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Efforts continue to restore pipeline amid cyber attack

Federal agencies and the private sector are working against the clock on the ransomware attack.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Turn it back on.
    Fake News 📰 again 🤨

    These computer 👨‍💻 people are not that bright! HOW THE HELL CAN YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!
    It was planned 🤔

  2. We're going to war Russia China vs. USA you are better with Trump

  3. Get ready for food shortages also.

  4. Why restore it?! We want to reduce our carbon emissions. Keep it shut down!!!

  5. Stop saying ATTACK it was a HACK, Americans do not want another bullsh!t war

  6. Why do people keep saying gas prices jumping I don't get it they aren't jumping they're not even existent
    there is no gas to be found anywhere

  7. Hmmm……was someone asleep at the wheel, or is this a ruse….a plan to gouge the public, c’mon man.

  8. why is the pipe line on the inter net. How did the pipe line run with out inter net from apx 1950 to apx 2005. who is the dumb but who put the pipe line on the inter net

  9. Gov McMaster took unemployment benefits AWAY in an attempt to fill jobs. Federal money meant to HELP. Then REALLOCATED the money. FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL, where is he spending his people's allotted help money?
    So, McMaster – I ask you – WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE PEOPLE?????? 
    He needs to be removed from office, his salary GONE.
    He seems to have forgotten who he works for!!!!!!!!!!

  10. "If I Ain't on Crack, Slappy Jack, I'm Mumbling False Fact! about the Hack" – Joe Biden 2021 "Open Borders 4 All".

  11. Don't worry, The great Biden says they are working on a plan.

  12. how convenient ………….

  13. What a stupid design. Use the internet to control a single pipeline that feeds energy to almost 1/3 of our nation. Also, one pipeline shouldn't be the only way to transport energy. The internet shouldn't be used to control such vital infrastructure. It was probably a cost cutting measure to avoid the expense of putting in a private network. We don't need money for infrastructure, huh? Sure, use trucks to transport fuel. Great idea! How about buying buggy whips so we can transport fuel by horse and buggy? That'll work, and save lots of money too!

  14. PROPAGANDA, anyone?!?! Let's see what is going on with the West imposing upon the Mid-East, Ukraine, Yemen, and lastly helping support Israel with Apartheid.

  15. Cyberpunk. Figures.
    Technology is great when it properly works.
    Sucks when this sort of thing happens 😕.

  16. ABC says Russia, so probably China.

  17. Money is not Lord of mercy money is crime and death

  18. China Joe's Communist Buddies Did This!

  19. ~1:40 "on alert after that ransomware attack" You don't mean to imply that before the attack they were not on alert?

  20. If a pipeline can be hacked…………………..?

  21. Colonial Had some dumb-ass worker click on a ransomware link, my company
    had extensive training on how to avoid that! They sent out mock
    phishing emails and anyone that clicked on more than one a month lost
    their internet access! The system software shouldn't even be connected
    to the internet! I fault them for making it accessible!

  22. Older folks and companies need to get with it. Network security is serious.

  23. Thank you for sharing this video news

  24. Teacher and students there called.

  25. The idea of a pipeline being online is not smart. It should be totally separate and hardened.

  26. Do not talk about the Zionist occupation of Jerusalem and the attack on worshipers in Palestine

  27. Most major companies don't take cyber security seriously and spend no where near enough on it. Why? Because they can always pass their losses on to you the consumer. Our government allows and even rewards mismanagement in businesses, by allowing them to pass on the cost of their mistakes to you the consumer. That practice needs to end.

  28. No updates about Palestine 🇵🇸! As usual ! How you call yourselves journalists or whatever! Such a Shame ! #Freepalestine #FreeSheikhJarrahneighborhood

  29. Anybody doubt Trump gave sensitive info to Putin who passed it on to eastern European criminals that launched the attack so Putin/Trump can profit

  30. Another trump republican with puttin's help scam, to rays prices make BIDEN LOOK BAD.

  31. Joe "Blow" Biden: Solution is to use the wind. Stupidity, really.

  32. I'm no longer waiting for the stimulus check because i earn $22,090 every 14-16 days recently

  33. Joe said there was no problem with pipeline attack. C'mon man.
    This ain't real. Lol.👎👎😝

  34. Just another excuse to raise gas prices and for Biden to ruin the economy

  35. BRING PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK!!!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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