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El Paso suspect targeted area for Mexicans: Police l ABC News

The suspect initially entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, unarmed and then returned armed and ready to open fire, killing at least 22 people, officials said.

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  1. Its time mexicas brothers its time to defend or family's 😠

  2. Watching this hate crime makes me want to vote for dem in 2020!

  3. Fuck that shoot back what do you mean you feel fear fuck that shoot back they want to shoot those nazis white supremacy trump supporters shoot back just pack a gun and when they fuck with you fuck them don’t worry about that asshole white boy there going to take care of his ass in prison that’s for sure homeboy

  4. Hope this makes you feel better, I'm a correction officer at Garza west in Texas and I have had more white people stabbed and sodomized. I guess what goes around comes around.

  5. for get us border at all don't ever albout this pass year's ago for what 18 year's ago no you don't know albout line up get into me

  6. don't fr get san francisco goverment in 9 11 20001 year's ago for into nyc ny for what for who training for nothing

  7. Mexicans are fine people. Illegals are not. When you conflate the two, you get this. America is responding to democrat hijacking the rights of American citizens. This will not end well until the border is secured.

  8. This is why kids need to stop playing those stupid videogames smh

  9. Blame Trump for his racist prejudice against Mexicans

  10. San Antonio,tx sends their condolences

  11. Texas is a free gun zone
    And nobody did nothing so why do we need guns for they should just ban guns like tf

  12. You know what insane a$s holes like this need to be put in solitary for the rest of there life sit there in torture

  13. Why exactly is he still alive? Police in the other shooting did the right thing putting an animal down. This guy deserves death in the worst possible way.

  14. How do you visually know who is and isn’t ‘Mexican’ and WHY would you want to shoot them?!?!?! Are they taking the job you wouldn’t want? Are they harming you in any way? Could they possibly be legally naturalized citizens or Puerto Rican’s (US citizens)? WTF assholes.?!?! My kids are from a couple of cultures and if you even look at ‘em funny I’ll spend a year making a hobby out of being sure that you face torture and pain that your mind couldn’t possibly wrap itself around. You don’t want this. I’ll drywall screw your nuts to a board and leave you to scream while I go slaughter your family.

  15. As a Mexican listen to me my people! GET AND CARRY A WEAPON! We are not these peaceful black people that will take shit for 500 years. Do not be unarmed when they come try to kill us! If our blood is shed so will the blood of the white supremacists!

    We have sangre AZTECA. Don't let these white supremacists CATCH YOU OFF GUARD!

  16. We're not in Guadeloupe any more tododo.

  17. And MAGA supporters are saying this wasn’t a hate crime

  18. Ain't that something that everybody is calling the man a liar. This is why I wish they would turn Facebook off because people are really stupid the man is lying the one they called the hero y'all y'all need to go some fucking were. None of y'all was there so why you calling the man a liar

  19. Why are the Corrupt MAINSTREAM MEDIA and DEMOCRATS not talking about the Daynton shooting?.. Dont those victims matter??? Oh I know….the shooter was a registered DEMOCRAT, praised the violent ANTIA, iwas a self confessed satonist, Loved THE LYING CORRIPT ELIZABETH WARREN, WAS PRO ILLEGALL IMMIGRATION AND SACTUARY CITIES,. HE WAS OPPOSED TO LAW AND ORDER AND OPPOSED TO ICE……ALL DEMOCRATIC VIEWS JUST REINFORCES HOW CORRUPT AND H YPOCRITICAL THE democrats and MAKNSTREAM MEDIA are. Evil to the core.

  20. Media and governors and authority should stop promoting the phrase white supremacist is absolutely creates division between people. R.I.P

  21. Killer told police he got lost and he got hungry and went to Walmart. Media is reporting this wrong. Something triggered his rampage. He did not plan Walmart and he killed not just Mexicans. This needs to be reported accurately. He is alive. Maybe he can tell us what really happened. When you have mental illness, anything can aggravate or trigger something like maybe fatigue and hunger. People need to be rational and not just point fingers and rush to judgments.

  22. Highkey getting scared going to school cause the majority of kids and me are Mexicans. And a girl does not want to get shot and die cause of a racist.

  23. this is just the beginning i cant wait for another war so we can finish them off. COME ON MEXICRATS RAISE SOME MORE FLAGS ON AMERICAN SOIL

  24. This should NOT still be happening?!?

  25. White people keep it up and see what happens in the prisons. Mexicans will start riots in prison and kill whites for the sins of their brothers.

  26. Watch your back with white supremacy.. watch young white make ….. call cop

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