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Elizabeth Warren faces attacks in Democratic debate l ABC News

The Massachusetts senator had the most speaking time of the 12 presidential candidates as she was forced to defend herself against 16 separate attacks.
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  1. Is Pochantas plagiarizing again?

  2. Dem clowns…somebody has to beat trump, and that is YANG. Get um Andrew.

  3. I am Swiss citizen, and I support Andrew Yang. He gets that capitalism is thriving, but for most of the part not for its citizens.

  4. …this? This is all the Dems have to run against Trump?

    hahahahahahaha ok

  5. I got an idea dont vote for anyone of them I dont believe one of them leave trump where he is and ya pull out military out be get ready to defend home land let China send in there military for ones to help

  6. A Republican once said that Democrats have difficulty understanding right from wrong… its kind of true if you look at the issues. Example is joe biden recieving financial contributions from country's doing business with the USA..

  7. All you lazy freeloading asshats that took student loans out and now want me to pay for them! Fuck you, grow a pair. I paid for my kids’ school without loans by SAVING and I’m not rich, you are pathetic

  8. Warren needs to keep getting exposed. She has nothing but a long history of being a political parasite who has never accomplished anything f substance. She is out of touch on her ideas of ‘wealth inequality’ and isn’t qualified to be senator, much less president.

  9. That was not a debate that was a party political broadcast on behalf of Biden and Warren, Warren got twice as much talk time as Tulsi

  10. This is called Bulling..shame on this world..ion no who to vote for..look at them fighting over things they should banned together and fix…smh..(Blood and Crips) the new president gonna go threw the same thing tho..smh

  11. Figure on 500$ a month tax bill increase…why wont she say it?

  12. I hate Harris the most! She cannot be trusted. I only have respect for Yang and Tulsi.

  13. Let's be honest, the real reason why people won't support Elizabeth Warren is because she's Native American

    R.I.P. CLOWNS!

  15. flakey gramma warren is going as an indian for halloween
    you believe in LIARS DONT YOU…what a worthless POS

  16. Biden and his son Hunter are BEYOND corrupt and they will never pull the wool over the public to think otherwise. TRUMP 2020

  17. What a bunch of Twats. Not a few, but all of them.

  18. God they fuck tulsi over something chronic

  19. Bernie is the best for the country.

  20. They all can be president .

  21. What wonderful debate
    They all smart
    So nice listen to new aideas
    I very please
    About time we have a very
    Group of smart people

  22. No evidence that Biden & his son did anything wrong? You idiots..there is plenty of evidence you morons and TRUMP has done more for us than any president!! Ever!! Cnn can suck an egg!!

  23. All this time, I thought the Trump's presidency was a tragedy….but it's always been a comedy.

  24. I have read BERNIE'S plan…. it's great.
    I rather pay higher taxes for COMPLETE COVERAGE of M4A…..
    than suffer from constantly being underinsured, high monthly payments and DEDUCTIBLES!!!

    Warren is a 🐍!

  25. They gave entirely too much time to Tulsi in this video… … …

  26. No evidence of wrong doing! LIES LIES LIES Extortion – you fire the prosecutor and THEN you'll get the billion – " before my plane leaves"

  27. Bernie is the only one that can beat Donald


    Democrats FAKE shots at Elizabeth Warren in a pre-planned attempt to platform and legitimize her as a "progressive" while assigning every single one of Bernie Sanders' plans to her as if she actually came up with any of those herself.
    AND they framed her as being for Medicare for All when months of evidence has proven she is NOT. Don't be fooled. No to Pocahonky.
    –there you go, ABC. I fixed your reporting for you.

  29. These Democrats are very Mentally Retarded very funny to see

  30. No mention of andrew yang?

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