Monday , April 19 2021
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ERCOT Faces Texas Lawmakers After Devastating Power Outages | NBC Nightly News

At a hearing on Thursday, the CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas told lawmakers that he would not have done anything differently and the rolling power outages during the severe winter storm kept Texans “from going into a blackout that we’d still be in today.”
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ERCOT Faces Texas Lawmakers After Devastating Power Outages | NBC Nightly News


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  1. When getting water for the toilet don't fill the tank use less water by pouring it in the toilet bowl until flushed less water less trips to or with bucket. Think smart 😍

  2. Americans complaining about any inconvenience is always dreadful but in this case. Texas has every right to be upset for the lack of preparation. It really was an unfortunate week man

  3. How about Texas lawmakers face Texans after deregulating our power grid to the point dollar bills became more important than taxpaying constituents' lives???

  4. America needs to cut texas loose they are a burden on the country

  5. So the electric company is not under law a regulated monopoly? State regulators are not a subject of inquiry? Sounds like a set up to me.

  6. the man in power watch this Украина опубликовала сенсационную информацию о Biden there are english subtitles the president is corrupt

  7. Lending a hand?? Nice way to cover up the fact that he's going to make s killing doing repairs. It's all about money and opportunity

  8. And so they should! Even the ones who resigned! Get them a sweeping brush and mop each!

  9. So much suffering. And to think how much of it could have been averted by one more wave of massive deregulation and corporate tax cuts.

  10. Okay, ERCOT can go ahead and no longer operate there. Reminder, you cannot utilize any of their property, so good luck rebuilding the grid that you are so reliant on, Texas! Maybe next time you'll prepare for outages like having back-up heating sources and a battery bank.

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  12. Biden refuses to declare many of the counties that were worst hit as disaster areas. Report on THAT. BIDEN is playing politics with peoples lives here!

  13. Ay at least latinos will survive lol texas is almost a 3rd world nation due to the policies but hey at least latinos can put up with this, as they faced worse conditions in mexico lol

  14. I do put the part blame on Abbott for allowing wind farms and other green energy BS up on the northern parts of Texas. But allowing one company to run 70% of the power to Texas? That is something that needs to be looked at. Plus we need to put the blame on the department of energy that ordered Ercot to not run at full capacity, but then 1 day before the freeze they said they could and it was too late!

  15. The lawmakers knew of the issues for 10 yrs and now that it has come true its the power companies fault,
    I feel no pity for said lawmakers, they have done riled themselves a mess of Texans.
    This time the lawmakers will be the ones inside of the alamo

  16. Throw out those Wind turbines
    Green energy and libs caused people to freeze to death…

  17. The Democrat party should be classified as a hate group!

  18. Hope those Texans were OK receiving assistance from a dirty liberal from Jersey. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  19. Claiming the windmills don't have operating specs that tell you what temps are operable?
    All machines tell you what is the lowest temperature they can operate at.
    Now that specs for new windmills will be subzero..
    Hindsight? They knew

  20. The same Texas lawmakers that received kick backs in campaign donations? Sure, no conflict or gas lighting there.

  21. I am betting that the Republican dominated legislature will end up finding that the energy companies did nothing wrong and it was all the windmills fault


  23. Just wait till a solar mass ejection hits us, no power for years. Funny thing is the powers that be have known about it as a very viable threat for decades but no backup plans or transformers to date. Good luck.

  24. Why don't we have a real time American Debt watcher so we can see the debt being paid off… It can be on the news or on the internet. It can even be an app on your phone.

  25. I love Texas but the Republicans running it are trash.

  26. This is all on Biden's hands.
    It's only fair he get the blame for it.

  27. Resignation tied to kick backs?

  28. ERCOT

    ER Can’t Operate Texans

  29. How sad and god bless you and everyone helping out. 💯

  30. It's the consequence of the lack of Regulation that the Texas Republican Leadership has put in place.
    Just a repeat of 2011 but worst.
    The GOP working for the power company's, not for the people of Texas…

  31. Texas will remember in the next two elections & unseat both Abbot & lyin Ted.

  32. republicans cant blame them , they allow them to be

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