Elon Musk will expose Biden’s border chaos to the country: Gov. Abbott

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott discusses Biden’s open border crises and Texas Capital President and CEO Rob Holmes provides insight into the launch of a new ETF on ‘Mornings with Maria.’ #foxbusiness #morningswithmaria

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  1. I can't believe Joe Biden is allowing illegal migrants into America. You tell me America has No Defence control like Federal Police and on Boarder Control. This is a Joke for America and your President doesn't care about America or he has lost his normal basic human mind control. This is absurd and not normal watching this Fox News from Papua New Guinea and pray that Elon Musk could wake up sleeping Biden before its too late. God bless America.

  2. We the people have let the election be stolen and let Joe Biden ruin our country. How much more will we take before uprising and taking our country back

  3. If you ask me, Musk's visit to the border was ineffective. He showed nothing to make my mouth drop.

  4. President Biden showered, with his daughter, until she was 18-years old, today Ashley is an alcoholic, and addicted, to drugs. 😢😢😢💔💔💔💔🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😢😢😢😢😢

  5. The only answer is to neutralize the immigrants.

  6. Nobody is answering the wby.

    W H Y IS THIS ADMINISTRATION WANTING OPEN BOARDERS Jesus Christ it’s a simple question

  7. Governor Abbott should of put huge African alligators in the river wild lions on the boarder land. Open season all they can eat buffet.

  8. Greg, What is happening to the children? We hear about holding centers in Harlingen, Los Fresnos, Brownsville, McAllen, and Edinburgh. where children are being sent out across the country, It is said that 85,000 children are lost. The children need protected.

  9. If American-born Americans are not going to vote Biden back in then your strategy/scam is to bring illegal immigrants in from foreign countries to get them illegally registered to vote for you.

  10. What to do, Americans are dieing from drugs, the migrants seems to take the place of Americans that we are losing by the drugs and abortion.

  11. We will take Joe Biden accountable and should be impeached for not protecting the American people by letting more illegal aliens to cross the border.

  12. 😒🤱 I am Miss Tania Garcia duenas Rome Italy and this message is serious I am in expression for an oblic that the Italian government keeps me secret to pester without support forced to emigrate to Cuba

  13. Good morning previous badeen non Me registers your friendship with the previous Italian such non me Brings into conciliation and I want an answer regarding the lack of respect between each other 😒

  14. I like putting alligators in the water with the " WILL WORK FOR FOOD " sign every 50 feet!

  15. Obama’s third season of the president. If you think Joe Biden is in control you are living in a fantasy world. This is just one more example of what Obama wanted to see in his first year of President, but he was not able to do this, now he’s getting what he wanted to see done. The American people don’t know how to protest in a civil way to get their country to change their ways. I don’t think they understand how anymore! This problem will not stop until we change the people who are in charge of the country now.

  16. Put the floats back in the water!! If they try to make it knowing how the floats work then drowning is on them!


  18. Send FOX news to Guantanamo

  19. Its sad all you Americans count on politicians to take care of YOU!! Instead of coming together and doing something about it.

  20. Elon is not going to let the democrats use the news to convince the dumb people everything’s good.


  22. When is the world going to wake up and do something????

  23. Joe Biden doens't give a #### about his country. But he cares about his salary.

  24. Respect to Elon Musk .. This Administration and People like AOC Need to be a Charged and sent to Jail for not putting America’s Security and American Safety First .

  25. Elons biographer must feel a little like Rudolf Hess right now. Get your copies signed right now. Will be worth a fortune on the mars colony.

  26. I will never pay taxes for this child trafficking syndicate called the obama(fake birth certificate)admin.

  27. Just a bunch of tools that's it folks.

  28. The sewers will overflow.

  29. 11,000 in 2 days ! (Holy)

  30. Texas should be able to secure their own state's border if we don't have a national border.

  31. Biden s hand MUST BE FORCED on this! His non-actions show his NEGLIGENCE! Remove him anyway possible, at once from his dictatorship!

  32. They cut the wire because yhe elites of the democratic party want and need human trakfkficking to satisfy their pediphile community.

  33. The illegal border crossings and everything else that is murderig America is a direct result of the 2020 election fraud and Fox stood by and did nothing about it. They ran cover for this enemy that occupies the Whitehouse.

  34. Biden is importing the new future citizens voting Democrats, importing future majority votes, wanting a forever impact by establishing that overwhelming leftist electorate which won't allow conservatives to ever have a chance to win anything.

  35. Thank you Abbots and Trump

  36. I love my Government Greg abbots and stuff are doing the best to protect us

  37. Nothing comes from China STOP making War STOP !!

  38. Is a human disgrace all of it !! So horrible all those people ! The problem is poverty !! All over Latin America !! It’s a horrible thing ! But we most take care of us here in USA 🥲 very sad !! People most come legally not like this ! Biden is a Monsters and a really ignorant man!! He most go away !!

  39. All illegals should be deported. We are under an invasion.

  40. Tell it like it is, this is Obama policy. He started it.

  41. Maria doesn’t have a clue. Pass a law punishing the hiring of illegal aliens would solve the border crisis immediately. Fox News is fake news.

  42. Illegal immigration has been out of control since Day 1 of the Biden administration. Funny no one is talking about all the trash, feces, plastic bottles, etc that sits at/in these sites, isn't that bad for the environment. Just sayin. There are so many things wrong with this absolute NONSENSE. Wake up America.

  43. Wow Finally we close borders … now so mess this coutry ..
    Sad 😢… hope this coutry can fix right God bless America 🇺🇸 🙏

  44. WE WANT DONALD JOHN TRUMP 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤badly enough 😅😅😅😅🎉😂❤❤❤

  45. Joe Biden is poisoning America with his Fentanyl open border policies! He is a mass murderer and walking free!