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Eating for FAT Loss – Vegetarian

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  1. I’m trying to watch this for information but those nails are distracting. They look like claws.. lol

  2. 2:40 "It's going to start regulating your insulin levels"😂
    No, it's actually going to cause an insulin response not "regulating" it. Regulating and increasing are not the same thing, but I guess when you have no real understading, then it's just whatever.

  3. She eats more than me but I'm the 400 lb truck driver 😟😢

  4. I also can NOT go vegan. I still like eggs and some dairy products. Vegetarian has been good for me and I do feel better. I do still eat shrimp and fish like once a week still but most of the week it’s all fruits and veggies and no unnatural sugar since I’m prediabetic.

  5. So buy frozen. Or freeze before they go bad.

  6. thank you for tips 🙂 i love strawberries as well 🙂 and cute doggies you have there 🙂

  7. You inspired me to improve my diet. Thank you! A guide for newbies like me would be great. I know almost zero of healthy diet.

  8. if she sez ay and not 'a' as in 'ago' – I'm turning.

  9. Im been transitioning into vegan, struggling with iron.. now on supps… upping kale, pumpkin seeds

  10. I've watched a lot of your videos, and love seeing what you eat! Also, I downloaded Lifesum per your recommendation and it's changing my life! Thank you!

  11. Please say no to plastic bags, just say no.

  12. Hey guys hey guys hey guys…m.o. for these YouTube assholes.

  13. Hey guys hey guys hey guys…m.o. for these YouTube assholes.

  14. Hey guys hey guys hey guys…m.o. for these YouTube assholes.

  15. Hey guys hey guys hey guys…m.o. for these YouTube assholes.

  16. Hey guys hey guys hey guys…m.o. for these YouTube assholes.

  17. Omg your puppy is so adorable ♥️


  19. You should try Ben & Jerrys Dairy free ice cream. It’s amazing… Also, try Kite Hill cream cheese. You won’t miss the dairy!

  20. Just downloaded the Lifesum app, which is pretty much exactly what my husband and I were looking for. So glad I found your channel. Looking forward to more inspiration! Thank you!

  21. Sunflower seeds is also good in protein 😊

  22. Some vegetarians eat eggs, but not all, so please be careful making a statement that "vegetarians eat eggs". This is why people get so confused. Otherwise, great vid. TY!

  23. Thats allot of protien 150 grams? are you sure thats safe for your kidneys? pretty sure women are soposed to only get like 65 grams daily. Do you eat daily this amount?

  24. please do a video on bloating!

  25. oh!!!! floppy pitbull ears!!!!! awww!!!! a pet owner that doesn’t cut their pets’ ears!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! i’m only 3mins in but i’m already enjoying the video 🙂

  26. Do you ever notice that all these people who sponsored diets living gems and they're all under 30 and under 106 lbs??

    I know on real Love a fucking world is that.

  27. Thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I'm slowly weaning myself of of meat. I feel much better when I eat more vegetables. Thanks for the tips.

  28. Ikr, I cook a meal with fresh organic free range biodegradable, stuff… I wish all of it was saturation of preserving

  29. I agree on having to go to grocery store ALOT when buying fresh food. It sucks haha

  30. if we are vegetarian then can we take pills like Wakka Weight Loss Formula with your tips??

  31. I’m eleven and vegetarian I eat cheese but I don’t like milk so I drink almond milk which is weird

  32. What is your opinion on the balancing alkaline and acid levels in your body? Any thoughts?

  33. Omg I can't find all that yummey healthy foods you have 😢

  34. how do you make your ice cream? you go girllll!😘

  35. What breed is your puppy? He's the cutest.

  36. I was exactly like you not knowing about other sources of protein before I went vegetarian two years ago. I ended up having a protein and iron deficiency in college while I still “ate meat,” because I didn’t pay attention to how little I was eating of it (and not getting it from other sources) and thought I was fine because it was sill technically something I consumed. Becoming vegetarian also forced me to learn how to cook and made me realize how much I love making my own food. I definitely experiment wayyyy more now with cooking than when I ate meat. 🙂

  37. I had always thought of protein as meat also and broccoli I'm glad you did this guts been so messed up so I'll do it your way for a bit .. hopeful it will straighten up..thank you , I'm sharing all these with my daughter also;)

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