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Economist predicts 'big jump' in employment in May after low April report

Paychex CEO Martin ‘Marty’ Mucci discusses the ‘big miss’ on projections for the April Jobs Report.

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  1. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it's to the oval office.

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  4. predicament has objectivity

  5. How unique…an official predicting the lies the US govt will tell about May employment. Pants on fire! 🔥 Right now govt pegs unemployment at 6.1% when it’s actually 25.5%! This is per shadowstats(dot)com run by HONEST economist John Williams.

  6. Friend of the president

  7. Yeah fiscally tight wad conservative republican business owners complaining they don't have enough workers. They wanna keep paying there workers min wage well that tiny 300 from the unemployment barely beats the minimum wage. How about you rich cheap business owner republicans pay your employees more Then they will come back to work, period!

  8. No cant be you mean the migrants want the jobs of the privileged Americans and will take less end of the unemployment crisis

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  11. in the northern states many jobs dont begin until may.

  12. Trump did better with jobs

  13. Yes the important thing is not the fraudulent elections but "the economy".
    Under the fraudulent administration there is no future of the economy so why bother talking about it, Fraud Business?

  14. I hope so! Stop the unemployment benefits and make everyone go back to work. Open up the rest of the country. Open up the cruise industry.

  15. Only when the government free money flow stops will people get back to work. Low paying jobs especially will remain open. Nice job comrade Jo Bi Din! MORON!

  16. Offer people a decent wage that is more than unemployment, not minimum wage that’s for teenagers.

  17. Sure… Probably wouldnt bet ur 1200 enhanced unemployment on it… Stop paying people 15000 a year to not WORK…

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  22. Wonder if we will go to bed and wake up to find that the job numbers went way up

  23. People don’t want to work.

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