Friday , January 22 2021


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What I’m Wearing:
AD – Casio watch –
Mejuri bracelet –
Jumper dress –
(US) Jumper dress –

Casio watches:
Casio Vintage Icons –
One I’m wearing –
Casio in Rose gold –
Retro Calculator style watch –
Baby G watch –
Casio UK Instagram –

Fashion Mumblr Gift Guides –
Black Friday Hub –

Sweaty Betty pieces:

* Use SBJosie20 for 20% off *
Trainer socks –
(US) Trainer socks –
Trainer socks –
(US) Trainer socks –
Bala sliders –
(US) Bala sliders –
Bala weights –
(US) Bala weights –
Yogi Bare block –
(US) Yogi Bare block –
Green sports bra –
(US) Green sports bra –
Burgundy leggings –
(US) Burgundy leggings –
Hoody –
(US) Hoody –
Glitter leggings –
(US) Glitter leggings –
Zip jacket –
(US) Zip jacket –

Valentino Rockstuds –
(US) Valentino Rockstuds –
Jimmy Choo heels –
(US) Jimmy Choo heels –

Glow powder –
(US) Glow powder –
Canon G7 X camera –
(US) Canon G7 X camera –
Molton Brown Juniper Jazz candle –
(US) Molton Brown Juniper Jazz candle –
Molton Brown Juniper Jazz fragrance –
(US) Molton Brown Juniper Jazz fragrance –

❤ My Camera Equipment Etc –

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❤ Camera that I filmed this video on –
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots –
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots –


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  1. The sweaty Betty pink top is to die for! I had never heard of the brand until you, thank you for sharing!

  2. We'll fit right in, then. We have several 80s/90s Casio watches with gold and silver stretch bands and all that.

  3. Ordering Inspired stories 2021 diary can’t wait it looks beautiful thank you for sharing xxx

  4. This really should have been called “a video about my watch”

  5. I can only find the bala weights in 1 lbs/0,45kg and not the 1kg weights you are talking about 😭

  6. Lots of pretty cosy outfits! You've inspired me to resume home workouts again. Thanks Josie! Would love to know those cocktail receipes – they looked amazing!

  7. I’m afraid I was never cool – hated Baby G watches and Casio – still hate them 😂

  8. Would love to see a beauty gift guide

  9. Yes please do a beauty gift guide ! Love your content ❤️

  10. Dexter gives you the most adoring looks. Sooo cute.

  11. A beauty gift guide would be amazing! 🎁💝

  12. Hi Josie! I would absolutely love to see a beauty gift guide, just about all your favorite beauty bits (moisturizer, facescrub, toner, make-up …). Also, I’ve seen your blogpost about blackfriday and I was wondering if it is possible to do a separate section for jewelry? Because now I guess they are part of the fashion but since there are so many brands it might be easier to find them when they are separate. Just an idea 🥰

  13. “Botanical Mixology!” Like you, I found a creative, in depth cocktail class, the first online classes of our quarantine! Enjoyed your recipes and ongoing vlog activities!

  14. Hey josie! Where is your yoga mat from? 💜

  15. The Casio watch segment is an AD, as you write in the description box. Why do you not show that on the screen whilst talking? It’s really not that difficult!

  16. I have to chuckle to myself about the Casio…..I have an original 1975 one in my school memory box! Everything old is new again….

  17. You're getting your Peloton soon, I'm so excited for you! I ordered a Peloton bike mostly because of you, but unfortunately, I won't get mine until mid Jan 🙁 I hope you will do an "unboxing" of your bike!

  18. i am dreaming of a pair of leggins that looks like a nice pair of trousers!

  19. Thank you for your wonderful videos Josie. They have been a wonderful escape especially over this trying year. I have a suggestion for your stockings: Ballard Designs retailer& online has iron finial stocking stands to place next to the tree or fireplace in a variety of finishes, it may be a great solution and are classic in style.

  20. Who is singing that last song in the video?

  21. Josie you should check out @socialclubnyc on IG! They do live classes and upload on IGTV for free and their classes are amazing! They use sliders and ankle weights like the ones you got!

  22. Stop with that watch already! This whole video was a watch Ad. Obnoxious. I know this is your job and livelihood, but it’s too much. Makes me not want to watch your videos so that’s not good for business.

  23. I totally forgot about those BABY G watches :D. They were so big in Antwerp too. My parents took me to a local jewelry shop to buy one and the shop owner convinced me to get a different one that was also really cool. Never regretted it. Haha thanks for this trip down memory lane.

  24. I had a blue Baby-G and I bloody loved it! My Big Brother said he would buy it for me for Xmas if I could go without chocolate for 2 months and I did it (or at least that's what he thought!!).

  25. Hope Charlie, is feeling better, by now !!!
    Get well soon and ty Josie.
    Sending Good

  26. What in the world is "Man Flu"? Maybe this is a young person phrase…Lol. Cheers

  27. Josie you say you're not good with beauty products but I have learned a lot from you. You definitely do your research on products and I appreciate that because I'm even more of a novice than you. So bring it on ( if you want too and you're doing a lot already). ❤🌹

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