Elderly woman dragged down street by a migrant on moped

America First Policy Institute executive director and former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf details flaws in the border package, the potential Mayorkas impeachment and migrant-related crime. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Trump order the republicans not to fix the border so he could run on it during election time and blame Biden for it

  2. This is what liberals wanted 😆

  3. Look up the origin and history of the term "outlaw"… and tell me why we don't treat outlaws in the good old-fashioned way… because it really just makes too much sense to me, but i might be crazy.

  4. Hey usa. Keep ur democracy lgbt and other crazy stuff for ur self please.

  5. Fellow Republicans please get a backbone!!! 🤷🏾‍♀

  6. Senator's will be voted out in November! We are watching!

  7. First quit calling them “migrants “, they are “illegals”! Words have impact?

  8. Stop calling them migrants, theyre cartel members/sicarios

  9. I think most Americans are ok with giving up their homes to illegals and the cartel. They aren’t doing anything about it.

  10. They are going to Replace YOU!

  11. We have all the laws on the books. biden is complicate .. Jail Time Please !

  12. Give me a break. What else would you expect after allowing anyone to enter the country illegally?

  13. It takes us to 5000 illegal immigrants a day and stops the future president from closing the border.

  14. May the elderly woman victimized heal, and see The Justice System act according to legal mandates. 🤍⚖️🤍❕️

  15. Biden could not stop laughing…

  16. Arrest Biden immediately for not honoring his oath of office.

  17. This woman could be someone’s grandmother. Do you approve of this crime against Americans.

  18. Our forefathers saw this coming. Why do you think there are Militias? When and if the government does what its been doing since Biden. Get it now? See why thryre out to get your guns. They wont protect you and dont want c you to protect yourselves. Wake up people.

  19. This is the thanks America gets for opening up our borders!

  20. In my opinion, Kyrsten Sinema is a World Economic Forum Puppet who is all for destroying the United States' Sovereignty and she is always against anything that helps the American People… can't trust anything she has input into ‼️‼️🤣

  21. Just another day in New York, New York.

  22. Chaos and corruption around the world has our traitor and chief finger prints and name all over it thanks Biden

  23. So. What do we need to do to make them want to leave. Pop quiz everyone.

  24. What about the fact that the DUMS put in that bill , that any lawsuits brought against the government about the bill can only be heard by a court in dc! The really bad thing is it was negotiated by a so called republican. Heads need to roll!!

  25. I love seeing the list of names with pictures of the true Americans in Congress. Even crazy as Bernie is up there! What the heck is wrong with the rest of those people!

  26. What would the founding fathers do????