Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Elizabeth Warren pressed on Medicare-for-all plan during debate

She was the target of the night as new national polls showed her leading the pack of 12 Democratic candidates.



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  1. bernies out, bidens toast, Liz rules the roost

  2. The White House will remain Red through 2024.

  3. Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian spy! HILARY, MSM and the dems.

  4. Frontrunner that’s what they said about Hillary 😂

  5. The Dems and the Media are Lying to YOU<<<<What are you going to do about it ????????


  7. They all suck. But Warren is the least disgusting

  8. Should have been pressed on all her lies. So should have Biden and Kamala. But MSM gets money from George Soros to softball question the biggest criminals. And ignore actual crimes. #NeverDemNeverAgain

  9. What good would it be to have a deluded care system that would only eliminate the elderly and seriously ills access to quality doctors. it's no way to do it and keep it at its current standard and level of care.
    The best doctors are not gonna take it unless they are forced and that would be against there constitutional rights.

  10. She is clear at not answering questions…

  11. Biden and son we are not guilty.

  12. She doesnt understand Yes or no.spent her like screwing the people

  13. Awe did u have to pay 26$ oh please that's one trip to McDonald's for dinner . I do however think this bitch is wasting her time .she's hoping America is after a first female president

  14. You people do know we already have a healthcare system.Medicare was set up for people with disabilities and Medicaid is for anyone who needs it if an employer doesn't offer it.This is just smoke and mirrors like obamacare to try to get more taxes.Funny people believe this and are willing to vote to raise taxes on themself when we already have medicare and medicaid..medicare for all..who is all?smdh they came up with that when obamacare failed and now are running with it like we don't already have Medicare and Medicaid for anyone who needs it.Don't fall for this scam..

  15. The lies that she and other Progressive past is that there's enough rich people to pay for all this crap. So you have the poor people on the bottom the rich people at top, the obvious answer is that the people in the middle that actually get up and work regular jobs will pay for all their crazy ideas and bankrupt the Country and American citizens. I can't wait to see Trump go after these folks in the debates. It's very simple ,there are more lower and middle-class people than any other in this country and that's who will be paying for this. That's a lot of Voters. Trump landslide 2020!

  16. Why is medicare 4 all unattainable but we always have trillions of dollars to spend on wars that serve no purpose to the American people

  17. Baby questions from the moderator for baby politicians. Fox should hold the debates then real questions would be asked.

  18. Warren, Warren, Warren.. it's clear who the media has chosen this year, a fake Indian that nobody in their right mind would support. This will be an easy reelection for Trump.

  19. Yeah I think Warren has a big problem with voters because she don't come out as open and clean. She comes out as a swamp creature kind of like Hillary. You know. basic Washington politician. So she would sit on her throne, tell you what she thinks is good for you and tax the hell out of everybody. That's the problem with all the progressive candidates. They ate just giving it away to Trump. Maybe y'all should have stuck with Joe. See I think Trump knows that if you take out Joe, Warren will easily fall apart.

  20. The only guy capable of beating Trump is the asian guy, but democrats are too racist to nominate the smart guy with proven urban recronstructions, youthful energy but professional maturity and a true will to work. All because they are racist and he'd be that asian guy in the room, "that doesn't sell our jobs to asia." So uncool at tax dodging parties in the name of our faux poorly invested in non-profits. Totally, uncool.

  21. When you're so used to lying, cheating and being corrupt this is what you get. At least Trump keeps his word unlike these clowns and the media that alters a video to make more fake news.

  22. Warren is just a skinny hillary, twice unlikable and three times more annoying.

  23. Liz always looks like one of those wild eyed crazy ladies on a self appointed schedule, that's just running out to the store for Maalox™ and cat food. ( any cashier knows her type)

  24. Why does Elizabeth Warren never say yes or no? Every response is an Agenda talking point.

  25. Stupid is what stupid does and who ever vote Democrat is what it does 😂💯 stupid for believing in liers. WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA AND VOTE BETTER AND ASK FOR BETTER

  26. All the poor people will vote for Warren that’s why she is wining the polls smh

  27. Be honest, did you watch it or go straight to the comments?

  28. Money grows on trees and we're all willing to help fertilize that massive green tree.
    Nothing like taking the wind out of your sails, eh?

  29. Don’t believe anything from ABC or any liberal owned media outlets. Liberal hack journalists, we seen your fake Kentucky video, your credibility is gone.

  30. Goddammit bitch, just tell the goddam truth, for fucks sake…..shit…

  31. I'm only here to mash that dislike button bye 👋

  32. If Biden thinks he and his son did nothing wrong he doesn't stand a chance.

  33. And if not working?
    Look, if Medicare for All isn’t
    “Get card in mail and choose your own doctor”
    Forget it

  34. Don’t let Pocahontas fool you!

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