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Eddie Redmayne gets critique from Stephen Hawking

Rising British star Eddie Redmayne, who plays Stephen Hawking in the movie ‘The Theory of Everything’, recalls the nerve-racking meeting with Hawking himself and talks about the transformation he went through portraying the iconic physicist.

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  1. the actor looks gorgeous on his stephen hawking role. he should wear that style more often! the hair.. the glasses, and the clothes.

  2. Welcome to Japan eddie redmayne

  3. I absolutely love

    Stephen hawking

    And Eddie redmayne

  4. We all know why his girlfriend was sad about his fingernails

  5. He looks so much alike. Uncanny!

  6. I miss Stephen hawking so much 😖😖

  7. I like want to jump into the screen and hug him

  8. Happy birthday Eddie Redmayne! ❤️

  9. I have a huge crush on eddie

  10. R.I.P

    Stephen Hawking
    We will always remember you

  11. I can’t believe he’s dead 😭😭

  12. Remus Lupin taught Newt!!

  13. I used to live in Waterloo ON. The perimeter institute is there and I used to find it very intriguing just knowing Stephen was visiting down the street. Such an interesting man I was glad they made a movie about him.

  14. I keep on falling in love ♥️🌹🦋

  15. I really love British guys. Like Daniel Radcliffe, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne…

  16. He played Stehpan Hawking sooo well!

  17. Amazing portrayal of the very brilliant physicist..

  18. i thought he was smart lol he went to eton

  19. YES YES YES i can't do maths either. I officially feel better now.

  20. We all know the reason why eddies girlfriend didn't want him to have long finger nails again

  21. freaking cclickbait made me downvote

  22. Oh gosh he brought up Jupiter ascending

  23. "What did Stephen Hawing thing about the movie" is the thing I was thinking about the entire time XD

  24. Rest in piece, Stephen Hawking, you were an incredibly human being and it was sad to hear about your passing.

  25. I still dont feel I'm ready to watch the movie..

  26. it makes me smile whenever stephen smile

  27. Rest in Peace Stephen Hawking

  28. Just gimme some time to eventually watch the movie. It's too stirring, heart breaking yet inspiring.

  29. Eddie is bloody gorgeous! 😗😗😗

  30. "Girlfriend"
    D: He's taken ladies

  31. Can anyone tell me what the name of that piano song was at the end of this video? Thank you!

  32. rip on a steven hawking video binge at the moment… but why does eddie redmayne always look so different in interviews than he does in his roles…

  33. Isn’t rich,privileged posh boy Eddie an irritating twat!

  34. clickbait. this vid is bs for its blatant lie screw you usa today

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