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Empty Las Vegas Casinos At Center Of Clash Over Reopening | NBC Nightly News

Casinos in Las Vegas have sat empty for weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic, representing millions in lost revenue. The mayor has pushed for the Strip to reopen, but the governor and casino operator Caesars Entertainment say that safety should come first.
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Empty Las Vegas Casinos At Center Of Clash Over Reopening | NBC Nightly News


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  1. These Democrat need go. Ccn cbs abc. NBC governor Nevada need be booted out. Office.

  2. I hear Covid-19 is showcasing in vegas 24/7. But so far all the reviews have been very bad.

  3. NEWS FLASH . . . It's not governments responsibility to keep you safe.

  4. Casinos only rip people off. Now that gamblers are not losing their money and have more money in their pockets, maybe they will understand that gambling is bad.

  5. This is a very appropriate…👁
    This Uses to be my playground’
    “by Madonna”

    Gone and “Never”
    To return.. to her glory again..
    Yes ‘ because she’s Vegas strong she will put up a fight but in the end.. she will lose!!
    Completely desolate..😞

    The harbinger..

  6. Finally, the mafia is not stealing money from senior citizens. Stay away from the CASINOS and maybe they will shut down permanent.

  7. All the scary cats should stay home like wussies while the volunter control group goes in and enjoy life. We should have the option instead of being subjected to tyranny. They choose to stay home to be safe because the media that lied about collusion are yet again lying and people are gullable to follow there diabolical plan

  8. Los Angles mayor wants to wait till there is a cure to reopen. You think Las Vegas should do the same? We still have people dying in car crashes going to the store. Should everybody stop driving? Without tax money the unemployment will run out. Then what? Become desert nomads? The Arabs might have a class for that. All the years of people going to work while sick with the flue and people dying from it by the thousands, not a care given. Now this is different? It will be interesting to see a world where everybody stays home. No truckers, grocery stores or hospitals, or will that be for somebody else to do? Different rules for thee than me. Like I said, a desert life.

  9. Las Vegas : the city never sleeps
    Coronavirus: challenge accepted 🦠

  10. Dont gamble with your livelyhood poeple! Take heed! Find something to spend your money on that will enrich your life!!

  11. If you have a Democrat governor you are sure to lose.

  12. Its about time this city took a nap! 😴 💤

  13. Even when NO ONE is there, it is sacrilegious in Vegas to turn off the lights and slot machines.

  14. It will be many years before Las Vegas recovers. Those casinos were cesspools for harboring germs, bacteria, other viruses, long before Covid-19 shut them down. Most sensible people will stay away for years; others will resort to playing Russian roulette with their life.

  15. So what Vegas is rich for robbing people of resort fees,kind of a pay back.

  16. Tell that ugly lady to be quiet not opening is the smarter decision what will you do with the money if you get sick casino owners

  17. The narrator sounds like his dentures are slipping

  18. Cantphh beliveff thish withff cashinosh

  19. Check out this site http://www.ignition.vegas it has an online casino with free bonuses for the quarantine:D

  20. Sahneye çıkacak sadece Las Vegas var….

    Sektörde Değişim/Sektörde Üretim/Sektörde Gelişim

    Las Vegasdan başka Sahneye çıkacak yer yok…..

    Hayranlarıyla buluşacak……
    Hayranlarını Mahrumetmeyecek…..

    Biraz daha Poh Poh Poh Poh

    Popote Şuşote derken….

    Biz Başımıza bela alıp atıyoruz…..
    Rahat etmemiz gerekirken……

    Gitsin Şarkıcı Artist olsun….
    Ne Suratını görelim….
    Ne de Sesini dinleyelim….
    Güzel Sanatlar….

    Yes Yes Sir Yes Yes Sir
    Sir Sir Sir Sir
    Poh Poh Poh

    Oyunlar Oynuyormuş….
    Oyuncuymuş Oyuncu….
    Oyun oynamakdan…

    Biz Kendi işimizi göremiyoruz…

    Her Şeyi Karaborsa yapacak……

    Rek lam lar……

    1500/2020 Pamukkale/Sandıklı

    1500/2020 Mersenerler Simsarı….?

    Ticareti geliştirmiyor mu…?

  21. I live in vegas, going to the Strip this weekend stopping at Walmart to get a case and going to get drunk AF

  22. That's not the mayors job? That's everybody's job.

  23. Am i the literally the only person on the earth who sees how harmful this precedent is? Any time some virus comes along now we are such a pathetic terrified species we run for cover and shut the whole economy down? No beaches no restaurants No people near each other? A year of this goes on and people will be spooked permanently i assure you. This is an extraordinarily dangerous road to go down.

    We are all one! We are social beings that need closeness, interaction, connection, love, spontaneous encounters, not to mention encounter danger and disease and death and learn to grow or adapt to it. We are moving towards a world of plexiglass, taped off distance markers and utter paranoia and sterility.

    I am very sad to be part of this species.. at least sweden is capable of a rational public reaction. Jesus christ guys please find your balls.

