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El Paso suspect showing no remorse for the killings: Authorities

He allegedly told police during interrogation that he got lost after his 10-hour drive from Allen, Texas, and went to Walmart because he was hungry, authorities said.




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  1. How can you say the shooter is in shock and confusion? That's what the victims and their families are feeling right now. Don't try to defend this monster. If he was black I don't think there would be anyone defending him.

  2. Send him to
    Us in Mexico we know what to do!! We can make him into pieces chop him up while his still alive!!!! A la verga pinche puto!

  3. See They Should Have Taken His Weapons Away Now I Believe He Deserved The Death Penalty Make Example Of Those Who Do Crimes Like This

  4. This is exactly why civilians should be allowed to carry firearms. If a carrying civilian was in that store this guy may have been stopped long before it got worse and saves tax payers a grip of money. Now tax payers will pay fur this loser to sit comfortably in prison while the people grieve. In cases like this he should be put down right away. If a dog went crazy bitting multiple people they put it down right away why not do the same for this piece of shot. He will end up just sitting in prison for years getting free healthcare free food and shelter etc while these families lost their loved ones, that still don’t seem like justice to me in this case. Either take him out back and one gullet to the head or even a rope sounds good for this punk.

  5. trump has people thinking Mexicans or other people of color don't belong here.. check the Constitution assholes

  6. I agree that are just way too many Mexicans

  7. Why give people like this a trial..execute him now..why spend tax payers money for a person like this..i am..i am tired of hearing people like this have a mental problem..stop using that as an excuse..there are people who have serious mental problems and dont commit murders so stop protecting these criminals..these are the reasons we have these type of problems because criminals more protected then the innocent people..this dude shot and killed alot of people and he had no scratches or bruises on not for police brutality but they should had killed him on the spot..police kill innocent people all the time why not kill the criminals

  8. I guarantee you folks the media completely blow the s*** out of proportion that's their job 2 Revenue income no matter how crazy it might sound that's a job in the media

  9. Been trying to find a van down by the river

  10. We can thank Trump,every last of his supporters especially the white ones and the kkk republicans party. Trump spreading lies about Mexicans but this is the same dude who been hiring them for this hillbilly white terrorist devil go shoot a mall cause he mad at life..they should have shot him dead like other race they would do it too.he should die firing squad and let the innocent Mexicans dismember his body.i don't understand how this white privilege corrupt racist had access to a gun.this is what Trump supporters voted for I hope their condolences to those that died for no reason.I want to hear a dumb Trump supporters justification for this

  11. Kill this abominacion human peace of shit electric chair his white ass up

  12. Death penalty and no waiting in line…

  13. Stupid useless illegal killing R beautiful people.

  14. Take that mtf to a Mexican prison or give him to the cartels !!

  15. No remorse…Lock him up with narcos and sicarios

  16. … I thought Wal-Mart sold guns some one get one and kill him …

  17. Fuck that little punk put him in population in Huntsville tx we show him was up punk ass nigga

  18. Pedos nd mass shooters death penalty automatically. Guarantee that will fix the problem. Pedos need that now! Fuck those putos

  19. So he got lost and ended up at Walmart to eat something and decided oh I think I will kill all these people. Yeah sure!!!!! 👿 the son’s devil!!!!

  20. Our government is doing a wonderful job by separating the people !

  21. This is one of those cases where the death penalty isn't even enough.

  22. Chop his head off and see if he has remorse about that.

  23. This shit happens everyday !! Just cause the lying ass media doesn't cover it doesn't mean it doesn't happen ….. America goes to other countries and kills thousands upon thousands of innocent people but ain't noone gonna talk about that either …. WAKE UP PEOPLE this is the era of micro chips and titanium and no one can stop it

  24. Lock him up with the Mexicans so they can run train on him

  25. Hand him over to the mexican cartels. Problem solved

  26. The suspect deserves to DIE, fuck the mental disability’s he’s a racist killing monster

  27. No remorse Just like Trumpas 🐷 No heart no family values 💔

  28. Sinaloa cartel wants to know your location

  29. Have some respect for victims instead of trying to be in the limelight

  30. Let me have him, Ill beat him to death with my ratchet!!

  31. Look at MSM pushing a fake narrative that he only wanted to kill Mexican people msm is disgraceful the news in this country is fake

  32. He should get life in the ms 13 lot

  33. 21 what a idiot,. Now he's in prison for the rest of his life! For what!

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