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Election Maps Show 'Middle Ground' Communities Are Disappearing | Meet The Press | NBC News

This week the Democratic Party decided to close its last two offices in South Dakota, giving up on winning in the mostly-rural state. It hints on the growing urban-rural divide in this country.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Election Maps Show ‘Middle Ground’ Communities Are Disappearing | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  2. GOP is destroying the country for money. who cares about morals or GOD or human life when I have a profits to make. life is money. your life is my money.

  3. The class struggle blurs all party lines. Poor and struggling lower and middle class people want Bernie because he is actually offering them something, and they have the power to vote him in.

  4. Most of that acreage is not habitable but still getting electoral votes. Thanks white people for stealing the vote all across the country, since the beginning. Minorities still think they have a political voice, when their votes are marginalized everywhere. Why do they participate in such an unfair election process. That's the real question that should be asked.

  5. There is no United States….

  6. Starting the predictions early, well they did with Hillary too sooo.

  7. When Bernie is elected… there will be No Middle Ground!!!

  8. TRUMP LANDSLIDE COMING IN 2020 😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Ya know, if 2020 goes poorly (Trump gets re-elected)…then if California, Oregon and Washington State wanted to break off and form their own country, I'm pretty sure lots of people would be cool with it. They'd have ocean-access and like 18-19% of the whole US economy. Plus representation that actually represents them at the top level of government. Good deal all around…just sayin.

  10. Just have someone like demi willis,Julia Roberts or Sharon stone endorse her or be a running mate



  13. How has Trump delivered on military projected goals if elected

  14. STOP SHOWING THESE made-for-stupid maps… they say nothing about the concentration of votes where there is actual populations.

  15. Utter nonsense. We the people get along just fine.

  16. If the Dems. win, it'll be only because there is no decent candidate to vote for. I can tell you, many will just stay home on voting day. I am.

  17. Democrats out number republicans in Florida and Texas .but those states are red ?
    Here are the states dems outnumber republicans . District of Columbia , Delaware , Connecticut, California's , Hawaii , Florida, New York, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Nevada , New Jersey , New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode island, Washington , Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Louisiana , Massachusetts .
    All these states have a 6% or higher majority of democrats over republicans .most with 15% or higher majority over % of republicans ..so why is this map so red ? Did votes get changed fron blue to red ?
    I think we really need an audit on all our voting machines in all 50 states ..
    Remember the Russians did get into at leasy 20 states voting machines. . But we are not sure if they changed any votes or not ? .this is extremely suspicious .

  18. This is strange , because there are way more democrats in this country than there are republicans . Dems out number republicans .. yet in some states a dem can get 70% of the vote abd the republican still wins. That's is what has happened in over a dozed states .
    I really think we need to take a census …this sounds funky. Someone is obviously cheating …?

  19. Though the map properly shows red or blue, it's distortion lies in the physical geography. I live in a densely populated county in Florida with a few hundred thousand MORE people than the entire states of Maine or Wyoming yet, the land mass of these states versus our county makes it appear that there is more red than blue when it is roughly (actually more blue) in terms of people.

  20. Well that's cause living in stupid rural America SUCKS!

  21. Its because Republicans are Gerrymandering…

  22. Should the United States of America change its name to the Divided States of America?

  23. Voluntary Social Apartheid : that's the state the US society seems to be in these days.

  24. we vote where we can afford to live ..

  25. This is why the continued re- district ing. We are a small rural town , grabbed by the SF Bay area air and water districts.
    They have air problems, but restrict our activities even tho our air is cleaner.

  26. So the rural “country” folk are ruining America because they think they are helping it?

  27. Gerrymandering #1 cause of this.

  28. Mark Sanford vs President Trump in 2020 Primary Race.

  29. Putin loves to hear this kind of spin on things. There could be many other explanations for why these dynamics develop that Mr. Dimwit here might discuss. Simplifying it all to "America is terribly divided" does not float my boat.

  30. What a load of BS! No mention of Gerrymandering that's why this map looks like this.
    People aren't self segregating the political maps did that.

  31. Trump supporters are the easiest to brainwashe

  32. Notice how the red parts are total sh*tholes.

  33. We can't have any middle ground with those rabid Trumpanzees. They're much more vile and repulsive than their dear leader himself.

  34. Notice all the blue areas are some of the most impoverished and crime filled areas in the country

  35. I fear we will never find middle ground again

  36. Hey Chuckie, cows don't get to vote.

  37. But the rural less populated areas have more electoral votes. That’s why you can win the popular vote and still lose election.

  38. The Republicans gerrymandered a lot of this counties.

  39. The red spots look big but almost no one lives there (or want to live there). Dems win the cities where most people live and where the brains are located. :-))

  40. Hillary Clinton did not get the popular vote in 2016. Like everything else, she cheated.
    Rigged Elections Across America- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdG6oyjV2Qk&t=1s


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