Saturday , November 28 2020
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  1. Which training he are do ?

  2. I’m 14 trying to make 2020 my best

  3. i commend you, you truly are a saiyan, the pride & effort says it all- Vegeta is proud lol

  4. Fat dude and skinny dudes have it so easy I swear I’m bearly coming off skinny fat face took me so many trials and errors.

  5. Just subscribe great channel big shouts from chicago Illinois 💪🏿💯💯💯

  6. So he ate under 2k calories a day and then burned off 300-400 calories?

  7. Wtf did he say at the end of the video ?

  8. I just loss 18 pounds and started cutting by taking this supplement

  9. I wish you do 24 weeks body transformation videos. Cuz after the 12 week thats when you see a crazy changes every week after that.

  10. 1:39 Clearly he has lost 17 kg (94 kg to 77 kg). 94.7% of the world uses "the metric system" by population ( 7.04 billion people).

  11. Honestly this is one of the best transformation videos I've seen.

  12. I weigh 208 but i look leaner than him when he was 208, how come?

  13. Man that’s dope very inspiring !! Love your work bro keep up the vids very useful and inspiring !!

  14. But….What if I want to skip SSJ and go straight to SSJ2

    if you know what I mean….

  15. im a teen i wish i could join your workout progra but i cant but that wont stop me i will get this fat off and become a super sayian but more of a kyubi

  16. Shit… i just relised my name is yamcha…

  17. Did this guy only do Cardio to lose weight or did he also lift weights you weren't specific there

  18. So im trying to deafeat tripple h for the world heavyweight championship currently 150 lbs 6 1 what do i need to do? Squats?

  19. If. You don't mind what was his macros at week 20. Serious transformation. Looks really well. Congrats

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