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El Paso shooting witness Glendon Oakley addresses the media

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  1. He was nowhere near the shooting. He was inside cielo vista mall, the shooting happened in walmart which is like 1 mile away…

  2. True hero and a humble heart…many blessings 🙏🏼

  3. We really need stop feeding the media. This man should have been recognized by his unit, at least a bump to E-4 and given the emotional assistance he might need right now. Not put in front of every camera.

  4. Pop smoke if you need something brother.
    We understand how you feel.
    You acted.
    Giving props to the men that trained you and giving thanks.
    You will never be alone.
    Semper Fi.

  5. Where the hell is that soldiers patrol cap

  6. The media twisted his words? Who would have guessed

  7. The only men brave enough to help those kids and disregard their own safety were This Black man and another's Mexican Man they didnt do it because theyre heroes they did it because theyre actual men.

  8. I'm thankful for KFC and cool aide and my nco's who taught me how to spit watermelon seeds.

  9. Lol he told them he was a Specialist but he is clearly a PFC! Dishonesty is unbecoming of a U.S soldier. Your not a hero quit crying on camera! I swear people will do anything for some publicity and views!

  10. Reporters are so rude and disrespectful. Wtf….Listen to what he’s saying and stop pressing for questions

  11. I understand you are sorry but I have to shoot some more!

  12. He was not even close to the shooting!!!! He was at the mall not at the Walmart !!!!! Crap for him taking a hero title … ask him where he was during the actual shooting??

  13. A true child who allowed his parents to raise him right. I thank God for the values n morals embedded in you. Thanks for saving lives. May God continue to guide every step your wonderful family makes. Brave son!!!!


  15. Amazing person. I feel honored for your service, sir.

  16. Why didn’t anyone kill the active shooter no one took their gun to Walmart that day?

  17. This is the definition of a REAL MAN. Bravo Zulu, my friend👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  18. Good people must consider it is normal to help, it is normal to protect, it is normal to save people from harm or hurt. And it should feel great! All the glory to God!

  19. THANK YOU Young MAN! God Bless YOU each and every day. You are a HERO! We LOVE YOU! Much RESPECT!

  20. This is fake they told him to put on his uniform and go on the News and cry

  21. God Bless Him and prayers for the victims and their families.

  22. Media is our enemy. They are in service of satan, corporate America. The curse on the nation.

  23. Love his HONEST comments. He reacted as any human would.

  24. Close your eyes, and just listen. Tell me honestly. Your mind can not resist picturing JarJar Binks. You know I'm right. This is all just propaganda. Don't buy it!

  25. So humble, God is definitely with him at all times 🙏

  26. Question, is this the same guy that did the selfie video while in Walmart when the shooter was in there?

  27. I did what I did because that what I was trained to do. Well done. I'm inspired.

  28. The media wants to tippy toe around the real issued of white supremacist terrorist. Thats why they dont want interview the real victims, cause the truth will blow up in there face.

  29. This guy was not at wal mart. He was at the mall. He was not in the middle of the shooting. What kids is he talking about that he couldn’t get to?? Not saying he’s a bad person but come on!! There are other actual heroes that were inside the store saving people that are not all over the media giving interviews.

  30. Young man we know how the media twist the stories so hold your head high and be proud of what you did.

  31. this dude is 100% the reason we dont need more gun control. we need less. if more good people had guns, less bad people would be able to hurt them.

  32. his CO did the right thing taking him off camera.

  33. real shit my nigga. fuck the media.

  34. Footlocker is on east side of mall next to Macys. He left out the Macys exit on east side. So there was enough time for kids to run from walmart all the way over to the other side of mall, and he could hear shots from inside the walmart 1/3 mile away….this story is such bs

  35. So many other people on scene did the same thing he did , his uniform is the only reason he's getting more coverage than anyone else

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