  24. fhe flu isnt transmitted by airborne droplets social distancing totally unnecessary Dr tenpenny's words not mine

  25. Wait what, the Major does not have jurisdiction over the strip? Thats crazy–Is the whole strip privatly owned?

  26. She has to be an alcoholic.

  27. It's not worth the risk.

  28. Their mayor is oh.. whatever.. thumbs down.. boo!

  29. She’s an embarrassment to LV. She’s so gross

  30. So just out of curiosity… when do you guys think we should go back to work then? Next year? The year after? Lol. If we continue this path that we’re on, America will go bankrupt. Then you people will permanently lose your jobs. Is that what you guys want??

    Why is it that China, Italy, and other countries can begin resuming on with their lives after three or so months but the U.S. can’t? Yes, we currently have lots of Americans infected, I see the news too. But no one talks about all of the recoveries. I wonder why? 🤔 Only the bad news is shared.. because that type of news sells! We all should know that..

    I know what I’m about to say sounds like a broken record and has been said multiple times but the Flu kills millions every year… no shut downs ever occur and guess what, the Flu even has vaccines every year unlike this pandemic! So that should tell you something…

    Before the liberals get triggered by this comment… Am I saying that this virus should not be taken seriously? No!! But ask yourself this question… Do you want our economy to tumble and chance all of us losing our jobs indefinitely??

    Yes, people’s lives are more important, I understand that. But no one is acting like this when millions of people die every year from the flu! I’m just saying!! Where’s the lie with what just said? Help me find it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s real simple you guys.

    Wash. 👏🏼Your. 👏🏼Hands. 👏🏼

    A lot of people may feel that a lot of the things that the Las Vegas Mayor said in this interview was ignorant. But if you really listen to the interview, she does make a point. For starters, the reporter who’s bashing the mayor is NOT out of a job as you can see. He is still collecting his paycheck from CNN. He is NOT affected like the rest of the millions of Americans right now. So to me, he sounded very inconsiderate of the people without jobs considering he still has his. 🤔

    Secondly, the mayor made a valid point that no one wants to hear when she said it’s up to the businesses on how they will follow safety measures and protocols. “They should figure it out”. Why did that make all of you so pressed?? Does your mayor come to your business and hold your hand to help you make a decision for your business?? No. She’s right!! For example, American Airlines recently released their safety procedures for their passengers. http://news.aa.com/coronavirus/

    This is just one example of MANY that any industry is more than capable of doing to keep the public safe along with saving the economy. I work for a Casino and we have many protocols in place for when we open to the public again. For example, our casino has over 3,000 slot machines. When we reopen, every other slot machine will be “out of order”. EVS employees will be on standby for when a player leaves a slot machine and they will disinfect the machine. There will also be hand sanitizer dispensers in multiple areas through out the property. Those are just to name a few plans that we have.

    There’s one point that I would like to make for everyone who is bashing the Vegas mayor and for the ones who are totally against businesses reopening. Not all of the protocols and safety measures need to fall on the businesses. The people of the public need to also take their own security measures as well. People have not (and still are not) following the basic protocols, hence why we continuously have new cases every day. The people can’t blame the businesses or the casinos right now because everything is shut down. So who’s at fault for this virus lasting this long?

    I remember month or so ago, tons of college idiots in Florida were packed on the beaches for spring break during the time that the virus was spreading like wildfire. A lot of them went home infected. Those same people who went out and got infected want every business to remain closed. 🙄 Of course! They couldn’t follow one simple rule… so they (along with most people in America) are mad that half of the states are ready to reopen! So my point is, a lot of it does rely on us as American citizens first. Don’t punish the businesses because to my understanding, the businesses and industries can only do so much! The PEOPLE are the ones who bring the viruses. 🤷🏻‍♂️ We can clean, disinfect, and try to keep customers at a certain distance from one another. But there’s one thing we businesses CAN’T do and that’s make customers/guests wash their hands. 🤔 Let that sink in.

    If people are still too uncomfortable to leave their house when businesses open back up, no problem! No one’s forcing them to go out in public. But forcing the majority of Americans to remain out of a job is a different type of scenario.. I understand being out of a job for a month or two, but we’re now talking three months now and the news outlets and their followers want the businesses to STILL remain closed?! And when the Las Vegas mayor speaks up, she’s getting criticized by everyone. 🙄

    I’m all for understanding both sides of all stories and situations to come up with an opinion of my own. I notice that this trait is a rare trait to have nowadays.. I didn’t post this comment for arguments or to fire up a debate. Please feel free to give me your opinions though! I’m asking legit questions here, I’m not being rude or inconsiderate by no means. I truly want to know why everyone feels so strongly against it. 🙏🏼

  31. First you need people to come by , many are not going show up and risk getting the Coronaviris

  32. Think Vegas is ok they got deep pockets stop being greedy think like a human not an animal

  33. Also Terrorist effect the whole world ,we gonna hide from them too?
    like we are from this little virus everybody turned into a small minded socialist lately. Wtf?

  34. Please don’t vote her again

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