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El Paso reels from massacre that left 20 dead l ABC News

Officials are searching for clues for a motive behind the deadly Walmart shooting that also left dozens of people injured, saying the killer may have been fueled by hate.

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  1. He did this cause all the Non white people coming across the border

  2. 1982 hong kong police force suport right now live el paso texas

  3. The "store was packed with thousands of shoppers", he had hundreds of bullets, and yet there were only 22 fatalities? Aside from being a rotten person, this guy was also the epitome of ineptitude.

  4. hate crimes against hispanic people
    US citizen americans make speech hate against hispanic people what speak a lot of spanish

  5. This is what white people want it's so sad they still try to kill us as coloured people i am glad your happy at blood shed an families ripped apart may God have mercy on your souls.

  6. Its like taj..mumbai massacre .., i guess the shooters are brainwashed jihadi Terrorist

  7. – In mexico most guns are illegal and still there's a lot of gun problem.

  8. Too bad none of the shoppers were armed and able to stop him!

    STRAHAN, Put your hands up !
    NEED I GO FOR # 3

  10. this is UNFORGIVABE!!!!! trump or ttump as he calls itself is to blame-TOTALLY – HE should be charged with MURDER !!!!!!!

  11. sad sad sad people cant shop, go to work, go see a movie, go to a concert, without the devil showing his face

  12. So glad he got 20 of them. I wish it were way more, but it still puts a huge smile on my face

  13. Nation with pride to hate & used to blame others (Muslims).this is more common specially in USA Christian society who believes that white supermacy is an answer infact only solution to world's problems as being chosen and favorite nation or people in front of God and are free from any judgement becàuse

  14. What a crock of shit that ABC ( awful but crap) if he wanted to go after Mexicans there are many more in the Dallas- Ft Worth area than where he was

  15. These shooters should just say Trump made them shoot them

  16. Mental Health over personal rights it is the sick result. Where are the monster hospitals that we used to keep these animals off the street?

  17. I just dont understand why these terrorist kill innocent people!! Kill yourself if your full of hate do something with your life NOT others

  18. Trump made him want to kill Mexicans.

  19. why do they keep getting the mug shot for patrick crusius wrong? This is the third news outlet to do this.

  20. All guns are deadly! God bless el Paso! Don't be victimized by MSM using you politically.

  21. I see this getting worse than better. Guess human life do not matter too the people we elect in power 😢

  22. Racism must finally stop!

  23. "a seenoir citizen lady i told her 2 move faster but she cudnt SO I LEFT HER cuse i had 2 get out" JOKES crocidile tears ……………………….useless coverage ……actress ….lmFao

  24. Sad what this country has come too, I feel like ever since and after 9/11 this country on edge like if we all have ptsd

  25. I am for one, a gun owner who will never part with my guns, and by the way it's not the guns that are the problem, it's the people who have the guns and use them the wrong way. So before you start placing judgement, know your facts. This is the problem with Americans, we want to cast judgement immediately before figuring out what the real reason is first, and Americans are destroying each other and other countries are laughing at us on how stupid we really are, its embarrassing. Instead, we should be helping build this Country up and making it better and stronger. Our Country needs prayers for guidance and strength. My heart aches for the loss and familys

  26. Just another day in ‘Murcia

  27. Why isn't ABC News in Chicago where 244 people have been shot so far this year? Oh, 82% of them are black. Why isn't ABC on this 24/7 trying to change the violence that is Chicago? 99% of the guns are illegally owned. There are 2 million responsible gun owners in this country that never make a wrong move. What you have here is mentally ill people having access to guns. That is what needs addressing…not necessarily just the guns. Cars kill tens of thousands a year. Why aren't we talking about outlawing cars? Alcohol has killed millions of people….I could go on but I digress. I know why they don't give this kind of coverage to violence in Chicago and Baltimore and Memphis…do you?

  28. This should be an automatic death penalty.

  29. Domestic terrorists will use or create any means to complete their goal. If you take guns away from law abiding Americans, what will prevent more terrorists from their attempts? 2nd amendment of the Constitution puts the law abiding citizens on equal ground to defend themselves from terrorists and tyranny. Any argument from this common sense is a waste of time. I am sorry for the victims and wish more shoppers could have protected themselves and others from the attacker.

  30. To much hate I thought growing up in the sixties and seventies was bad since the early 2000's we're on a downward spiral of destruction in this country we need to come together before its to late 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  31. 😢😢😢 I just can't…


    Almost every household in switzerland has an automatic rifle.

    in the mediterranean Countrys guns at least shotguns are wide spread.

    Every freakin albanian has one and they dont get these killing sprees.

    Realize you have created these confused people that and the world that they feel is not worth living in.

  33. Oakley is the biggest liar. He was in the Mall. That is not even that close to the Walmart where the shooting was allegedly going on. What is the deal showing this video footage from inside the mall. The mall had nothing to do with this Homeland Security mass shooting exercise……….Or did it?

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