Friday , April 16 2021
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Emmy Awards, Royals in Africa, climate change: Week in Photos

A look at this week’s top photos from around the globe.


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  1. Time to walk the walk. Stop using electricity. Stop using vehicles, walk or ride a bike. Don't use heating or air conditioning, in winter get some large dogs, in summer vigorous use of hand fans. Don't have children, there are too many people and that is the real cause. Problem solved.!!

  2. It’s the same news 24/7, every day, every month, every year, every decade just replace the names. This head of state visits (insert country) and dances with (insert person) blah blah blah. I’m not impressed with humanity. I welcome Climate Change.

  3. The so-called royal family are nothing but hypocrites and if people took the time to look into them they see how disgusting they really are!!!

  4. Go back to Africa Bantus. America is not your country.

  5. Who give a shit about the Emmys.. Has anybody seen the ratings.. no one watches that crap….

  6. Non-technical emmys are a farce. Stay on TV long enough
    and even the worst actor will get an Emmy. I.E. Susan Lucci
    is just one of many examples No offense, Susan, but you weren't
    very good, you're just gorgeous. They, Emmys) are nonsense!

  7. This kind of news are more interesting than the Democrat’s “ impeachment inquiry”

  8. there's no climate change in AFRICA …so keep your silly American shenanigans over in America.

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