Elon Musk fires Twitter lawyer James Baker

The Common Sense Society executive editor Christopher Bedford discusses Elon Musk firing James Baker, the Twitter lawyer involved in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story, and House Republicans calling on former Twitter employees to testify before Congress.

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  1. looks like the only justice will come from Elon.

  2. That POS is lucky he ain't in Prison that @!#@@ trader

  3. We are not winning the fight for a just and fair freedom of choice biased on truth , we must jail the criminals that undermines the fabric of our constitution. Baker needs to get life in prison along with Wary ! Criminal.

  4. Getting better and better!!!

  5. what a pity showtime jimmy..

  6. better start building ..im not you can rot..

  7. Baker isn't as dangerous as the do nothing Republicans.

  8. They might be a public company but the minute they take their direction from a third party they're liable

  9. So loving Elon 😍

  10. My God, DC and the democrat party are so corrupt.

  11. Seems like the FBI has their people planted in everything.

  12. The politicians won't take out the trash so you go Elon!!!

  13. Faucis daughter worked at twitter, yall should let elon know. Its not nepotism or conflict of interest but definetly not a good look for them.

  14. My thought is HOW was this Baker guy was allowed to remain on the TWITTER payrole after Musk took over Baker has a real set of b….he didn't feel that he should get out of TWITTER..and frankly who takes over a high profile company like TWITTER and doesn't do a BUNN & BRADSTREET on their administrative employees

  15. How many Jim Bakers out there?

  16. You wonder what tweets he destroyed.

  17. Democrats are like the Catholic Church, whenever they find that a priest has abused chidren, they take him out of that location, place the priest in another city or State where the priest continues causing damage to society. From the FBI to Twitter, how about that.

  18. James Baker working for the FBI does not give him more legitimacy. What it demonstrates is how the FBI cannot be fundamentally trusted as an institution and are guilty of the very thing they claim Russia did, but these are the "American KGB". He effectively fills a similar role that other FBI lawyer filled who was guilty of ordering the altering of FISA warrants, and instead of being arrested he is allowed to Retire. The majority, if not most FBI Lawyers are as a category guilty of treason, so working for the FBI puts a Taint on you and anyone looking to hire such a person is also suspect.

  19. Rightfully
    So,that crooked individual will cost a lot of harm for a
    long time. If you need to
    Find an enemy within don’t look any further