Monday , November 23 2020
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EEE virus survivor describes horrific health battle after it almost killed her | Nightline

Kaylee Hardenbrook nearly died five years ago after contracting Eastern equine encephalitis, which has no cure or vaccine. There have been 28 cases so far this year, making it the worst on record.



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  1. Great I live in Tennessee and the state is red. Just fucking great

  2. Bruh I’m above Allentown in north eastern Pennsylvania

  3. Best wishes for Savannah and her family.

  4. With all the drugs out there there is definitely a cure

  5. I hate mosquitos so MUCHHHH!!!!!

  6. Another effect of Climate Change…

  7. Climate change is real you Christian Catholic freaks!.

  8. Doctors still chargered her hundreds for the first two visits, like the scum they are

  9. I'd still be leary of her virus

  10. Mosquito revenge for the genetically modified ones released in the south to fight Zika

  11. The CIA is going to be investigated for releasing ticks with Lyme disease

  12. Moral of the story, bathe in off spray.

  13. This would be a good disease to spread among the Democrat politicians

  14. Question: How exactly do we know if these insects have just evolved normally, or were genetically modified and released, possibly even by a foreign government on the other side of the ponds???

  15. Sounds like a terrible disease. I wish we could find cures for all diseases. People can't afford to get sick anymore.

  16. Best thing that YOU can do is make sure their is NO STAGNANT water around your home. Flip over buckets, pots, trash cans anything that can collect water. Misquotes breed in stagnant water, if they dont have it, they cant complete their lifestyle. Please please PLEASE make a habit to check for stagnant water around your home.

  17. It's all Trump's fault. Lol

  18. Fucking docters. Useless. Always quick to send you home and never dig deeper then charge you hundreds. Only a few are good.

  19. Can we talk about how there's a vaccine but the Big Pharma companies are refusing to submit it for testing because it won't "earn them enough"? Yeah, this would just be another thing you were inoculated for if not for corporate greed.

  20. She needs to stay off the crack

  21. We need president trump to reinstate DDT chemicals so that no more of these moesquito borne outbreaks happen again. It's the only solution we have now in order to limit more triple-e outbreaks from occuring.

  22. I have never heard of this disease until I heard it on the news.

  23. Is she an actor in news!!!!

  24. Is it eee or reeee virus? Is she just an sjw?

  25. This is very scary, don’t go outside early In the morning or at 6 or late night get spray guys this is not okay we need too try too kill any mosquito we see!!

  26. I live and Connecticut this is scare

  27. Bring on the Frost. Prayers for all.

  28. Chemically genocide every species on the planet …problem solved.

  29. I'm so happy you are better now sounds very scary bless you girl

  30. We have no border wall so anybody can walk in and bring diseases

  31. Prayers for Savanah!!! If you see this please know we are with you!!

  32. My understanding of mosquitoes is that its the pregnant females that are the ones that bite and that there is a plan to modify and release sterile males to dwindle the population but then…wait holy shit is that kid manhandling a full art Pokemon holo card?!

  33. Looks like she's still not eating.

  34. 🤔 they sent her home twice claiming dehydration?

  35. Children, elderly and people with compromised or low immune system. They need to be as specific with this information.

  36. This will almost absolutely Restore the Health of anyone with EEE or most other things. (including cancers, etc….)
    Don't be ignorant, stupid, asinine, self-destructive, and/or self-sabotaging.
    Why not try it? At some point, what have you got to lose?
    And THEN TELL people and Spread the Word WHEN it works.

    Join the Grassroots Health Revolution Movement.

    You DO NOT have to be unhealthy, sick, ill, dying, or near death! (almost everyone, almost all of the time)

    BE Healthy and Well – SEE:

  37. What product are they spraying with?

  38. ladies and gentlemen there is a vaccine the military has had it since the 80s government is aware of it and they are not sharing it with the general public big Pharma doesn't see it as financially viable so they're not pursuing their own rendition of the vaccine.; look it up I think it's time that we the people exhausted with a financial and political goals of our government and corporations alike circulate a petition in Michigan Massachusetts and other areas to try to force the government to let go of this valuable vaccine that could save vulnerable human lives during this severe and life-threatening outbreak please respond to me if you feel the same and would like to take action to make this happen.

  39. Jesus this is scary i got bit like like 10 days ago am i getting this?

  40. Interesting though not news to me. I seen this disease in documentaries years ago. However, I hope those who are expose to this pathogen will get better.

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