Monday , August 2 2021
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Entire Portland police riot squad resigns

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes joins ‘Fox Business Tonight’ to discuss crime and the resignation of police across the country #FoxBusinessTonight #FoxBusiness

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  1. The men and woman who serve in law enforcement, serve in jobs that can be very dangerous and stressful on behalf of the greater good. They serve as the critical buffer to the criminal underbelly that just about every community has. When they begin to loose the backing of public officials, that is critical in order for them to do their jobs effectively, its gotta be very tough to try to continue to persevere, in a carreer with so much risk as it is.

  2. Let's bash the cops so they quit or transfer anywhere else. Then bring in the military to calm the city. Either you plan is going on or your the dumbest moron ever.

  3. Never spend a penny in Portland. Let them live in abject poverty!

  4. Excellent! The City condones anarchy, they shall have more of it!

  5. You voted for it Portland. You drove out every non-democrat. Let it burn!

  6. The police should just resign en masse. Liberals in Portland want them gone or defunded. The city demonizes them and ties their hands. Conservatives are ready to defend themselves (and should be forming neighborhood watches or militias).

  7. Portland democrat politicians should be tarred and feathered they are utter morons, the police should resign in ALL democrat run areas and go to Republican areas and get rehired there, let the criminal loving democrat scumbag politicians deal with their own criminals, things will soon change!

  8. The Police Union has endorsed Leftist politicians nationwide. Chickens coming home to roost….

  9. Citizens should wake up and remove all those demo-rats before you lose that city or the entire police department should resign.

  10. Real talk y'all can keep BLM, I'll take the COP.

  11. militias, should be sneaking in the Portland at night and killing all the BLM and antifa and then move out before daylight, leave them laying the street for the garbage.

  12. I would like to see public hanging brought back. Leftist politicians should be the first.

  13. Put Democrat politicians in Uniform to control the mayhem.

  14. The problem with this country are corrupt, anti-law, liberal Democrats. Look at the mass exodus from high tax high crime blue states to lower tax and conservative red states. The Democrats are what is wrong with this country. Truth hurts doesn't it.

  15. And that is true solidarity.


  17. Trump wouldn't let this continue to happen in Portland… Where is the federal government?
    "Biden's America"

  18. Don't worry thats the point. Undermined local police. Get ready federal police force is coming fast. When you don't see a familiar face in your local police dept time to get out of that area.

  19. It’s strange… There are comments flying all over the place. You would think that someone would stand up and say there is a problem and we better fix it. Our elected officials need to stop playing politics.

  20. After the initial coverage of Portland, the news did their usual, which is to get or keep viewers based on mainly political divide. Most people in my circle either have no social media, or if they do, it is used sparingly. Those of us on the West coast that have friends and relatives up and down the coast depend on word-of-mouth. We are old enough and have the baseline, timeframe, frame of reference and timeline among us and we discuss the current myriad issues and come to the same conclusions immediately and without rancor, vitriol or finger pointing. It is what it is. We don't discuss the conclusions with others outside of cause/effect because it is a waste of precious time and we've been through this current atmosphere several times before. Clues: When Almighty God, Himself, could come down in physical form and describe what will be happening to these people on an individual basis, and they don't listen or reject it, all is lost for them. When the Great Thinkers/Intellectuals of our time indicate that we are not dealing with the 'cream of the crop,' it's time to stop and smell the roses while avoiding these agitators/activists along with their supporters and big names in entertainment/sports. Not contributing to the fire. These people are too warped to be around children, the elderly and the disabled or animals and responsible adults need to step up to the plate to protect their own. The pathology, psychopathy/sociopathy is running wild right now. The enemy within America is not being dealt with by the current admin. and it is a veritable free-for-all or anything goes while the normal legal American citizens still work and pay the taxes and salaries of extremely corrupt individuals and groups. Nobody I know says life is fair or just, it's just…life.

  21. All Portland police force should go on strike

  22. If I had to choose between a gang banger or the police to watch my back no offense to the police I'm choosing the gang banger look at what the left and Joe Biden has done to this country so far

  23. Good for them now they can go tactical and tell the public what to do and how we go about dismantling City councils Town councils School councils Grandpa and politicians ! Stop communism ! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲👩‍🔧👍

  24. Let them live for awhile with the effects of their socialism…don’t save them too quickly.

  25. They have screwed themselves now .

  26. Portland deserves what it gets! Next time look at who your voting for! Democrat run S.HOLE!!

  27. Good riddance to the lawless pigs

  28. Elections have consequences

  29. If they can't beat you legally,. They don't want to work!

  30. Let the BLM and the liberals do the policing of their hoods.

  31. WooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  32. ………and yet liberals have no idea why crime is skyrocketing.

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