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El Paso community holds prayer vigil for shooting victims

Families rush to local hospitals hoping to find their missing family members after two dozen shooting victims were taken to three hospitals in the area.


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  1. Praying = a way of doing absolutely nothing and still thinking you’re helping – pointless religious crap…!!!

  2. Hard to believe a concealed carry person in Texas did not get this guy…where is the video of shooter and the wounded??? Thousands of cell phones and not one cell phone video of wounded or people shot???? How is that possible? Oh, bout forgot, the pic of the shooter entering the store, he has one 30 round mag and that's it…how did 50 people get shot?

  3. Let's just turn in our firearms to the crooked politicians and then see what happens…

  4. Hope karma reigns upon you and your family Donald Trump !!! Hope you feel the pain that youve been causing people, families these last few yrs for the simple fact of your racist hatefull ways…burn in hell fkr

  5. That woman has guilt she left the woman to go hide. So sad she was put in that position. She tired though. U can see the hurt she feels that she couldn't help her.

  6. Prayers? I usually cut a fart instead. At least it stinks the place up.

  7. In Trump's time no minority is safe. Stay safe all Americans (white, black, brown, yellow….) and unite. Don't listen to the hate that comes out of the mouth of that filthy orange predator in the white house.

  8. evil and sad. Race motivated. Trump supporter. Trump didn’t commit these murders but also does nothing but put Hispanics down. And people see and support that and have so much hate in their hearts for a race that doesn’t effect them. Wish this guy would’ve shot himself in the head before going and kill innocent people. Why ban guns though? These criminals will still get them. If someone out of the thousands of people in the Walmart had a gun maybe that could’ve prevented some of this. Mental illness is no excuse, this man is EVIL. Not mental illness because millions of people have mental illness and don’t kill 20 people. He was racist and evil. I’m scared to even go to the grocery store anymore, anywhere really. This world is full of evil.

  9. Adria Gonzalez is not a eyewitness she is a hero

  10. The shooter should get the death penalty.

  11. I’m telling everyone in my class about this

  12. That poor woman. I can sympathize with her. She was doing her best to help that elderly woman, but realized it could've been that woman or her and that woman. I can't imagine the guilt and remorse she must feel, but she did her fuckin best. Stories like hers should be told though. She did what she could and saved who she could, a fuckin hero in a pointless massacre.

  13. Holding prayer meeting is nice 💮💮 Holding Trump responsible for PROMOTING HATE SPEECH and racism is millions of times more important

  14. I wish I could give blood but i cant

  15. Shout out to them folks who stand for hours in the hot sun to donate blood❤❤💙💚🧡

  16. He say that to have a lest hate on him the fu…… Went to killlll…… Ppl cant be dumb

  17. Despite the horror of this crime and particularly for those affected, it is truly great to see how many people, regardless of their background, readily lined up to donate blood as soon as it was requested and/or formed groups of support and vigil for the victims and their families.



    A SAD, TRAGIC event in extremis. Hopefully the perpetrator will serve justice and, on the other hand, that the hurt and grieving may find condolence and relief. May God be with them and their loved ones. …As for Mr. Marcelo Ebrard and other political leaders in Mexico that not only seek but "vow" to take legal action against the U.S. for this shooting, say …WHAT ABOUT THE MANY / NUMEROUS HOMICIDE CASES that have taken place on AMERICAN CITIZENS, some working in law enforcement, both in Mexico as well as in U.S. territory throughout d-e-c-a-d-e-s?!? Most of these are left UNPUNISHED and some are ¡forgotten'[?]. Wouldn't those statistics alone make your current reaction questionable, silly and totally unfair? Please, get turn your decision making process more logical and sensible! And BTW, STOP making the U.S. Government the culprit, or the motive, of this. THINK instead of the reality of one person's deranged set of values and tendency towards evil, i.e., the shooter himself now detained. Talk about swift action to put him i jail!

