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Election 2020: Swing states still undecided in race between Trump and Biden | USA TODAY

Results from the 2020 presidential election as Americans vote in races for the presidency, 11 governorships, 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats.

Final polls show the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has tightened since mid-October, both nationally and in battleground states.

Biden’s lead in USA TODAY’s average of averages, which is based on data from RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight, reached double-digits on Oct. 12, but has since fallen back to a 7.5-percentage point lead. That leaves him back roughly in the same position USA TODAY found him in its first poll roundup on Sept. 28, when his polling average lead over Trump was 7.2 points.

Beyond the presidency, Tuesday’s election may result in changes in Congress, where Democrats want to regain control of the Republican-led Senate and Democrats hope to expand their advantage in the House.

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  2. Democrats and biased American media still dancing in the end zone and trying to steal the 2020 election by cheat-by-mail scheme, illegally filling in ballots, ballots stuffing, trashing ballots for Trump, ballots dumping via trucks, ballots back dating for Biden, ballots harvesting, dead people voting Dominion software switching votes from Trump to Biden etc. There will be consequences for all planners and participants of this massive voting fraud. All blue states will be audited for massive voting fraud. Joe Biden couldn't even fill a middle school gymnasium when he speaks. LMAO!

  3. Why isn't Michigan being re counted?

  4. Trump lost, it's time for him to suck it up and Leave! He's an embarrassment to our country. Take attorney general Barr with you as well!

  5. I seen they took 100,000 from trump and gave it to biden how that work I watch it happen live so biden lost and the cheating as they did it for a bunch of states

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  19. After the result why I am here ? Too read the comments 😂😂

  20. in 6 months he will make war on another country

  21. Yo no soy de la usa pero Dios hablado que el señor Trump será reelecto de esa nación aunque los números se vean así Dios no miente

  22. Now passed, there is information that Joe Biden was awarded the highest state award of Ukraine. The Kremlin also announced that Biden was awarded the title of "Hero of the Russian Federation."

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  24. As an outsider looking in am sure there is a reason people don't like trump
    He have been given the chance million of people would love to have as a president but he did not do a good job that is why he goes bye bye.

  25. Congrats mr president on the win way to go joe Biden

  26. Fake news…peopels who steal must go in prison.

  27. The vote counting machine is manufactured by you plastic leftist and the main stream media is under the control


  29. We are Vietnamese. We have been talking about the race so many days. We don’t want to learn CHINESE. Please!!!

  30. (THINK) How can 60% – 70% of people vote Republican for the House and Senate… and then vote Democrat for the President?

    FACT: When someone votes for a Republican Candidate for the House and Senate > they also vote Republican for President (99% of the time).

    Just a little simple deductive reasoning will tell anyone with an ounce of honesty "This is Statistically Impossible" thus FRAUD..! >>>> Just Google house senate results 2020

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