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England prepares for Prince Philip’s final farewell

ABC News’ royal contributor Victoria Murphy previews what to expect from the funeral of Prince Philip, who will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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  1. ➡️ ⤵️

    B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's





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  2. Stop the storys on Harry and William, when you bring something outta the dark to light, of cause your going to have your non believes.racism wasn't a subject because when you have non,there is non to talk about.there mother the real princess breathed life into that dying inbreed family. Them it comes to William and Harry you Charles(ARE NOT THE FATHER).

  3. As they say most of their traditions. Can the man up above or below Save The Queen?

  4. Last Friday during the season finale of Netflix's The Crown, the drama world are saying goodbye to Prince Phillip who passed on following decades as a prince to Queen Elizabeth and 50 glorious years and fantasy and charming. We asked five princes and five princesses and seven dutches and dutchesses and new kings and new queens and Sons and Daughter to come forward to tell more about him.

  5. RIP Prince Phillip 🙏🏼

  6. Victoria Murphy 😍😍😍

  7. It’s United kindom and the commonwealth that is saying goodbye , not only England abc news

  8. Finally!!!! Time to face your creator👍

  9. What do the royals ever do except show up at events?

  10. Who really gives a rat's are about him, just bury that reptile.

  11. AMERICANS PLEASE ,it is not ENGLAND , but UK OR GB…. CHA

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  13. Once the Queen passes the UK royals will be like the Kardashians. Cancelled old news.

    European, Thai, Japanese, Tongan monarchies are all considered outdated traditions.

    Let's be honest, no one will go to war for Wills and Kate and Harry and Meagan are just common Americans.

    Commonwealth? Give back the stolen wealth you stole from said commoners.

  14. "Megan couldn't come, she's home baking a hoodie for me", Harry.

  15. No one gives fck about the royal cnts

  16. The press/media love to sensationalize every aspect of H&M lives for clicks. Will & H did not walk together at Di's funeral and at Prince Phillips funeral his 3 oldest grandsons are walking together and the media can't wait to advance the rift about Peter walks between the 2 bros due to tension. Rubbish, rubbish and Prince Philip is getting exactly the type of funeral he wanted, a ceremonial and NOT a state funeral fitting for the longest served Consort in GB.

  17. Look, In the Sino-British joint statement in Hong Kong, the CCP said that it was an outdated contract that wastes paper. Hong Kong has become an ordinary city in China, so Hong Kong dollar foreign exchange has also been completely controlled. The Sino-US Joint Communiqué must also become waste paper. If the United States does not wake up and thinks about interests, it will cause the entire United States to collapse because of interests. See what happened to Jack Ma? Can American businessmen escape? Can the American media businessmen who make money with the CCP finally escape?

  18. F*** the racist bourgeois Brit family. Get a job.

  19. ABC bought and sold by the Democrats !!!!

  20. I will ask thousands of you before typing anything. I am not a priest nor a warrior of this generation but I like to think of myself as a humble man who carries the wisdom of old on my back to an extent. I am American and although this does not affect me I will take this time and ask you all To respect the dead nor matter if it was boy, farmer, royal, president, etc do not let media persuade you or affect you of the past from what little I know and from what I read. All I ask of you is to mourn this man unbiasedly only care about that. (that i hope this comment is not censored)

  21. What an idiot Harry is. He totally bombarded The Whole Family! You don’t deserve a place in funeral! You dissed them, accused them, put them down, belittled them! What a Jerk!

  22. A choir of 4 people is a quartet !

  23. I think the Queen should wait at least 3 months before dating.

  24. Sleep well sweet coloniser.

  25. I’ll be watching from MI, USA. RIP admirable Prince Philip. God bless the Queen, her family and the people of the country. ♥️🙏🌹

  26. I’m so sick of this British media Exaggerating that they won’t be side by side play the video of them walking behind Princes Diana’s funeral did they hate each other then!! 👿💩😜

  27. British press is so crazy 😜

  28. They didn’t walk together during Princes Diana’s funeral did they hate each other then 🤬

  29. Probably more of a choice because Harry is still a veteran of the military and eligible to wear the uniform of his service! He cannot wear the uniforms that he had been honored with as a working member of the family. Probably supporting Peter who was very close with the Duke.

  30. I think he has given his farewell.

  31. Harry stepped down he’s not relevant any longer or his wife. Please concentrate on the Royals, and our lovely Queen at this sad time.

  32. I’m Canadian….& no one cares about this silly useless monarchy. Abolish monarchy!!

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