Thursday , January 28 2021
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Employers could restrict workers’ holiday travel

FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos on how the coronavirus may impact holiday travel and the workplace. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I work at a plant management team have been the only ones caught covid but tell us wear mask etc while workers give up plans stay at home even didn't do thanksgiving with family while they went to ballgames bars and tunica gambling they must be dems. Do as I say not as I do

  2. They can fire me. I can sue them and retire. FOX stop the propaganda. Cavuto, you’re disgrace!

  3. If my company tries to tell me what to do at home, I would tell them to eff themselves.

  4. Employees can force employers not to force vaccinations. See how that works?

  5. "Employers could" isn't a rational basis to argue from. Employers could fill their businesses with whip cream to the ceiling. I could check my mail naked this afternoon. (Someone) could (do anything). This is FAKE NEWS contrived by the mainstream media for dubious reasons. The employer-employee relationship is under attack by motherfucking Socialists

  6. I am in charge of me, sorry, no sheep here, and take the vax and shove it.

  7. Neil telling his viewers that they should just lie to their employers… hmm if that doesn’t show a mans true morals and what he does him self.. I don’t know what will.

  8. Now what you're just telling the American people not only can these governors and Mayors dictate to you what you can do now you're going to tell us these business owners can dictate to their workers what they can do and what they can't do I only have one question to ask all the workers of America who the hell elected these people as your kings or queens let's take a vote on who elected them and what the American people should actually tell them where they can take their authority and put it and it is definitely a spot where the sun don't shine

  9. Lets quit our jobs and grow food

  10. Screw my job. I do as i please, no longer part of military.

  11. 😢😢😢FOX NEWS… IT IS ALWAYS EITHER NO CAPTIONS, FRENCH CAPTIONS OR UNRELIABLE ENGLISH CAPTIONS. WHERE ARE THE AUTO GENERATED CAPTIONS? Out of 320 million Americans, 48 million depend on captions to function, understand and participate

  12. So glad my "boss" is an app. Guess people are being told to lie, or start working for an app.

  13. If the highest court in the land which is THE LAST PEACEFUL WAY of solving constitutional right issues is too afraid, or compromised to uphold the constitution, the ALTERNATIVE IS UNTHINKABLE to restore honesty, integrity, respect and fairness back into the land. If everyone turns a blind eye lawlessness will rule everywhere.

  14. Your employer has NO RIGHT over you, period.

  15. Tyranny in the name of safety and health. I'm sorry but this is so extreme for something that you have over a 99% chance of surviving. Even my elderly parents who are the most vulnerable think all this is ridiculous. Wake up America

  16. Wasn't a good place to work anyway.

  17. The most foolish part of this video was the statements on lying to go on holiday.
    They know everything you do. They even have cameras hidden in the toilet to watch you.
    A recent sweep of a department store found 110 hidden cameras……the department store knew about 58 of them. They have facial recognition at airports and train stations, they track your phone via GPS….hell they even know when you leave your phone at home to avoid them ….
    Do as your told…….or else

  18. Please let a company try this promise they will hate they did. And Miss Compliant LMAO 🤣

  19. Lmao an employer cant tell you to not travel when you aren't on company time. SUE SUE SUE

  20. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE…..Journalist and English Political Prisoner .

  21. Its called PUBLIC/PRIVATE partnership. The companies do for the government what it cannot do under the constitution. Social media censorship is an example. Congressmen requested Google. FB, Twitter do more to stop the spread of "disinformation". All the same tactics used by the CIA against real journalists in the late 60's. They were called conspiracy theorists to shame them when reporting truth. That is the reason we have few good investigative journalists left, most are blabbing the 4am talking points.

  22. Still think it's not about control??

  23. Un believable. The fascist corporate technocracy

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