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Embarrassing mom and her squeaky oven go viral to Usher's 'Yeah'

Hayley Stevens posted a now-viral video to the app TikTok showing her mother, Amy Stevens, opening and closing her squeaky oven door and then dancing to the tune of Usher’s “Yeah.”




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  1. But the daughters fae tho 😂

  2. That video isn’t original the audio was stolen from a video it’s a old guy moving a metal door that’s squeaky

  3. Our best part of parenting is getting to embarrass our children.. Pay back is hell, it's for all those times our children had melt downs in public or threw a fit. Love it.. Go mom

  4. Flint, MI still doesn't have clean water.

  5. Now we just need a show called dance moms

  6. Why does everything make the news except PewDiePie hitting 100?

  7. “This mom made a funny joke on an app called Tik tok… the daughter who was laughing was really mortified” – (David)

  8. Me: oh that's a funny video…

    ABC news: *continues to talk about the Significance about said "Funny video" *

  9. I'll take her as my mom. That girl is spoiled.

  10. Why are they making this seem like serious news?

  11. She did not dance long enough.

  12. Lol this brightened my day ty

  13. There is nothing that makes me cringe more than hearing somebody over 40 years old say the word viral or Twitter is a fire

  14. I am a Mom too. I use the name Michael because I am a MJ fan. Anyway, I have done silly things through the years with my kids. Still do. LOL If I ever put it on YouTube, my kids would disown me, and swear that is not their Mother.

  15. No one gives a fuck about this!! Amazon is on fire!!!

  16. They know that the noise isn’t from the video but taken from another one right?

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