Friday , January 22 2021
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Electoral College Votes To Make Biden Win Official | NBC Nightly News

After repeated attempts by President Trump and some Republican officials to overturn the election results, 538 presidential electors around the country made President-elect Biden’s victory official.
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Electoral College Votes To Make Biden Win Official | NBC Nightly News


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  1. This is a joke? What happen with all the information on Hunter Biden, tax , fraud , lies and liars,, hypocrisy, etc etc the true don't show up. American need to know the truth. Where is the transparency??

  2. Apparently Dominion and Fake Ballots grant the Power.

  3. This lawyer has no brains and commonsense.
    DT boots licker.
    Smart lawyer displaying stupidity and mental illness.

  4. I have always that weasels are cut but Miller an ugly one that should have put down at birth.

  5. Three reasons Trump don't Concede :
    1. Milking his supporters till last drop.
    2. His Narcissist Ego don't want to admit Defeat.
    3. Afraid of going to Prison.

  6. FAKE NEWS! 6 Swing States as well as New Mexico casted votes for both Biden and Trump, meaning the election is NOT finalized yet and the results can still be legally contested, you can cry as much as want but those are the FACTS end of story, this aint over, its only just begun.

  7. Fraud or NOT Fraud doesn't matter. Even if it is true, nobody would risk to have civil war on US ground. With what happened during this 2020 election, there is one thing that remains. You cannot trust the system. It doesn't work. Information is manipulated, people are misinformed. Stop voting, that will save you time and increase your health on the long terms. Democracy has been corrupted by a bunch of oligarch in a lot of governments all over the world. America is not different. GOD have mercy on us. I believe in GOD because I can see him all around me (The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you). I do not believe in Democracy because it simply does NOT exist.

  8. trump will won from vietnam

  9. Biden under investigation & no acknowledgement by the Media.Most corruption in our Presidential history.Sidney Powell being blocked out during her massive exposure of the Beijing Biden fake win.

  10. You cant say Biden won when the votes are to be counted next moth, you bunch of commies.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they are becoming a different country?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. alternative slate of electors sounds like an election in a third world country

  13. Why does the media love Biden so much ? What’s in it for them ? The crooked politicians love this…why can’t they pass a stimulus package? Any answers? Biden

  14. The electoral college will start taking bribes in the next presidential elections. It’s removal should happen!

  15. Contested election. Why aren't you reporting on the forensic audit that found dominion voting machines were rigged?

  16. It is sad that some continue to attemp to steel the popular and electoral vote from the winner (Biden) and for Trump. All Patriots and true Anerican's support Biden at this point. The others are attempting to subvert our grest country and our political process. All those who can't support out country and political process at this point need to leave and joint some other country and different political process. All us true American Patriots will walk you out the door. This is a democracy and we support the elected officials at all costs. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. We have defended this country from foreign and domestic threats many times and we stand ready and able to do so against.

  17. The fight goes on! It isn't over yet says Trump and it's true.. The NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY is gathering an alternative ELECTORAL COLLEGE with the goal of dismissing and disregarding the LEGAL REAL ELECTORAL COLLAGE'S DECISION, making Joe Biden's wining presidency void by replacing the 306 legal electoral votes in January 9th with a electoral votes of their own, favoring their own alternative election which it'll make TRUMP THE ELECTED PRESIDENT of USA…
    THIS action will be a DIRECT ATTACK TO DEMOCRACY, to AMERICA and to it's CITIZENS. It'll be an act of treason, it'll be A COUP carried on by THE present REPUBLICAN=TRUMPISTS PARTY.
    A party that encourages violence, division, hate, no respect for the law of the land, not even tolerance or equality much less humanity or compassion. TRADE MARKS OF THEIR LEADER. TRUMP!
    It'll be ONE more fight for AMERICA'S DEMOCRACY!

  18. Oh really??? Wait for Jan 6…truth will prevail!!

  19. Why China now runs the USA 🇺🇸

  20. Cult leader creates cult officers follow by cult members.

  21. 7 Swing states vote for trump … get the facts not the FAKE NEWS lies !!!

  22. Trump, you lost to sleepy Joe?

  23. What do you mean vote with your own electors? I’ve never seen such sore and dumb losers like these.

  24. This is just another ploy to keep his Maga supporters donating. Trump has no scruples, he has no qualms about stealing from anyone.

  25. The Great Reject..So many Globalist deep staters..Glad they expanded Gitmo

  26. Stephen Miller is only good at licking trump's boots…and he has just the right kind of face to do so…

  27. Trump was obsessed with winning that he has entirely forgot about human dignity!!!

  28. Keep trying SNOWFLAKES!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Trump still LOST. They are gonna cast a vote and send it to congress….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Still wont be enough to overturn an ant hill.

  29. Whole world outside of autistic libidiots knows Biden is a fraud and demonrats committed voter fraud.

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  31. WTF is "alternate slate of electors" is that like "alternative truth"

  32. Now the Trumpclump will flee the country to save their skins…probably Russia, China, North Korea, or pervert Epstein's island.

  33. why in any game , sport or any other competition if you are caught cheating, you lose instantly … isn't that the same rule here ?! seem to looks that people are becoming so ''pathetic''

  34. Miller looks like he belongs in an Indiana Jones movie as a Nazi. Am I the only one?

  35. Democrats stole the election…says the people literally trying to steal the election.
    Wearing masks infringes on my freedoms…says the people literally asking for martial law and mass arrests.
    Trump supporters are true Constitution loving American patriots…says the people literally ignoring democracy, throwing out the Constitution, calling for civil war, assassinations, and marching with neo-nazis.

  36. LOL. .SHAME ON YOU JOE BIDEN. The whole world know you are votes thief. Shame. Big shame acted of Joe Biden.

  37. These particular Republicans are crazy.

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