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Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center

Take a tour of Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center, located in Durham, North Carolina. Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center is one of the top children’s hospitals in the United States.


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  1. My sister has down syndrome and we took her here and she loves this place especially the play room❤ she recently had a surgery and she loves them and everyone there I would recommend

  2. A good place I had surgery dare 2007

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  4. I went there because of my heart…I wanna thank the hospital team for saving my life 😊

  5. my brother has pacemaker! we live in GA so we go to childrens healthcare of atl

  6. I’ve been admitted to the hospital before for an asthma attack. I was transported by EMS.

  7. I have cystic fibrosis and I am one of the most healthy patients for my terminal disease. You would never know anything was different about me from the next guy. I'm 16, I go to Duke children's hospital every few months for a cf checkup. The staff that treats you builds a relationship with you. And each person is specialised in a different topic like nutrition, the disease itself, social, etc. They have PFT's which are machines that test your lung function. I believe that me being as healthy as I am comes from Duke children's hospital and maybe some luck.

  8. Hlw sir
    If first baby died by biliary atresia is it possible to get chance the same disease with the next baby????

  9. David Audette yes they do spinal surgeries. I had my back surgery there back in 2009, and I'm feeling much better today. Except you'll probably have to have your surgery done in the adult section of the hospital because you're possibly an adult. Get well soon. I hope your back feels better.

  10. this is wonderful video to watched I love it.

  11. Thank you Duke children 's hospital for your help. Do they have scoliosis apt? I have scoliosis last month when my OT and my nurse saw that my back were curved into a S curve. Now I have back pain due to my scoliosis. I need surgery for my scoliosis. I need your help.

  12. I spent almost 2 months at duke hospital even tho it wasn't the children hospital I had an amazing stay.

  13. What's the name of that song playing at 11:08?

  14. To this day,I still think about what I went through at Duke Med Center when I had the MRI brain scans.Glad they have a good hotel,The Brookwood Inn where I've been with my mother to stay overnight so I can be on time for my appointment.I'm 48 now & doubt if I'll be returning there in the future for another MRI brain scan.Wish there was one more closer to home in Charlotte at CMC-Main.Duke's 150 miles across the state & worth a long drive.But do know where it is.Hope I don't need any scheduled surgeries there anytime soon.I'd be real nervous if I did.Hope the surgeons'll understand about my Autism.

  15. Everybody that I "personally" know that has ever, ever, stepped foot in that place has left either worse off than they are or they haven't LEFT at all (aka, dead). Duke has let down my family in more ways than one. If you want to get sicker, be let down or die…Then GO to Duke. Duke doesn't advance science or anything else. Their a giant leach on everything the community, the State, and every patient that goes through there ,will or has, ever experience. My grandmother was poor and they just let her die. They didn't even try. There's crap laying around everywhere, the staff is rude, and way to many people (regular people) just die, fade away, or come out way sicker than they did when they went in. Beware, Duke is a slaughterhouse. Go there for yourself and find out. Also, it's satellite campuses are even worse than the main hospital. Way worse. Good luck and don't find out the hard way. This infomercial is a bunch of crap and I hope that you don't fall for the spin (lies), or that you have to find out the hard way, and also that they will at least keep their satellite campuses "clean" following the posting of this comment. I doubt they will because they truly don't care. In my and many more others opinion Duke Hospital is a disgrace to medicine. A case study on neglect as well as a moral failure. Up yours Duke and that comment comes from the heart.

  16. I love your please I mite go there for an oprashin

  17. I was a patient at this hospital from the time that I was born until my doctor left. I've grown out of this hospital, but i will NEVER EVER EVER forget this place. I will bring my children here for as long as my family and I will live. Thank you Duke Children's Hospital a special thanks to Dr. Major for saving my life. I will never forget you!

  18. I love this place!!! They are so nice- I have had a lot of apt.s and a surgery there- love it!

  19. This kid is very articulate! Impressive. I guess its just more proof that sick kids generally mature faster than most average children.

  20. Wow…awesome…. im never see children hospital like this… it's defrent from my country… thanks for share..

  21. I went to Duke Med Center for MRI brainscans so the doctors & nurses could find out how my brain functions when I have High-functioning Autism.Been there about the past 4 years & during those times,They're learnin' more about my autism & to one day find the right treatment for anyone with autism.Met with Allison,My specialist to inform me on what to expect during the MRI.Been through the same thing at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill too.Hope not to return there again for a long while to come.

  22. I want to work here when I grow up. c:

  23. I wanted to cry he is such a strong little boy i wish him the best in his future is there anywere to get updates on him and btw the hospital looks awesome !

  24. My baby cousin was in Duke for Leukemia. He passed away August 29th, 2010. He was turned away by St. Jude's. Our family will be forever grateful for Duke. I will be donating money to Duke when I'm able to get a steady job.
    Thank you Duke<3

  25. i know what it like to be in the hospital my whole life i was in and out of the hospital

  26. love this place it was truly my Glass palace it felt like it when i stayed there

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