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El Paso, Gilroy shootings spark domestic terror concerns l ABC News

The suspect who opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California allegedly planned to target churches, religious groups, governments and political parties, officials said.

READ MORE: https://gma.abc/31keoqM

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  1. The real domestic terrorists are the black people in this country who shoot more people on a daily basis. When a white guy does it it's terrorism, when blacks do it I guess it's just an accepted part of their violent culture. I know more people who are afraid to walk or drive in their cities because of black people than worrying about some nut job who shoots up a place every once in awhile. Why don't you cover the real source of terror in this nation: blacks.

  2. deport all the white people and this wont happen anymore

  3. Not the Dayton shooting? Is they because that guy was a leftist?

  4. Both fake staged mass shooting HOAXES! No was shot or killed . We are wake!

  5. Mr. Crusius, I hope you drop the soap in prison. Hope you catch STD from other prisoners. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you get raped in prison. (Gunman's real name is Patrick Wood Crusius). I even think the death penalty is too kind, as it'll let him die and not endure prison. He needs to suffer for the rest of his life in prison.

  6. Yes, I DO want to take your guns. I don't care how "stable" you think you are. Doesn't matter to me. Go ahead and cry.

  7. "In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings.
    On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose…
    500 to Medical errors
    300 to the Flu
    250 to Suicide
    200 to Car Accidents
    40 to Homicide via Handgun
    Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data."
    –Neil deGrasse Tyson, America's scientist

  8. Only a matter of time before oppressed communities across America fight back against right-wing tyranny. Civil war is inevitable.

  9. Those copy cat killers are similar to aftershocks earthquakes that happen after the first earthquake.

  10. Stop promoting them ever hour on the news don’t give them notoriety

  11. i'm confused. do they not believe that dayton ohio was domestic terrorism as well. How is Dayton different from the other two?

  12. its about time they get these crazies

  13. No it a deep state democrat doing to change the narrative from there crimes.
    It won’t help them 🤡🤡🤡🤡still going to prison.
    Trump 2020

  14. Im not crazy people, im just but whs hearing the sadness hearing the crying , the famalies of all those people..viticsince 1982, it begain at mc Mconalds, in out side of San Diego , i saw it in the news this man walked in and killed i forgot how many people wete killed, it was one two many. The coward walked in and started shooting, when people, the poodc rereading and hearing the story.. the shock we never seen anything like it, It was hard to process, witneses broke lThese domisticated terrorist know that we dont carry guns.. they are cowards. Ill be damed if a coward, punk ass mother fcker is going to kill me because he wants too? If your hiding and hes walking towards you cos he saw you, better get that gun ready cos hes gonna want to kill you. We are going to want to kill him first. Im listening to myself talk like this and i dont like it. Im being minipulated and motivated by these killers. All of us who want to fight backmnirecuevef bussiness are

  15. Democratic presidential candidates must put their political future on the line and publish ALL DONORS FOR TRUMP, MCCONNELL, GRAHAM, and House GOP donors!!!
    Individuals and Corporations, everyone's name must be reported.

  16. Radical terrorism is also known as mainstream media

  17. It was news before it even happened #fakenewsenemyofthepeople #precrimes are the crime!!!!!

  18. People are dumbasses one way to avoid being killed to stay out of big crowds that's how mass murders happen

  19. I plan to avoid soft targets as much as possible. I fear coordinated widespread attacks, and lone wolfs.

  20. Good job dems, tell white males for years they are no good so these children grow up confused leading to violence. Children have no historical context or why you are blaming them

  21. Now thers a fresh spin on things.. um… yea

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