Saturday , July 31 2021
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Elon Musk announces support for Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang just got the backing of Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a 2020 presidential Candidate. CFRA Chief Investment Strategist Sam Stovall, America Rising PAC Senior Advisor Alex Wilkes and FBN’s Connell McShane with more.

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  1. To clarify,
    my dislike is for the reporter,
    not Andrew Yang, our future president.

  2. YANG2020! Doesnt matter if you are a Democrat or Republican. Yang isn't left or right, hes forward

  3. If we can give tax breaks to wealthy Americans and Corporations, then why not the average American?


  5. Hey Fox, you should probably pay attention to the comments section on your videos if you want to stay alive for much longer. Deliver news, not opinion.

  6. Love these guys sitting here trying to down play Yang, Musk and AI tech. Too much Trump butt munching.

  7. 1:19 "employment satus" dumbasses can't even spell the word 'status'

  8. Andrew Yang is a communist. Elon Musk is a technocrat that doesn't understand his brain isn't going to fit onto a microchip. Both are clowns.

  9. Much rather have him than Warren or Sanders.

  10. Neck tie = conformity.

  11. your polls are outdated. case and point, hillary beat trump in the polls…and yet trump is now president. what a joke.

  12. We judge people based on the quality of their mind and the quality of their heart. Andrew Yang has a great amount of both, which is rare in politics.

  13. I will never again buy a Tesla because of this

  14. To who do we turn to in a free society if the market is plagued with ideals of only Capitalistic instrist and not humanistic interest. The answer is no one. When the market see you only as part of the mechanics of the industry it is only natural to improve that industry to automation.

  15. Super important to point out his idea of democracy dollars to help wash out lobbyist money!!!! People will mater again to politicians!!

  16. You don't have to ware a tie…his ideas are forward and superior. He has not taken any money from the billionaires or the Banks like other candidate. He really has the everyday citizen in mind. And a lot of the Trump voters i think will see he is going after there problems they face in the American Economy.

  17. Weird fox actually sounds the least dismissive of Yang and Ubi of the MSM I've seen

  18. Andrew Yang has to win…

    I voted for Trump the first time I'm not voting for a second time he's destroyed this economy by giving all these corporate handouts which is destroying the real marketplace economy jobs…

    I was listening to the faith radio today and they had a News segment at the beginning and they said that Trump said that you have to re-elect them or else the economy's Go to tank and your 401k are going to take a massive hit..

    All Trump is doing is charging things on a on our deficit who's destroying our American Dollar by now actually paying for for thinks he's just charging a lifestyle that doesn't even exist…

    Andrew Yang is a true patriot who actually wants to pay for his policies..

  19. Hi Yang Gang Family – I got lucky & found an AWESOME Andrew Yang Song! Let's get it out there. The
    Artist even placed subtitles so we can sing along. Very, very addicting! (Pardon that the Composer is bare-chested. A great voice though.)
    Look for the Humanity First Banner.
    Title: New Andrew Yang Song
    Channel: Leo Francovich

  20. Yang will get my Vote and I have Not Voted for Anyone in 20 Years.

  21. A tie???? WTF how does that make any difference?

  22. If someone's lack of tie is a big deal to you, you need to immediately quit your job of being a pundit and rethink your values.

  23. Literally the first Presidential candidate in my lifetime that I actually want to vote FOR.

  24. Being misinformed and shallow doesn't make for good news.
    This panel exemplifies that unfortunately.

  25. yang for the Asian people ok

  26. on the matters of substance, the panel has nothing but supportive things to say. and then there's the issue of no tie. i understand older voters might take umbrage with such a seemingly trivial thing, so i hope younger voters will step up

  27. Fox business isn't fox. keep it about business for fuck's sake.

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