Thursday , January 20 2022
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El Paso Walmart shooting kills multiple people | USA TODAY

Multiple people are dead and three people are in custody after a shooting Saturday morning at an El Paso, Texas Walmart, according to authorities.

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  1. Lot of evil things happening in usa

  2. If I had been a reporter I would have asked, "You're the spokesperson………..and you know ABSOLUTELY……NOTHING?"

  3. We have "one person" in custody……implying that there WERE múltiples (which confirms witness accounts)

    What oh what is Law Enforcement hiding??????

  4. I'm crying bullshit people. did you cry when 200 8 yr CHILDERN are rape by a MEXICIAN army general.

  5. With all the cell phones didn't anyone upload what hap

  6. Pelesi: "this is a beautiful scene"

  7. Why he must doing that on Walmart why not on the woods or jungle

  8. Stop being racis r.i.p all the people who died❤❤❤❤

  9. My condolences to all you victimized 😭
    From Afghanistan

  10. it doesn't seem that any people were killed….what are they on about? people? maybe 1? does that town have any people in it? doesn't look like it. blood donation? can they use human blood?

  11. There were always shootings but the media didn’t cover all of them. Gun control seems to be the target as well as the election coming up. Who is this guy? What’s his real motive? And who’s behind it?

  12. Show us the dead and wounded… Don't forget to show us all the blood and gore… LOL… BULLSHITT! It's a Damn HOAX!

  13. I think I’m goin to watch some Dave Chappell here on YouTube, I need to watch some comedy. If these guys were to smoke a joint and watch some Dave Chappell they would have a change of heart and they would see things in a whole different light in a good way. And also watch some Larry David here on YouTube. Peace fellow Americans

  14. I suggest the following:
    Permission to own weopan approved by:
    – Psyhiatrist
    – pathologist
    – Cardiologist
    – Ophthalmologist
    – Local police
    – Three witnesses

    The weapon should stored in home:
    – In a secure locker
    – House should have security alarm
    – House should have cable surveillance system.

    While transportation, the weapon should:
    – Be disassembled
    – Ammunition and gun should be in separate compartments in car.
    – The container of the gun should have lock

    In case of hate crime like this:
    – Psyhiatrist should have a $3000 penalty, and lose the right to approve gun licenses
    – The murderer lose off course his licence, his fortune, his freedom for life, his not critical for his life organs (both kidneys, half liver, both cornea), to transplanted to people who need them.
    – Penalty to his parents, for wrong nurturing, and remove of their gun licence for life
    – Penalty to the witnesses, and remove of their gun licence for life

  15. I'm glad this shooter is still alive. Maybe when he realizes the shit he's in he will talk. we will find out who is really behind these attacks

  16. This is not a mental illness. It's White Supremacy Terrorism. This country is full of racial hate.

  17. More Senate Useless Hearings, like the 9/11 Commission are do nothing shows. Shootings make bundles of cash for the MSM. The family unit is broken, mental health solution, and the Blame Game starts in DC. Easy solution: A law is needed to limit the coverage of the shootings. 2. All shooters are not to be named (they are worst than cockroaches) especially the ones that use hearing protection 3. MSM must stop blaming the President. 4. Concentrate on gun and mental health related laws 5. Shut down internet Hate Sites 6. Designate all mass shootings as Terrorism – no debate needed as whether it is hate related or not. 7. Timely justice, shooter representation by only one lawyer, no juvenile designations, televised punishment by hanging. If John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey can collude to take down a sitting President, it would be easy to implicate all the above.

  18. ‘When a great democracy is destroyed, it will not be because of enemies from without, but rather because of enemies from within.’


  20. with all the spying technologies, we still cannot stop this? what the hell are you thinking we can stop international terrorist? we are dumb…

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