Sunday , August 1 2021
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Eight vaping companies face lawsuits from North Carolina's AG

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein on his effort to halt e-cigarette sales among teens and the U.S. opioid epidemic.

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  1. just let them vape with 0mg of nicotine then no nicotine no addiction

  2. I’m 6 days clean off Juul now since all this crap been coming out in the news and this video giving me major cravings

  3. I think people need to raise their kids right. Flavors like cotton candy and French toast also appeal to adults suck as myself and how is vapes looking like a USB appeal to kids?

  4. Whenever some moron starts telling me they use flavor that appeal to children I know there a dumbass. Those flavors came about because adults like them and they figured out they could make just about any flavor. It had nothing to do with kids. What the hell are adults suppose to vape, Broccoli? You think they want nasty tobacco flavors. I 42 year old sister like tigers blood, which is a snow cone flavor. I can't stand these idiots and there false claims. He's gonna loose.

  5. Payed add by big tobacco

  6. You know what they make weed the same way you got cotton candy gummy bears you can eat everything with THC so go eat s*** a**** from wherever you're from

  7. You can't stop that you can stop the kids from smoking regular cigarettes kids been smoking cigarettes for the past centuries I start smoking when I was 12 years old I don't smoke now I hate to smell cigarette smoke but that's what they do to be sophisticated

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahaha

  9. Iced tea alcohol strawberry alcohol lemonade alcohol caramel alcohol Peach alcohol peppermint alcohol apple flavored alcohol you need me to keep going motherfuker cuz I can

  10. Nicotine made his life spiral outof control

  11. Smoking is injurious to health and leads to cancer. And also e-cigarettes increased in use and no age limit is reuled.

    Smoking guns using with mouth is a non-orthodic use and leads to infectious diseases. The smoking guns usage must be banned and these products must become obsolete in market and stores. The ad agencies and marketing agencies must be legally sued and prosecuted for producing tempting ads and influencing/forcing to involve in smoking business. What religious leaders advicing to involve in smoking? Made it a practice for peace and mental relief? That's lawlessness and judiciary must intervene to release a law to ban smoking and it's illegal activities and involved health issues.

    How this smoking knowledge became as education in schools/colleges/universities/bars/pubs/temples? Also involved BPO/KPO call centers and video tutorials for educating smoking guns?

    Spoiled world.

  12. Word bit wants you to studie on the last few minutes you have in day wont be able to think if you shove every second together ..brain needs focus ..NO SLAVING ANY MORE !! LIFES TOOOO SHORT …GO ENJOY LIFE AND BUILD YOU!!!!

  13. Parent your Damm Kids, you stay out of our Adult Lives.

  14. Kids were smoking cigarettes now they are vaping.

  15. Of course the usage # spiked up. It’s new, forbidden, easy to hide and use, plus adults are using them more. Vape companies shouldn’t be targeting kids. This guy shouldn’t be out to eliminate them, just make sure they’re complying with laws.

  16. a large number of teens are addicted to nicotine. If they lose access to vape devices, they'll start smoking cigs

  17. Teens see way more anti vaping propaganda than they see ads for vape products. More vaping regulations will make it even cooler to vape.

  18. Stein is protecting NC Tobacco Grower. Kids need to be smoking, contributing to the state economy. Stein knows where the priorities that matter are!

  19. Maybe Luca is just looking for something or someone to blame for his failures in life because that's a little hard to believe…….or maybe Luca doesn't exist except in the imagination of someone!!!

  20. What happin? Philp Morris is the new AG. Pack a day keeps the Vapes away!

  21. The Sackler family is more than partially responsible, there's a documentary here on YouTube that covers their roll in depth.

    As far as nicotine, isn't North Carolina the hub of tobacco companies? How much revenue has the state made off that industry?

  22. But the kids stopped smoking!!!

  23. OK, all good and well but they should be available on prescription because IT ALSO HELPS PEOPLE GET OFF THE DEADLY NICOTINE !!! it is time to sue all the Tabacco Industry! It is ADDICTING and KILLING all ages, and the consequences are ENORMOUS !!! Why hit vaping and opiods and skip NICOTENE for God sakes. Your Broad Brush should aggressively go after billion dollar nicotine imdustry whose DAMAGE and powerful lobby and advertising needs to be assalted with whatever influence and monies you have got ? Are you going to then be so opposed by them and their money and lobby powers you will not get re- elected ? Isn't that the real problem !!! Sick of politicians doing "good" only if it helps YOU and then getting all righteous about it!!!!!

  24. North Carolina IS TOBACCO COUNTRY!
    No wonder they want this competition wiped off the map!

  25. Is this guy mentally handicapped? Such an idiot.

  26. They have their uses I went from cigarettes to vapor to patches to no nicotine. We were never cool my friends

  27. Nicotine from a vape and nicotine from a cigarette and still nicotine LMFAO

  28. If they were smoking it would be fine and I'm 49 and vape all that stuff he is saying is for kids LMAO 😂 big tobacco doesn't want anybody vaping.

  29. "We are losing tobacco sales." – Tobacco States

  30. The Democracy Alliance Spring Summit was entitled “Charting a Course to Progressive Power.”

    North Carolina’s Attorney General Josh Stein was not only in attendance, he was a panelist for a session called “How Progressive Attorney Generals are Changing Policy, Politics, and Party.”

    Stein is building his political road to greater aspirations. Simple as that.

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