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EARLY BLACK FRIDAY HAUL – Hughstreet Edit! ASOS, Topshop, Missguided + more
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What I’m Wearing //
Pink Jumper –

Featured //

Missoma – 25% off with JOSIE25 –
Horn Necklace –
Initial Necklace –
Spike Earrings –
Rose Quartz Necklace –

Topshop Tote –
Topshop Boots –
Topshop Camel Coat –
Topshop Leopard Coat –
Topshop Black Shearling Jacket –

Misguided Brown Boots –
Misguided Pink Robe Coat –
misguided snake dress –

ASOS Tulle Skirt –
NIKE Leggings –
Faux Fur Headband –
ASOS Satin Skirt –
Beaded Dress –
Needle + Thread Dress –
Skinny-dip Pearl Bag –
Weekday Jumper –
Moon River Jumpsuit –
How To Be Successful Book –
Oasis Gloves –



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  1. Josie you do the most 💫work of any influencer. 🏆

  2. Loved the video, and your hair looked so beautiful!

  3. Filling up the landfill one video at a time …..stop the chaos

  4. Very nice and lovely !!!!!***♡♡♡♡♡♢

  5. Hello Josie! Thank you for all your awesome posts! I really enjoy them! You mentioned a puffer coat that folds down in a bag in one of your posts, but I can't find it now. Would you mind giving me that link again? Thank you!

  6. Loving the white satin midi skirt. Would you kindly let us know if you find a similar one that s not yet sold out? I want it so bad!!! Thanks for this wonderful video!

  7. You're pronouncing NIKE wrong! lol it's NY-KEE

  8. Do you know the horn necklace symbolizes baphomet? unless u r Luciferian, u should never wear it..honest!!!

  9. Josie, theres a light camel color shearling coat in stradivarius, dunno if you like that store but I´m telling you in case you want to check it out. Xxx

  10. As someone who loses interest in shopping VERY quickly I have to say THANK YOU for the work put in to find the deals and share them concisely with your followers!

  11. Hi Josie!
    Long time fan here! Thank you for creating yet another wonderful video!
    Where's the best place to get a gucci belt? Lots of retailers aren't including gucci in their promotions 🙁
    Thank you!

  12. So close to 350k …. much deserved

  13. Hi Josie! Just spotted an adorable, festive daschund pyjama sweater on sale from Cath Kidston that I thought I would share as you have fur babies 🙂

  14. YOU ARE SO ORGANISED I love it! And I had my eye on the Topshop leopard print coat but wasn't sure, now I need it! xoxo

  15. I had the pearl bag back in the 90's in a black version, I think I have it somewhere #feelingold!

  16. So it's almost Friday and I….just don't have anything I feel the need to buy… Guess I should be happy I won't be spending money…

  17. Cream aviator jacket on pretty little thing and in the sale !!!! Your welcome x lol

  18. Hi Josie! I was watching Tamara Kalinic's Black Friday haul and there's a brown shearling jacket from All Saints. I'm debating shearling jackets myself – while I think they look great I feel they look too edgy when I have a very feminine style like yours.

  19. I subscribed to the newsletter last night but didn't get the email this morning – checked spam too. Just thought I'd let you know 🙂

  20. Hello Josie , thanks a lot for all your videos, you really have what we call " the chic à la française" , very elegant ! I heard you're looking for a pink aviator jacket ? maybe you can find it here :

  21. I bought the same jumper you wear in this video, last week 😋 it is now one of my faves 😊

  22. Will I see you someday wearing pastel blue or green items? I looove the palette you always choose but some other one would suits you too ♥️


  24. Bought a coach bag for a very good price burgudy color … beautiful

  25. Can u do a tech fashion video like ur MacBook grab ,in which bags they can fit in …… and anything that makes tech trendy .❤️❤️❤️lovely video as always

  26. Missoma was already sold out on the hamsa pendant :'(

  27. Thanks for the shopping tips. I will Our them to good use tomorrow😀 in tur picture which is also in your blog there are a pair of rose gold earrings with a pearl. Which label are they from? Best regards and happy shopping from Copenhagen

  28. Aww bless you Josie, I think its really helpful, these black Friday tips you've been giving. I'm sure its definately helping people to try to avoid impulse buying.

  29. Your hair looks so beautiful Josie xxx

  30. There's a pale pink shearling style jacket in dorothy perkins reduced to 25 pounds in the sale!

  31. Love your video as always!! You are soo amazing! I have learned so much from you Josie!! Your style is Fabulous!! I am such a fan of River Island too!! Love the jewery!! I am going to have to check these items out for sure!! So many Fantastic ideas!! Thank you so much for a wonderful video!!

  32. I got claw hoop earrings & coin necklace from Missoma….unfortunately their not for me 😫

  33. Depending on just HOW much you love the shearling jackets (cause these ones are VERY expensive): you should check out the "Acne Velocite" from Acne Studios. It's my favorite jacket of all times! And they do have it in a few different colors 🙂

  34. your Black Friday videos are killin it!!!

  35. Thanks for all these videos/post. They've been incredibly time-saving.
    Is Thanksgiving celebrated in England?

  36. Love you sweet heart 😘😘😘

  37. I believe Zara haves something somewhat similar to the shearling jacket. Called the contrasting faux suede jacket. I was reading the color discretion and it said taupe grey. But looks more like beige/ tan.

    Also prey for me 😩 I work retail. Am not ready to in and work. 6pm-1am break and go back 6am -2pm.

  38. hey josie, did you see my comment yesterday, that the bijenkorf (the biggest warehouse of the netherlands) has 20% of chloe bags? greetings from the netherlands.

  39. Just got today my faux shearling jacket in beige from Anne Weyburn on La Redoute UK. It might be what you are looking for. Very soft with good quality. Have a look:

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