spot in line.

  22. Drones armed with dart guns that trace, tracks and vax anti-vaxxers on the run!

  23. Read this out loud three times and Biden will win— I AM WE TALL DID X3


  25. If you’re interested in drone companies, check out Drone Delivery Canada YouTube Channel. They’ve made great progress over the last 5 years. Have a partnership with Air Canada and currently are making deliveries for two First Nations Communities.

  26. The covid 19 disaster left me both unemployed and broke. For heaven's sake please help me with my stomach and housing need
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  27. Hey folks!,

    If you want the TRUTH about the massive voter fraud perpetrated by the Democrats, watch the following news channels!:

    America’s Voice
    One America News


  28. Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  29. 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  30. .American people boycott and stay home .no liability for deaths? Follow the contact science. You reallly think the white house has covid?

  31. This is an incredibly childish report. This is a cold chain delivery problem which requires that you keep the inventory below -70C until the vaccine delivery point is reached. Once there you need to exhaust the doses from a refrigerated environment over the next 4 days with proper short term observation of recipients with remedial treatment for those with an adverse reaction.

  32. Shouldn't they be wearing gloves ?

  33. Watching the immobilization of a joint effort happen in real time is amazing, nothing but love for all those Americans Godspeed.🏌

  34. Elon musk is leaving California ? Take your money laundering with you .California is not for sale. Florida is .

  35. u will catch it waiting in line for the vaccination

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