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Elizabeth MacDonald: This makes DC look bonkers, nuts

‘Center for American Security’ co-chairman Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg details the final days of the Trump presidency on ‘The Evening Edit’
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  1. Careful that you don't accept the offer of the scapegoat. Watch his bosses – Secdef Austin and President Biden.

  2. Ms Macdonald, you are great but did you just discover they are nuts.? I was following Tulsi Gabbard – at first just to compromise with relatives sick with TDS but later because she is amazing and President Trump should have hired her. She was erased from Google search after torching the chameleon, kept away from debates by the DNC (They kept moving the goal post.) and Hillary suggested she and Dr. Jill Stein were Russian bots.

  3. Milley should not be allowed to resign, testifying under oath followed by court martial proceedings. Hard to believe how calmly topics are discussed and disregarded by smiling hosts with unaccountable elected "servants ".

  4. I would go further to suggest that both Biden and Milley are compromised!

  5. Good show
    Totally agree
    The people in DC look like a bunch of stupid children It's embarrassing and sickening
    No adults are in charge
    Democrats are "woke" Really? I think they all took too much LSD or drugs
    Their minds are gone

  6. Why do I find this woman sexy? Maybe it’s her intelligence, I dunno….

  7. Who are these people the so called Generals and supposed Heroes, these soldiers are supposed to be disciplined and do their job not what they want but what the commander-in-chief says they may disagree with the commander-in-chief but they still need to do what has been ordered of them that is the chain of command, if you can't do your job then leave resign but don't be dishonest don't betray your own country, the same as James mattis and the other scumbags that were betraying President Trump behind his back Mattis and Tillerson when President Trump wants something done these two scumbag did everything they could to make sure it didn't happen how dare they James mattis is supposed to be a hero war hero what an absolute scumbag if you have no honour in the small things you're definitely not going to have any honour in the big scheme of things, the reason so many hated president Trump in his own circle was because they couldn't bully him they couldn't coerce him so they lied they' manipulated some of the people around President Trump, if it's not too late and the American people can vote President Trump back in one thing President Trump will know he will know who he can't trust including Mike pence that' weak gutless soft marshmello looking person, can you imagine if James mattis or any of these high-ranking Generals gave a soldier orders and they refused to do what was ordered of them they would be Court martialed these soldiers the Generals captains who are supposed to be the elite of the elite do exactly the opposite to what they've been taught and what they have been teaching other soldiers there really is no honour in these men at the moment you've got a geriatric running the greatest country in the world and it's going to the dogs if things don't change soon America will be a laughing stock and will lose all credibility, it doesn't matter if you are a marine a soldier Orwell title contender in a boxing ring or MMA ring if you don't have confidence and trust in your leader you're on your way to being beat, I am an Australian and I cannot believe what is happening to America don't let this keep happening the Republican party are also a bunch of cowards what are they doing in all of this ? Correct there doing absolutely nothing


  9. I Can't Wait For The ATTACK TO HAPPEN. I Want To Hear All The Steeple Cry…

  10. This is why Trump in the early days and during his term continue to say the military serves at the pleasure of the president. He knew Millie was a traitor he was just calling him out LOL

  11. If you really want to know how the military "works", check out the Kaye Griggs interview from the 90's…Kaye breaks it all down…

  12. How can everyone, day after day, keep talkin about obvious blatant 'Insanity' in government…and day after day…without any action whatsoever.. keep acting like you just shocked ! This is frail-weak opposition !

  13. Trump never even had a major problem with china, they made it sound like a war by turning it into a trade war, if they would have shut their mouth Trump could have got us a better deal for our supplies and that would be the end of it. But nooooo, Democrats were like oh it's a TRADE WAR like Fu*king moron's. Democrats have never done anything for our country but cause problems that never existed especially by leaking classified phone calls, emails, personal and private classified information doing nothing but cause problems for our country. Making us look like absolute nut jobs in front of the world with social media. They misuse everything, ruining it for the rest of us. How are we supposed to have all these freedom's when these wack jobs abuse everything getting it taken away from the rest of us.

  14. lol…You still think Trumpf is going to save you? No wonder America is doomed.

  15. lol…Mac"Donald" is a man baby. Why people think Fox is different from the other lying sacks of p p is beyond me. Stop watching these inverted liars. smdh

  16. Treason should be beheaded not just told resign this could have been world war3 how do America allow this

  17. Looks like Milley and Pelosi were the ones that went rogue not President Trump. The Talibiden regime is as unlawful and rogue as you can get.

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