Saturday , August 8 2020
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Economic sanctions won't change Iran's behavior: Frmr Amb to Cyprus

Former Ambassador to Cyprus Richard Boucher discusses Iran’s position on the world stage.

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  1. Lot things going to happen! lol tell us another one, when is all the talk going stop from USA its getting no where.

  2. Maximal pressure has not ben

  3. Please let me know if these idiots have knowledge about location and boundaries and location of usa. What is deal and relation ship between saudi and usa. Please dig out and make it public. Seems saudi is … state of usa. Or at least oil fields of aramco are related to usa definitley

  4. Munchen is next on the chopping block i bet

  5. If economic's won't change Iran's way of life then war will have to.

  6. Trump has his foot on Iran’s neck

  7. If Iran fired these missiles, why didn't the defensive systems take em out

  8. If we can just dry up the money to where Iran cant fund mercenary militias and sufis/whabbi terrorist then it's a win.
    No Iran is never going to stop or change .the ayetohal runs Iran and always will as long as the regime last. The next one will continue the same path.
    You gotta understand they believe it's the imams place to rush the time and pave the way for Ali Mahdi/ antichrist .

  9. Iran has more online
    trollers than any other
    Pigslamic countries!
    Respect mr ayatolah!

  10. If they don't want to behave, that's fine, they can just go into full-fledged economic collapse…

  11. The sanctions are changing Iran they are squirming and acting out! That behavior shows they are in trouble. They should know United States can crush them with minor effort. Why are they not really negotiating… only trying war tactics. They will regret it if United States starts war tactics on them!

  12. What a clown ambassador to Cyprus. Your doing a good job allowing turkey to drill in Cypriot water! U clown!!!

  13. If hes not worried why did he come here to tell us he's not.

  14. Ambassador to Cyprus. Now there's a diplomatic plum, second only to ambassador to Malta.
    If sanctions prompt the Iranians to take their country back from the mad mullahs, its behavior will change.

  15. Iran and the US should come together peacefully. Trump's mind is peace-loving. No preconditions on both sides. Then make step-by-step adjustments on both sides. Iran is not in the position to set preconditions. Both should not do that! Preconditions do not change anything. OK ? That's all !

  16. Yes it does. No money, no behavior projected beyond its borders.

  17. The second amendment applies would wide! Everyone has the right to bear and defend themselves!

  18. Hahaha Donald dump trump. U fked it up by going ageist the nuk deal

  19. Go ahead attack Iran 🇮🇷. Iranians want war with allies so bad because they know they going to smash allies and take control of the whole Middle East. That’s what China 🇨🇳 need so bad to as well as Russia 🇷🇺
    Long live Axies

  20. Hahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. The age of a nation imposing ones will over the other is long gone…

  22. We should have bombed Iran already

  23. It will eventually be a total blockade, and they will starve out

  24. These European countries need to get off their butts and do something about Iran. They can't always expect America's sons and daughters cover for them.

  25. After Iraq Iran wou crazy people

  26. when you put pressure on other countries, Do you expect them to lay down and beg for mercy ? No! they resist and react.

  27. ISIS was the love child of Saudi Arabia and Israel

  28. US regime needs to change it's behave and stop been a terrorist country

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