Thursday , January 28 2021
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Elon Musk says Tesla stock price is ‘too high’ in string of tweets

In a number of tweets, Elon Musk said he was selling ‘almost’ all of his physical possessions, and Tesla stock price is ‘too high’ in his opinion. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Is he helping employees with legal fees and jail bonds if they get arrested? If so, I’d go to work

  2. Elons puts weren't doing too good for that week so we had to do something to finish ITM

  3. I did the quick math

    Also the Asian news lady: looks at her flash card

  4. Elon can go back to South Africa

  5. Doubt he gets half listed price for real estate

  6. Hopefully , his space flight plans will never happen . Too dangerous

  7. interpreting musk is literally the easiest thing. when people say they don't understand him, I don't get those people. he makes perfect sense to me

  8. why is fox news being nice to the guy ? i mean im happy they are but have you seen the other news stations?? they treat him like a villian

  9. Elon Musk. You are One of the members of Humanity. You are completely Sane. The Rockefeller Dream is only their Dream for this Earth. I am glad that I share this World with People like you…. Your Mind is Amazing!

  10. Trump taught Musk sarcasm.

  11. Some one tell elon musk to make a gaming channel

  12. Never use twitter when you're high or drunk.

  13. Not equal ? He doesn't want to sell Tesla in supermarket ? Well, we don't need to let any leadership to Europe !

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  16. Imagine no possessions, it’s easy if you try… 🙂
    Personally I think he said this because he can’t see how we can avoid a massive economic crash. He perceives the lockdown to be unnecessary and the cause of impending collapse in demand for Tesla’s and this is frustrating to him because his goal is to hasten vehicle electrification and this will set that back many years. He is experiencing cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile the reality of this major set back to his goals for Tesla and frankly the human race. In this light he sees possessions, his car collection, etc. to be irrelevant trappings. He is having a midlife crisis angry-at-god moment on steroids!. Thirdly, he is angry with himself fir not anticipating the seriousness of viruses. For example, how do you make plans to be an interplanetary species without building this fundamentally into the equation. I think he realizes he has missed a very big piece of the puzzle of making that a reality. In short, this is a visionaries worst nightmare.

  17. Nothing worries, He is just glitching

  18. I'd have to say WHO CARES what he says or does !

  19. Tesla stock doesn't even pay a dividend its way overvalued it's 7 x Microsoft s value and Microsoft pays a dividend only way you can make money on Tesla stock is through capital gains buy low sell high.

  20. People accused him of only caring about his stock price after saying that America should be liberated from this lockdown. To prove them wrong, he tweeted that his stock prices were too high.

  21. Next Up: "Elon Musk Jacks Off Onstage. Fawning Fanboys Lap It up."

  22. I honestly Doubt a billionaire is selling all his "physical possessions". I love Tesla & Space X but this guy needs to stay off the social media with his publicity stunts.

  23. I love Elon… Wish he was president after trump

  24. The way Musk keeps playing the media – regardless of their political leaning – is brilliant.
    Think: Game Theory. 😉

  25. ELON IS THE ILLUMINATE @fox news

  26. SUSAN and that Stuffy Brit should try Drinking a cup of BLEACH.

  27. He has all his money invested in manufacturing, its not in his pocket LOL!!! Net worth does not equal cash in hands. wow

  28. Extra strong-smelling reddish-brown substance. Elon Musk. Not worthy to tie my shoe laces.

  29. Double face palms. Law suites coming?

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