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Economists say recession unlikely before 2020 election

A few economists currently expect a recession. Fox News Contributor Liz Peek, Democratic Strategist Kristen Hawn and Former Trump Transition Team Member/ Former Cincinnati Mayor/ Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell discuss.

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  1. Kim Jong un is the real deal!! Trump is a fake wanna be dictator 😂

  2. Dems throwing shade and hoping for a recession.

  3. Moderates in both the Democratic and Republican parties are around 35-40% at a minimum.
    Moderates from BOTH parties combined are the LARGEST voting block.
    Combine that number with “independent” voters and you have the largest voting block by far!
    But watch the news and you will see that it’s focused on the FAR LEFT AND RIGHT IDEOLOGY.

    The goal of each party is to call attention to the FAR left and FAR right, in other words, the “extremist nut cases” in each party.

    This sows division, hardens opinions, and allows the social media to target you with political advertising and agendas, IT MAKES YOU PREDICTABLE.
    This strategy hopes to make moderates and independents think LESS MODERATE.
    This strategy hopes this “moderate” voting block will move farther to the left or right, where their “predictably” is easier to know.

    Teach your children about this so that they learn to THINK FOR THEMSELVES and not let the network news commentaries infect them.
    America is WEAKER when it is divided.
    “E pluribus unum,” not “E pluribus duo”

  4. People relax look who is talking about I recession the liberal media the fake news the Democrats because they have nothing to run on so they're not a trained fear-mongering just like Fredo AKA Chrissy Como it's now saying that President Trump has in age because he doesn't care do people see anything wrong with this man mentally this clown from The Clown News Network known as CNN oh my God and these people are not embarrassed to face other people with a brain that you've been walking around with a paper bag on their faces

  5. It is a warning not to elect Democrat for the coming election 2020.

  6. No more riding Obama's coattails, this is trump's economy now.

  7. Here again, this is Fox Ooze Business wanting to talk about the economy but instead of bringing in "real independent economist" to discuss the issue they bring in political pundits to say the left wanting to use this to defeat Trump. Reputable independent economist have been talking about a recession happening in 2020 for about 5 to 6 year now because of historical data not because the left is wishing it. What Paul Ryan and Trump did to the average taxpayer was despicable and that's why their talking about a payroll tax cut now because now they see the handwriting on the wall.

  8. Of course there will be no recession before the 2020 election; Trump is President. Elect a Liberal moron that is going raise taxes and give the idiot class free everything and see what happens to the economy. TRUMP in 2020!

  9. Trump “doubles down” every time people disagree with him.  Unfortunately, while he’s doubling down he isn’t thinking, which is why he should immediately be kicked to the curb with the rest of America’s white trash.

  10. The U.S. economy is fine. The issue is all the dumb people who have started investing on their own and the ither countries who will be adjusting to manufacturing moving to other countries as the US creates new fairer and RECIPROCAL trade deals.

  11. Dumb Fat Donny 6X was handed a vibrant economy. Thank you Obama. The Dumb Don is now sending it into the shitter with his tariffs. He's out of his mind. He's a babbling bobblehead fool. Thinks he's "The Chosen One" now. Wants to buy Geenland. Wants to give himself the Medal of Honor. He's bonkers. NUTS. If you could look into his head all you would find is a putter, a Big Mack, someone else's credit card and a porno tape.

  12. Just give the banks more money ("quantitative easing") and the bankers will give themselves big bonuses and fudge the accounting and declare that there is no recession. We need Bernie Sanders in the White House to get some transparency in the government and to get health care for all Americans.

  13. Anybody can give themselves or another a title of economist. The problem is, is that none of them has any say or control over the stock markets.

  14. Oh goodness gracious me! Can't bear a sanctimonious Pocahontas.

  15. The DNC continues to work against Tulsi Gabbard. I guess they dont want anyone who tells the truth and would actually work for the people.

  16. Ken Blackwell….only failed when he became governer of Ohio.

  17. Ken Blackwell….only failed when he became governer of Ohio.

  18. Ken Blackwell….only failed when he became governer of Ohio.

  19. People are so stupid. They actually want a recession that hurts all Americans just for political gains.

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