    En efecto, un evento triste y trágico en extremis. Ojalá que el perpetrador reciba su verdadera justicia y castigo penal y que por otra parte, que aquellos que sufren el dolor por este atentado encuentren consuelo y alivio. Que Dios sea con ellos y sus seres queridos. …En cuanto al Sr. Marcelo Ebrard y demás líderes políticos de México que no sólo buscan sino "exigen y juran" tomar acción legal contra los EE.UU. por la masacre, veamos… ¿QUÉ HAY DE TANTOS y TANTOS (numerosos) CASOS DE HOMICIDIO que han ocurrido a CIUDADANOS NORTEAMERICANOS, algunos de ellos miembros de la fuerza policial, tanto suelo mexicano como en los mismos EE.UU. a través de las décadas?!? La mayoría de los cuales quedan IMPUNES. ¿No serían tan sólo dichas estadísticas suficiente para manchar su actual línea reaccionaria de: absurda, cuestionable y totalmente injusta? Por favor señores, ¡enderecen su proceso de veredicto para que resulte lógico y que al menos tenga sentido!!! Y por cierto, DEJEMOS DE ACUSAR al gobierno de los EE.UU. como el culpable, o el motivo, de esto. PENSEMOS en vez de ello en la realidad de que se trata de la mente trastornada quien disparó contra nuestros paisano, del orden de valores morales de esta persona ya detenida así como de su tendencia al mal depravado. ¡Vaya que hubo acción veloz en encontrarlo y llevarlo a prisión!

  18. I'm still going to vote trump 2020.

  19. I hope the family members try to find peace in this dark season of there life. Man it sucks to have someone they probably adore taken away from you. ❤❤❤❤ my heart goes out to them

  20. Sweet lady, know that you did all you could do under the circumstances. Let your heart rest that you made the right decision.

  21. The malls should also have emergency wheel chairs , and wheel chair ramps to help elderly, and disable people get out of harms way. The wheel chair could help incase there is a fire also.

  22. Im glad he didn't kill himself so justice can be made. That motherfucker is gonna rot in hell. Did he hate mexicans that much😢? I mean was it all worth it for him!?😭

  23. The system is Fucked up How come we Don't have Gun control Even thoe There's a lot of Massacres America is Already Fucked up Nothing Goona change

  24. No better way to do absolutely nothing, yet pretend you are doing something. Is to pray.

  25. you know, if Prayer Vigils worked, we would never had anything like these happen after Timothy McVey blew up those children in Oklahoma City, but they Don't Work. since McVey the rise of Home-Grown Terrorism, is usually a White Male Loser that finds something to Hate and then takes up a Gun to prove his point. Prayer Vigils do nothing.

  26. Poor sweet women im crying but you did your best to help hun

  27. Rest in peace to the people that got killed and my condolences goes out to the families

  28. Edie Hallberg bad crisis actor looking for her 'mom'.

  29. Carrying a gun if anything like this happens I taking these mf out!!!

  30. Good!! Cause I cant get out of the USA if I tried!! This goes two ways and the shooter of el paso will be punished according to USA laws!! It is wrong! Everyone in the U.S is a descendent of immigration which shouldn't be confused with "illegal activity/immigration" Is it possible that "Illegals" are making it worse for everyone else and putting them in jeopardy!!? Do they not realize Rules, laws and boundaries are in place World Wide or that fences/walls have been up for many decades? In the U.S. we have the right to carry guns!! Who is jeopardizing our 2nd amendment rights?  People DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO MURDER like this NOR illegally cross boarders. 250 shootings in 215 days. Illegals need to process the jeopardy they are putting everyone in! They should also be punished.


  32. Notice how they wouldn't really let us see the face of the woman pretend crying for her pretend mommy…one word for this fake shooting BULLSHIT

  33. everybody who is involved with or caused these types of incidents need to grow the hell up and stop being racist. the guy said he wanted to kill as many mexicans as he can, which means that he was racist. these people deserve to get shot in the head and go to hell. it's very devastating, cruel, and heartbreaking that this happens.

    nobody deserves to be injured or killed in these situations.

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