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Epstein Conspiracy Theories Spread Online | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Ben Collins reports on conspiracy theories about alleged sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein’s death that are spreading online.
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Epstein Conspiracy Theories Spread Online | NBC News Now


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  1. The jail guards must have been the same guys in charge of watching the radar screens on 9-11.

  2. Who was Epstein?
    Who did he work for?
    He was Mossad and is connected to Ehud Barak.
    It's the jews stupid!

  3. I love how on their news websites they can lie with no backlash . Here on YouTube msnbc and all the others feel the heat in the comment section and dislikes

  4. Media outlets owned by friends of epstien pushing the no conspiracy narrative.

  5. Winning! At least the people are waking up a good bit before you try to wipe us all out. In the end the evil loses.

  6. That weird time when Trump sounds more credible than MSM. I wonder if Epstein had dirt on NBC CEO.

  7. Seems every MSM is singing from the same script. Conspiracy theory!!!
    A pedo animal with very wealthy pedo friends doesn't want anyone questioning their involvement. So they get their favourite talking heads to talk crap, say nothing and make it look like journalism. Wow!

  8. "Trust your reliable news source." Hmm? MSNBC is not that. Look how the elites thumb their noses at us. Like they think we're gullible sheep.

  9. Whaddya expect, when the POTUS is promoting them?

  10. “Crazy people marking speculations” you mean making connections? You would be crazy to listen to this propaganda and not actually look at the facts and think for yourself.

  11. We know he was killed. Just give it up fake news, you no longer control us.

  12. He is still alive. They laugh at the truth.

  13. you start the video with “apparent suicide”. you cant even believe what is read from teleprompter, fake news.

  14. You notice how some of the comment sections are overwhelmingly LEFT and others are overwhelmingly RIGHT. Yet the videos are all LEFT news pushing Anti_Trump / Russian Collusion. Confused yet? See normally you go to FOX and it's all RIGHT. Then you go to ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc.. and it's all LEFT. Now it's like the RIGHT is shut down because FOX is disabling comments. Yet there are still videos overwhelmingly RIGHT in the comments. See what they are doing? How many times have you read, "Finally an Issue we can all agree on." Well how convenient that the only other main stream place is shutdown so that we can go ahead and do that. You guys are Tricky with this mass psychology stuff.

  15. Shilling for the Deepstate much? Trust and obey your government and suspend reason and facts.

  16. That man got so much money they better make sure it's him👀😂🤔

  17. Occams razor points towards murder. The official statements are the literal conspiracy theory. NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR CORPORATE LIES!

  18. There's only one person that has unlimited wealth and that's the devil that's not a conspiracy theory.

  19. "Trust your reliable news sources" for many that doesn't mean media!

  20. “You should trust reporters” 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  21. We have no authority here we can trust 100% so without a God of truth and justice and love we have no hope to ever experience it. "Let God be true and every man a liar."

  22. The MSM is only interested in a tweet which Trump did yesterday! WHY ARE THEY NOT INVESTIGATING??? Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?
    Where is Mark Epstein? And Les Wexner and Alan Dershowitz?
    How did Epstein make his money?
    Where are the other 3 flight logs?
    Where did Epstein die? In the ambulance or at the hospital?
    How did he hang himself in a cell without the remedies?
    The sheets were apparently made of paper like material (according to one inmate).
    The MSM is doing nothing!!! Only Miami Herald and RT are trying to investigate.
    CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, NBC, MSBC etc. etc. are doing nothing!

  23. I can't believe Trump is watching Breaking News live- lololol

  24. Epstein died by suicide. Corrections officers are incompetent but they're not murderers.

  25. msNPC is Pravda of murica….

  26. The temple. Invert the roof with its dome and statues and you have a sacrificial altar with a bowl and horns. The blue lines point in the direction of the chamber with the offering. The spiritual entity derived from child sacrifice, whose services were cultivated that vicariously satisfies its deviant needs through these individuals accounts for their attraction to children. The conditioning of these individuals to always win and get their way enabled by d. evil revealing each effective response is sustained by continuous payment in blood and by engaging in the proscribed activity.

    Their world crumbles and existence becomes unbearable the moment they attempt to surrender their addictive habit.

    Without further sacrifice the demon loses its power and soon departs. Incarcerated without bail there is no opportunity to resume this activity and escape justice through a miracle brought about by d. evil.


    ² At the Altar of the Sun (Jerusalem) that was already ancient in his time where Abraham sought a blessing, human beings were sacrificed during the fire ceremony each spring to this god, an incorrigible bloodthirsty tyrant, which was reputed to favour justice and righteousness that was proclaimed the Supreme Being. This spiritual entity that was derived from, sustained and empowered by human sacrifice, unlike that derived from animal sacrifice that led the medicine man to the herd during the annual hunt, facilitated the intrigues of its proponents in their quest for more power. Abraham was fabulously wealthy, ostensibly a just man and his son whom he loved dearly was his most precious possession. But so egoistic and selfish was he that when put to the test revealed that he was prepared to slit the throat of his own son in order to inherit the Earth and the increase that it yields.

    ²² Sacrifice by fire of innocent women and children with incendiary bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, Twin Towers conflagration, burning of babies in effigy at Bohemian Grove, etc., in an effort to advance realization of The Promise.

    ¹² Israel: Traditional trinity a composite of an Egyptian deity Isis, plus an Egyptian deity Ra and a Canaanite deity El. Is + Ra + El = Israel.

    ¹³ Solomon: Sol = sun. Om = priest of the sun. On = city of the sun. Sol+om+on = Solomon. (Omon a transliteration of Amen, a first dynasty ruler of Egypt that was proclaimed the intercessor to the Creator). Solomon consecrated the temple to the dark forces before opening it to worshippers. Demons obeyed Solomon. Ring prevented them from harming him. Third temple to continue daily sacrifice to the arch d. evil, at the altar of the sun.

    ²¹ Jesus was fully cognizant that the provenance of this grasping spiritual entity at Jerusalem that is a curse perpetrated by bloodshed was human sacrifice:

    “And the devil, taking him up into the high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give unto thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me: and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” — Luke, ch. 4, v. 5-8.

  27. Just keep trying NBC… No one is buying.

  28. Filling space how ironic

  29. You can't call us all conspiracy theorist.

  30. Herman Goering did it better

  31. You morons at NBC, a sick dude who owned a pedophile island for blackmailing American politicians has "committed suicide" while in prison and suicide watch!!! No conspiracy here? So what happened? Did they fake his death and send him to Israel to live happily ever after?

  32. They killed him to hide their crimes…

  33. Hired hacks at NBC, just SHUT UP !, He probably has been sequestered by the military, There are a lot of prominent people involved in this horrific scandel.

  34. The more they push this "conspiracy theory' theory, the you know you cannot trust this unreliable "news" propaganda.

  35. Meanwhile Faux News’ comments section has been disabled on all Epstein videos. Lol

  36. ,,,,and of course no mention of clinton or his 30 visits to epsteins island…

  37. Everyone knows the C*lintons had him murdered.

  38. SMOKE and MIRRORS because everyone knows they can believe these MSM kids LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    The conspiracy is spread by MSM. BOUGHT SOLD ZIONIST
    Jeff is dining with Bebe tonight.

  39. As of August 11 The Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 12,019 times Trumpo The Aryan Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.
    CNN : Anchor list the baseless conspiracies Trump has pushed.
    Trumpo gets by with a little help from his friends on Fox Conspiracy News.

  40. Fake sleeper face on the gurney

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