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‘Epidemic of fear’ driving MLB, businesses out of Georgia: Byron York

President Biden ‘mischaracterizing’ Georgia’s voting law has led to ‘something weird going on’ with corporate leadership dipping into politics, Fox News contributor Byron York argues. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Republicans finally act like a man.

  2. Showing a free state ID to vote is racist? How helpless do Democrats think people are? If Democrats keep telling you over and over you’re too ignorant to do anything…. why do you continue to support them stomping on you dignity as a human being? Come on man!

  3. Your fears will find you out!

  4. Mcconnel …. Stay out of politics.. but keep me on your payroll.. You support of Citizens United just came back to bite hard.

  5. Protest a Georgia voter ID law by moveing to Colorado Which has a Voter ID law???????? Is MLB announceing its suport of Federal Legalization of Marijuana

  6. This was all over misinformation about election laws. If the MLB bowed to that, then they will bow to any woke claim the mob complains about. ie when will it stop? This was rash and I hope it costs the league. We have become too politically offended in this country and it will lead to no good.

  7. We need to boycott all the cowards, let'em feel it from both sides.

  8. Boycott don't allow them to control our country

  9. Fox have a coke and smile and get F——-

  10. Fox Russia propaganda party

  11. Willingly becoming communist without shots needing to be fired.
    Hey CEOs, guess what happens when it's a one party authoritarian regime?

  12. So… to fight racism MLB is moving the All Star Game from 51% Black Atlanta to 8% Black Denver. They didn't mind when the taxpayers in Atlanta paid millions to build their stadium… but they have a problem with Atlanta benefitting from the game. The Dems and their racial-divide plan is working.

  13. NO, sir. It's not about FEAR. It's just TDS and POWER GRAB attempt. Businesses who have businesses dealings in China are "WOKES".

  14. No not the MLB! 🙁 it’s too bad they do this. This subject out of everything?? Lol MLB is woke now!!! Not giving future MLB players any hope to play in the future. No player should have to deal with this crap.

  15. U know what littleleague waybetter

  16. Hear ye all, Coca-Cola….take your misguided, virtual signaling platitudes and shove em' up where the sun never shines, a-holes.

  17. Lets call it like it is they canceled Georgia a majority black state and moved it to a majority white state

  18. Will 60 Minutes do a report on the female and transgender players in Major League Baseball? Will they move to China? The Biden administration should make this their top priority. Start a state owned and operated baseball league.

  19. I have found, after 75 years, that often the most technically and formally educated people (MBA's, CEO's etc. being paid millions) are some of the most stupid and ignorant people when they step outside their expertise. Simply check the screwed-up kids that these people procreate. Or talk with them about issues of compassion or humanity – they are like deer in headlights. They tend to lack morality, ethics and the ability to deal on a human level. They view everything though the prism of profit and Loss and materialism. Very sad.

  20. I will never watch or attend another baseball game…Ever!


  22. When will Republican obstructionist leaders have the courage to take responsibility for action taken?

  23. Airlines are kissing 💋 up to Democrats for more corporate welfare. MLB is doing Chinese bidding.

  24. Oh my crazy… yes so many companies acting in fear. They should stay out of politics and tell bullies of any kind to take a hike.

  25. Corporations are now run by radical progressive HR people suitably indoctrinated in critical race theory, green new deal policies and racial victimhood. They know CEO's are like coaches. They will be replaced to keep the spoiled leftists placated. We know something they dont. No amount of appeasement will ever satisfy them so bite the bullet and take a firm stand now.

  26. Georgia is a swing state that's why they are going woke

  27. These “woke” CEOs have caved to the Left … they need to stay out of politics (or in this case, read the law FIRST instead of listening to Abrams and doing as they were told! Businesses—we’ve had enough!

  28. MLB you pieces of s*** you'll never get a penny from me ever again ever I used to watch sports to get away from politics that ain't happening no more all sports done with them why don't you guys wake up and realize what's going on

  29. It's a RACIST move….🙈🤦🏼‍♀️😓😠🗽❗FEAR renders one impotent…,Anais Nin 😠🗽

  30. Don't give in. Hold the line.

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