Tuesday , January 18 2022
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El Paso, Texas, Shooting: Witness Videos Capture Terrifying Scene | NBC News

Witness videos capture the terrifying scene around an El Paso, Texas, mall where a gunman opened fire. SWAT teams can be scene arriving to the scene as shoppers exit the mall with their hands raised above their heads.
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El Paso, Texas, Shooting: Witness Videos Capture Terrifying Scene | NBC News


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  1. All perpetrated by the CIA just like Las Vegas was

  2. Strange how the guy was doing drive by shootings but they told everyone in the mall to go outside

  3. I didn't realize the DUMBING-DOWN of the people had reached such levels.
    In the first 12 seconds, they reveal that this is nothing but a planned, scripted and staged, active-shooter,
    TRAINING DRILL! They tell the crisis actors, "Hands over heads! Follow the line! Now go, go, go!" The line they're following was a strip of tape they previously placed on the ground. They don't want people straying out of camera view. As they begin walking, two cops with weapons are leaning against the clothes rack as the actors file on by, bored as can be with these stupid DRILLS. lol.

  4. We see a line of 'shoppers' walking slowly and calmly, side-by-side both inside and outside the mall. Not a single police officer directing them to the safest route, in fact not a single cop seen or heard near them at all, so why are they walking side-by-side with their hands over their heads as if it were a like a routine school fire drill, versus an 'active-shooter incident'.

  5. I don't get how in texas of all places there wasn't an armed citizen there at the moment the shooting started.

  6. yes or say no bus right now international of world go back hometown asap

  7. 0:19 im that one running in the long grey ponytail and the one infront my cousin had her brother in her arms

  8. USA support racism and hate by supporting non Arabic Jews who are killing Arabs in Palestine just because they defend their country from being invaded by non Arabic Jews
    Nothing new when some of USA people started killing Mexicans just because they are Mexicans!

  9. Now something is going on in Philadelphia.

  10. Does this ever happen in other developed countries that have strict gun laws like Great Britain, Germany and France? I'm just curious why people fail to see the obvious. I hate the NRA with a passion. Every time a mass shooting like this happens, it just rekindles my hatred for them.

  11. It's sad when your government is so corrupt…that a good portion of its citizens believe they would stage and event like this…and the garlic festival shooting…for some sort of political gain. Every politician has it's own police force..but the public can't ever get additional police funding….ever? That says it all

  12. What has el paso ever done what has texas ever done for them to come across the boarder and shoot up a Walmart

  13. Pakistan is a terrorist country, the world

  14. Has anyone scene footage of someone getting shot?

  15. Drill, Drill, Drill, FAKE news !! Hang them All !! we are Q

  16. This video isn't from the El Paso shooting where they are running through a mall, it was at a walmart.

  17. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣SHOOT EM!

  18. And what do you think mr President? 🙂👍

  19. Fake Staged Mass Shooting HOAX! NO ONE WAS SHOT OR KILLED. WAKE UP!

  20. 🔫 in a racist lunatics hands not good

  21. why is the camera quality always lookin like it was shot in 2008

  22. another video of no shooter or anyone getting the real footage this is SYOP fake news no real crime scene HOAX !

  23. This tells me nothing about the incident. Still looking like a false flag.

  24. Nothing "terrifying" whatsoever about these vids. nothing is happening, people just walking, almost no talking or yelling, nothing. This is absurd.

  25. The World should focus on mental health these kinds of things happened in New Zealand 🇳🇿 to a country with incredibly tight gun laws 50 people shot and killed Focus on mental heath please love from Canada 🇨🇦

  26. And not a single video of the shooter? Sorry I don't believe this is a real shooting event!

  27. You have YouTube channels like Red Ice to thank for this type of racists violence, they go telling a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics like this inbreeder that people of color or trying to replace him or even murder him check out their videos that's exactly what they say.

  28. Strange that this act is not regarded as terrorism

  29. the mall is like a quarter mile away? Why are people freaking out there? did gunner walk into wally world by accident? And why are they running TOWARD Dillards, which is on the WEST side of the mall NEAREST the wallmart (which is across a massive parking lot and highway)

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