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Drummer Rick Allen, who lost his left arm in an accident, turns to painting | Nightline

Allen, a member of the band Def Leppard, used painting to help heal from personal pain caused by an accident that left him disabled. He works with the Wounded Warrior Project to help others like him.




Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. he's always been my favorite drummer. before the corvette and after. we we're all amazed by his comeback and how he sounded just as good as before. maybe even better

  2. I grew up with def Leppard music, and remember when he had the accident.

    Was a huge inspiration to me, to not give up, not give in. And I am sure his story affected millions of other people in one way or another in their life.

    And his fellow band mates stuck by him through the entire process of him adapting to this physical problem he had to work around, which says a lot about them as well.

    Great true life story of overcoming incredible hardships and humanity.

  3. Always had big respect for DL because of the way the band handled Rick’s tragic accident. They shut down operations and came back after things were set up where he could play. And they didn’t bring in another drummer and have Rick on the side playing along as an auxiliary or bongo player. They stayed with him as their drummer. Much respect.

  4. Rick Allen is an inspiration to everybody who lost an arm and worked hard to rehabilitate himself. Wish I could meet him & his wife, Lauren.

  5. There is always going to be someone that dislikes a true story, true tragedy, have a heart for once! Very emotional Rick Allen, the end almost made me cry!

  6. And he's looking hale and healthy with good eyes. I've seen some who begin to fade.

  7. the most iconic drummer in rock n' roll history…the thundergod!

  8. well Bidens crackhead son sells painting for millions so im sure Def Lepards drummer can do it too

  9. I just have one question that may throw ppl off. Did Rick have a chance to meet Neil Peart before Neil's death? I'm curious if he meet any other rock drummers.

  10. AWESOME………………

  11. One of my all time favorite bands

  12. What was that seat belt made out of? saw blades or did he have jawsin the car with him

  13. Life happens, move on.. that’s the point

  14. I never get tired of hearing stories about Def Leppard

  15. I wonder if his paintings can sell for 500,000 like Hunter Biden?

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  18. A racist will always be a racist 70s comment on stage in el Paso tx!👎

  19. He is such a huge inspiration!

  20. Not quite how I pictured the future of Def leppard's drummer but okay…

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