'Elon Musk Crash Course' director discusses Tesla's autopilot

ABC News’ Phil Lipof speaks with New York Times technology correspondent and director of the documentary “Elon Musk’s Crash Course” about the ongoing safety saga of Musk’s self-driving Tesla.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Sad. The truth doesn’t always win out, but in this particular instance I hope it does. This is not journalism, this is propaganda. Shame on ABC/Hulu and the director and all that support this documentary.

  2. You guys should be taken to court by Tesla. You saying that Elon Musk is lying, right!?
    Your piece is clearly an attack on Tesla, which ask for repercussions.

  3. I invested $5000 and I earned $50,000 within 48 hours, all thanks to Chicago Forex Strategy on youtube….. ….

  4. Who is the EDITOR/PRODUCER of this 1-sided piece of HOT GARBAGE?

    He/She should resign immediately. these people talking in this piece are REMEDIAL MUPPETS at-best when it comes to covering technology and doing their due diligence research on the technology.

    #LegacyAutoFundingPiece #SlanderousLiableActsCommitted #HatersGonnaHate

  5. Fact is if you look at the stats Tesla's are already 2.5-3 times safer that other passenger vehicles on the US roads and they are getting safer day by day even without FSD. The legacy tech companies like Microsoft and Intel want to own piece of this EV space because this will be the future revenue streams for their chips and software . So far Tesla has been way ahead of the pack and being heavily vertically integrated most of their intellectual expertise is in house. If you look at the people making statements in the movie they are in small startups tied in competing technologies and partnered with Intel or Microsoft (competitors). It's not just the legacy auto industry that stands to lose big from Tesla's success it's also the tech giants that supply to them. I think their are major players that want to slow down the success of Tesla as they scramble to catch up. I am sure the US political lobby faces a lot of pressure from these groups and all this Bill Gates shorting Tesla, his friend Warren Buffet heavily invested in BYD, Mary Barra and GM tied up with SAIC Motors China and now all these ridiculous reports. I don't think it's all coincidence. I strongly believe in companies and their leaders like Tesla, Rivian and Amazon and don't believe in a future with automated driving on another Microsoft Operating System.

  6. The same thing was happening when Henry Ford introduced the model T there were even naysayers then .

  7. 1:40 The irony lol. The guy producer with no real knowledge of AI says he knows more that FSD beta testers and real AI engineer

  8. I lean left politically, and it’s pieces like this that make me understand why people, particularly on the right, keep claiming fake news. There is so much bias here, lack of data support and analysis, and an overall sense of ignorance. So disappointing.

  9. Oh didums, is it that possibly that Elon Musk has publicly Announce that he’s not going to be voting the way he always has noted that he intends to next time vote for the other party and hence all of a sudden slender and untruths start coming out in the media to slander his reputation to deter all of his followers from following his example. I’m not in the USA but I’m a UK resident and therefore have no influence in relation to any voting for any party just my observation. Oh and I don’t even drive a Tesla!

    FUD, and misinformation to discredit the man

  10. Shameless hit piece with zero data, just people telling a story to a predefined narrative. Hoping the low IQ person who only reads headlines will not spend 5 minutes checking any of these claims.
    Here is a source with verifiable data about how Teslas are much safer than other cars with human drivers.


  11. This character assassinator is really making the rounds. Both ABC and Yahoo within days of each other. Nice. Got to give him credit for his commitment to his cause, I just wish he was a committed to the truth.

  12. What kind of misleading is this piece …

    1st : Auto Pilot is not "Full Self Driving", very different concepts that are not correctly explained and put in context;

    2nd: There no "deaths" because of FSD … Remember Teslas record everything, data and video, the unfortunate times that a death crash occurred NONE …NONE … has proved by data and video that FSD was on… in the moment of crash … and even soo we have these "experts" saying otherwise AGAINST FACTS…. really ?!?!

    3rd : There are others companies with self driving car in the market … are these guys blind … or these companies only are mentioned when is to point the supposed competition… that is called FUD…

    4rd : Just the Auto-pilot function saved dozens of lives … just a quick search on youtube and you see … data … not opinion … and only talking about Auto Pilot…

    5nd: FSD is a problem to solve AI … and only people understanding what that means can understand, funny enough Tesla had 3 MILLION candidates with knowledge of AI after their "AI day" that is 3 Million …. that means nothing… i have basic knowledge of AI and i has "BLOWN AWAY" they are at least 10 years ahead… the industry is still "playing" with pictures, they are using VIDEO to create a 3D simulation in REAL TIME …. ask Google AI team …what that means ?

    6nd : Fortunately Tesla is going ta have a Legal department to prosecute this fake studys, that ignore data and facts… This will be EPIC …. Finally Tesla is going to start fight back the "bully's" on social media … NICE


    Other companies with supposed self driving did kill people but even soo i didn't see nothing on this piece, not the companies name or that fact…

  13. This is garbage reporting. No wonder the mainstream media is losing viewers. I'm not a tesla owner yet but someday I will be. There isn't anything these Muppets can say that will change that. The only thing that will change my mind is if another company makes better cars. That's a huge "if".

