Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / Emerald Isle Mayor: ‘The Devastation Is Just Unreal’ After Dorian Tornado | NBC News Now

Emerald Isle Mayor: ‘The Devastation Is Just Unreal’ After Dorian Tornado | NBC News Now

A waterspout tornado ripped through the beach town of Emerald Isle, NC. NBC News’ Simone Boyce is there speaking with the mayor on what kind of impact the tornado made on the beachside community.
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Emerald Isle Mayor: ‘The Devastation Is Just Unreal’ After Dorian Tornado | NBC News Now


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  1. The days of living along coastal regions are gone. New zoning and construction will need to be implemented in order withstand weather conditions that are only going to get worse.

  2. The "for sale by owner" sign next to the flipped over mobile home is unreal, imagine having JUST signed paperwork a couple of weeks ago to buy the place and then getting ready to move into your new home after you paid for it, and THIS happens!

  3. Amazing.  The on-site reporter says it's "truly a miracle" that no lives were lost, literally TWO SECONDS after mentioning the mandatory evacuation.  No, knucklehead, it's NOT a "miracle."  It's the government doing its job!  People are bonkers.


  5. Sick pro tip : use STONES to build a house…

  6. Some freelance individual did a very long filming of this, stalwartly putting the effort in but with his useless mobile phone. He did point out an interesting point, that the extensive wreckage strewn all over the site mainly still in piles of the damaged unit will get whipped up in the oncoming Hurricane to produce an even BIGGER mess and destruction. Smashing into anything that was not already effected, glass windows etc. Further wrecking the entire site and its contents.

    A big clean up needed to be conducted 'before' the Hurricane came along. It wasn't, no one wanted the expense of that, Mr tight wad American didn't want the expense, owners of the site, local authorities etc.

    Saving all the future insurance policy payers money by reducing insurance claims. ALL this wreckage and damage to property gets PAID eventually by all the US public and others around the World in the spread of insurance by the MAIN insurance companies. People in poorer countries who can ill afford it paying for Lazy Insurance scamming Americans.

    Wonder what the after effects were after the hurricane hit. NBC or someone needs to do an 'after and after'. That is, after the Tornado hit and subsequently after the Hurricane hit, showing the need to clean up as soon as possible due to the extra damage. Not all properties and RV vehicles were effected initially, shoved over a few feet but some were intact after the Tornado.

    WHAT were RV's doing there anyway!, they SHOULD have been ordered to be removed days beforehand to safer places inland. Americans have a history of wasting WEALTH this is a prime example of it. SCAMMERS & WASTERS!.

  7. IT'S a MOBILE HOME with no foundation, WTF do you think it's going to do? Why are these girls guessing? Where is the "news"?


  9. With climate change, those communities will become impossible to live in. Some will be underwater in a few years. The Bahamas will largely disappear as sea level continues to rise and the storms are just going to get worse.
    When you retire, do not sell your house and move to a lovely place in Florida. You will regret it in a big way.

  10. This devastation is a day in the park for the people of the Bahamas. Cat 5 hurricanes destroy even the Best built homes. Once rare, This is The New Normal.

  11. Bahahaha!!!!! Enjoy trump voter's !!!!!

  12. If i'm the only one that calls bull on this will shock me. Nothing is wet or dirty. Weird huh.

  13. Horrible , sad thing is it looks like every Democratic State , City or County run for years, minus the drug needles & rat's. At least sadly this was a Natural disaster and not man made.
    California, Oregon, Seattle , on and on. Now that Voter fraud is being addressed they can get leaders that Truely care about the people instead of stealing from them with the Corruption!

  14. They havent followed the full destruction of the hurricane they haven’t covered the abaco islands

  15. 🚩🚩🚩 Island People Need Life Vest an Rope !! Tie on to Something for Safety 🚩🚩🚩. Parents hook there children to them with Rope !!!
    ( LIFE VEST ). The Cost of Vests. Is Life Saveing !!! An Stronger Shelter's !!!
    Hope these people have Learned there lesson !!!

  16. Abaco Islands Was hit by the hurricane. They haven’t even covered them. So that means they haven’t shown the full destruction of the hurricane. Not one news station has covered it .why.

  17. wow, I was just there in June, and saw this park of tiny houses. They will rebuild, too much of a money maker during tourist season.

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