Saturday , January 23 2021
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Elon Musk slams business school company leadership

FreedomWorks economist Stephen Moore discusses the surge in unemployment filings amid the coronavirus pandemic and Elon Musk’s recent comments. #FoxBusiness

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  1. MBA is mostly wasteful. As far as management being concerned, logic, math, IT, AI matter most. Opinions, words only are cheap. EQ is another story, and mostly born, little learned.

  2. Engineers and physical scientists (physics, biology, etc) are what we need…. the English majors, communication majors, etc are being trained for unemployment and Biden wants the rest of the US to pay for individual bad decisions. We do need social scientists and artists but not in crazy numbers like today.

  3. Bull sh——- how much help or how much money did they have.

  4. Yet in my Texas town every business has a help wanted signs.

  5. This news reader, i'm gonna here by name him >> "Mr Monocle" << Check his right eye brow out 😂

  6. If you thought 2020 was bad, get ready for 2021!

  7. more stimulus will not help at all. you have to stop the irresponsible lockdown policies. these policies have enormouse public health costs and economic costs.

  8. Couldn't agree more with Musk got my MBA from Tulane in 91 with honors then learned more in the first year of owning my own business than in 6 years of Business School. Met some hot girls though. I would highly advise anyone to start your business, take your lumps and look up the minutiae on the internet. Dont waste years of your best ideas and enthusiasm learning accounting and HR.

  9. So street smart is valuable than books. So when I was a kid, why the hell yall say school is important????

  10. It’s NEVER ABOUT THE VIRUS!! It’s about control!! The elites want to lockdown the people and collapse the economy! They want slaves who will be DEPENDENT on their stimulus money!

  11. The rich getting richer and the rest getting poorer. Idiots saying this is ok. Fools.

  12. I'm sure the American economy's net worth went up 🙇‍♀️
    The Federal Reserve has likely been injecting astronomical amounts of money to prevent collapsing markets, for appearances internationally and domestically (don't need people panicking). Wondering what inflation will look like after all this 🤔
    Their saying the average billionaire's wealth increased 30% during the pandemic.

  13. People are staying home because they don't want to get the Trump Cove advisors and die we're being told to stay home hunker down at your home stay safe we've got stimulus checks coming which is a motherfuking lie there ain't no more stimulus checks coming bunch of motherfuking liars

  14. We need the National Guard because the police force is not enough we've got the police to share their not even doing anyting they're too busy trying to stop all the crime from all the thieving going on robberies people are getting desperate because they have no money and this is going to get worse I predict it it's going to get really worse way before it gets better if it even ever does get better I would say at least 90% of the population is nothing but lowlife scumbag piles of dog feces that can't follow the f**** rules

  15. They are not being shut down they're staying open they've been told to shut down but they're not listening because they're ignorant little motherfukers

  16. Even with the restrictions in place these little kids are not following the restrictions right across the street from me there's for businesses opening up everyday there's a fitness center a bar and grill a barber shop and a hair and nail salon Beauty Salon they're open for business everyday Saturday and Sunday also they're not going to stop until somebody forcibly stops them and then if you don't stay there and watch every day or board up their windows or higher the National Guard to block them from entering and doing business it's going to keep on going

  17. Just in the last couple days all of Trumps rallies is going to start the 4th and 5th waves already because the third wave already came through on Thanksgiving now Christmas you know this is just terrible it's going to keep on going

  18. Totally agree with him. Too many useless degrees for useless people

  19. That's the way this country was formed anyways. Whatever happened to the apprenticeship learning anyways? It's a superior path to learn a trade. "Catch a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

  20. At 4:40, yes immigrants not guest workers. Eol Musk wasn;t an H1B visa holder.

  21. You'd be amazed how a worker with 'Experience" is by far more effective than a person with a degree is……

  22. Oh come on you know GPT three is absolutely crushing that line…

    You got to know how to feed it the right marshmallows and have a right game plan and then you'd understand Valentine rabbits…

    I mean don't get me wrong it's not like Warren's not going to see what's coming but Charlie's got to see the tanks gaining traction'°'

    Just got to get him and Zuckerberg together Amazon and Walmart start cutting out the transportation because we have more efficient engineering and they're really only the spots that he's talking about they're worth any money so if you're doing that job you won't get fired…

    At this point it's all graphable on the physics floor and you guys like rolling it I know you guys are sending it out there like how's he supposed to do it economics keep talking s*** nobody will get it…

    More than likely why y'all want zuckerberg's AI in the Senate…

    Facebook's a monster in the military loves it and getting one of those things you like creep up on you like the internet'°' would you have Damien crack and go for you babe I'm trying to hand it off to his kid Hunter…

  23. many of these so called "sciences", social "science", political "science", … are not worth calling science, they attach their boat to the real sciences and pretend they are equally important and difficult, NOT. The last 30 years people were scammed and still are by universities/colleges

  24. America rejects innovation, unless it is from rich white men. Without manufacturing the US has placed itself at the mercy of innovators in other countries that learn how to make products. The MBAs will save you. (Not) fox entertainment maintaining American myths.

  25. I no ca'nt finds a job and I wen to colege.

  26. A book is a book. An education is what you make of it. And there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of knowledge. However the real issue Elon may be referring to are the different management styles and personality types. People often really dont have a work ethic , are lazy and do prefer to sit and talk at the board table and or cannot think outside of the box. Leadership isnt taught at University nor often in the streets.


  27. Plenty of opportunity in the trades folks.

  28. I’d like him if he didn’t want to put chips in our brains (his Neural Link Project).

  29. Tell that to the guy who no longer has a job!

  30. Corporate America is beating the natural creative nature out of all of us. Political correctness is the fight that even if fixed, does nothing. The real problem is corporate tyranny. Schools are teaching us to work at companies that aren't helping society.

  31. The CCP has taught a billion people to

  32. Lockdowns cause unemployment.


  33. Now that Elon Musk has criticised MBAs I'm definitely going to get one. Elon "Beijing" Musk once said AI is dangerous (which is potentially true) meanwhile he was busy (quietly) putting AI into his vehicles. Yeah he's really trustworthy (smirking under my breath).

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