  14. All of that without ANY supporting hard data. This classifies as misinformation on my book. Safety information is available. Fun fact: what happened on Tesla Model S crash test ? It broke the crash machine. That's a safe car if you ask me. Also, no comment on the twits and YouTube thanking Tesla / Elon for saving their lives on car crashes. On top, FSD is in Beta phase AND to use it you have to accept the conditions.
    Funny it appears on screens at this point in time. Winds out all relation with other very dubious reports and actions ("misinformation as they were not backed with hard proof cases – "elongate" comes to mind).
    It is a total waste of time.
    It was said the same on reusable rockets … how is laughing now ?
    500 k cars by 2021 … another fulfilled promise.
    I guess what upsets all this mob is that he actually puts his money were is mouth is; he delivers (sometimes with delay, but you can do better, right?) and he is actually concerned with people (and it shows).

  15. At three minutes in this guy misses what you need to pull things forward

  16. Wow these guys moved fast to smear Elon musk.

  17. Blaming Autopilot for driving under a truck is like blaming cruise control for not stopping at a traffic light. The driver is responsible for driving, not the driver assistance technology.

  18. Autopilot is driver ASSISTANCE. Is English that hard?

  19. This vid pry has 10m dislikes….. great reporting…

  20. A self-driving car is the LAST thing the world needs as we run out of petroleum products and
    pollute the world with them while they last. Auto-pilot is genius, but not the same as a human
    brain, and can't be programmed for the random events that occur. Love Musks' vision though.

  21. Lol. Bashes autopilot and then shows someone asleep behind the wheel. Dangerous right. 😂

    Wonder how much they were paid by GM/ford 🤔

  22. The automaker even posted a video showing a Tesla seemingly driving itself on city streets—a disclaimer on screen said the person in the driver’s seat was only there “for legal reasons.” Since then, Tesla still has not delivered a fully self-driving car. But CEO Elon Musk has frequently reiterated that the technology is on the way, tweeting in 2016 that the company would demonstrate a cross-country automated drive by “next year.” In 2019, he tweeted that “everyone with Tesla Full Self-Driving” would be able to make such a journey by 2020. “Buying a car in 2019 that can’t upgrade to full self-driving is like buying a horse instead of a car in 1919,” he wrote. None of these predictions have come to pass.

    In many other industries, a failure to deliver like Tesla’s could be dismissed as marketing hype. But safety advocates, scientists, and elected officials say the automaker’s overinflated claims about Autopilot and FSD have created a culture of recklessness, endangering Tesla owners and other drivers. And the automaker’s expansion of its FSD beta program has turned even more owners into untrained test drivers on public roads.

    “​​Tesla’s approach to developing self-driving cars is to use their customers as test engineers,” says Jake Fisher, senior director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center. “But they don’t get training or any compensation for their work. They even have to pay to access the experimental software.”

    FSD, which uses some of the same hardware and software as Autopilot, currently exists as an evolving collection of features that can assist the driver with parking, changing lanes on the highway, making turns, and coming to a complete halt at traffic lights and stop signs. Some owners have access to unfinished FSD beta software, which can control even more vehicle functions on public roads, even though Musk said that some versions of the software were “not great.” One version of FSD beta has already been subject to a product recall.

    One thing that is so tricky about Tesla is that they can point to places on their website or information that they will give to the end user, the consumer, that say, ‘Hey you have to keep your hands on the wheel, this is not a fully autonomous vehicle,’ but then the way they market it suggests that it is,” says Matthew Wansley, an assistant professor of law at the Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in New York City, and the former general counsel of autonomous vehicle startup nuTonomy.

    In the meantime, Tesla has frustrated regulators with its secrecy and attempts at message control. In a letter to Tesla sent Oct. 12 this year, NHTSA asked the automaker why it asked beta users of FSD to sign nondisclosure agreements that would prevent them from sharing negative information about their experiences using the software. And earlier this year, the California Department of Motor Vehicles put Tesla under review because of public statements the company made that might violate the state’s regulations on advertising autonomous vehicles.

    Amid the crashes and criticism, Tesla continues to promote Autopilot and FSD. The company continues to grant more owners access to beta versions of FSD, which is now also available as a subscription that could cost up to $199 per month, depending on how a car is configured. And when things go wrong, Tesla and Musk have resisted accountability. Musk, in media interviews, also has said that autonomy-related deaths are an acceptable risk for the greater good.

  23. oh my God no way a hit peice on Elon musk no way who would have thought this was coming? no way no way…..

  24. Go read the NTSB report about May 2016 crash that killed Josh Brown. The truck driver was cited by the Florida Highway Patrol for failure to yield. He also had THC in his system, his CDL had been revoked five times since 1984, he had three recent traffic violations, and he had been recently notified of Hours of Service violations issues. This guy was a hazard on the road. In all likelihood, this jack wagon decided to make a sudden left-turn across a highway despite oncoming traffic. I don't care what car one is driving in what mode; this was going to lead to a crash.


  25. Look at all the delusional Musk fanboys in the comments

  26. “The person in the driver's seat is only there for legal reasons. He is not doing anything. The car is driving itself.”

  27. Lmao these old goons with agenda to stop on of the most important AI that will help humanity. These are same clowns who once said 100 years ago, horse will be better than cars and so cars should be banned.