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Eddie Murphy makes triumphant return to SNL stage l ABC News

The actor brought back some of the characters that helped make him a star.
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  1. Eddie Murphy Long Island Strong!

  2. Eddie is Amazing his jokes are always in good taste GREAT to see him back

  3. The retooooorn of eddie murphy

  4. Why is the leftist media shoving this down our throats? All of them have like 3 videos on this. We get it. And no one cares. Tho I love Eddie. He was awesome in the 80's. His Mr.T impersonation would trigger the hell out of ABC tho.

  5. Eddie Murphy is the GOAT
    🐐 To those people upset about Bill Cosby joke he told. GTFO!!! He's a comedian!! Eddie Murphy has done alot for black comedians, black actors when "white Hollywood" wouldn't!!
    He killed it on SNL! Point, blank, PERIOD!!! Put your feelings in your back pocket!!! Or like Richard Pryor said Tell Bill to have a Coke and a smile and shut the f#ck up!!!

  6. Eddie roasted Cosby with class ! Anybody trying to defend Cosby by embellishing his Roofie Rape to Riches story ! Cosby had nothing to do with the success of any black Comics.

  7. Thank you Mr. Fuck you man😂. EDDIE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?😁

  8. Always timeless…. him Nick Nolte and 48 hours kicking!Wind cried Nipsy!

  9. That bill joke was trash and disrespectful in. My opinion especially but to each it's owe only people find it funny until it's them being set up

  10. Everyone's talking about it because Eddie sucks

  11. Mushu back 😲🐉🔥🥳

  12. Yeah but what about Epstein?

  13. SNL became funnier after Eddie's return.

  14. The opening was racist AF… they might as well have said, "GTFO, Whitey!"

  15. C I L L ma landlod 😂😂😂

  16. George stephanopoulos is half a

  17. I liked SNL back in the day but not with Eddies skits. I liked Tracy Morgans best.

    Anyway havent watched it for what seems decades so it must really suck now if they are resorting to bringing back old characters and skits just to try and get views.

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