Eric Adams has proven the point of southern governors: Goodwin

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin discusses NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ handling of the migrant influx as ‘tent city’ construction begins in the Bronx.

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  1. you are asking the wrong question here .. the question is not why they don't stop letting people in but why they want all the people to come in .. only 2 possible answers .. they want devastation or they are incredibly naive and think this will keep them in power

  2. He could always put them on planes and send them back to where they came from. But I guess he's not that smart.

  3. Adams is following the Democrat agenda. Biden's agenda is responsible for the crimes, violence, immigration, inflation, defund police, cartels, fentanyl deaths, higher taxes…..

  4. Welcome to Joe Biden’s America

  5. Democrats and WEF around the world have screwed us all….and the republicans stood by and watched.

  6. A tent city with winter on the way, real nice let them freeze. That's how dem's look at all of us.

  7. Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

  8. Adam should open his home and let the illegal immigrants live in his home.

  9. fox propaganda and a new york post "columnist"… lol.

  10. Mannn look Democrats take to long to get to solve things LOOK IT SHOWS 😅😅 see now more problems and more problems they bring…

  11. Welcome to the slums 😅😅🤣😂😂😂😅🤣🤣😂😂😅🤣🤣😅😅. Hope you new Yorkers like your taxes and medical going to people that don't exist, and criminals

  12. NYC is a sanctuary city for one or two high-profile, news-worthy illegal aliens. The lefties are okay with that. They can pat themselves on the back and puff up their chests about how noble and giving they are. Just don't present the reality of the illegal alien invasion to them, that's being cruel and inhumane for political purposes as far as they are concerned.


  14. Mayor moron adams should put tent cities in the Hamptons where he spends most of his time , or upstate in Albany where the governor stays.
    The air is cleaner, the land area is greener. ?? ? ??

  15. Stop no cash bail, what dont our reps understand, blood on their hands

  16. Adams reminds me of the person who will tear down someone else to make himself look good in the eyes of the public. He knows good n well he does not really want to deal with the influx of people he’s getting but at the same time he welcomes them because he’s looking to get some kind of reward for it that’s why he is not calling out Biden or even Congress he doesn’t want to look bad in their eyes he thinks he is a Savior but he is NOT! We will see if the so called gracious is still gracious to the immigrants when the election is over.

  17. Adams is an imbecile. Which doesn’t say much for the people who voted him in. He is destroying New York.

  18. 58 000 HOMELESS IN NEW YORK!!!?????? Put them to Work if they are able to doing even menial jobs for "their keep" (in exchange for their food, ablutions and Shelter) – IF the Unions do not Object – Cleaning, sweeping roads, excess trash collection etc. – then transition them to more permanent circumstances. That is not the whole Solution but a start.

  19. Start setting up a tent city for illegal aliens at bidens beach front property

  20. Start setting up a tent city for illegal aliens at bidens beach front property

  21. Blame Biden and his admin. for this mess

  22. Eric Adams cannot state the obvious – that the border is wide open because the elitist left are deliberately weakening America. He's part of the globalist machine that is intent on enriching and emboldening America's enemies. The ultimate goal ia a one party police nation where they control every aspect of it's citizens lives. They want the crime, the homelesness and the fear to continue because when you live in fear you are easier to control and those who have the control, have the power.

  23. phoenix az republican city. clean modern. tucson az. liberal city. old run down filthy.

  24. Right before winter. Timing is good for him. Just about the game. So sad.

  25. Republican better win this midterm elelction by 2/3 of the house and win the Senate of 51+. So when Jan 2023, we will be able to fix this problem. If not, Republican is so weak, all talk and no actions….. We need to have VP Harris wins as President next year

  26. The United States is being Re-Colonized.
    Bend Over
    Its your turn

  27. Cruelty is the point for those southern governors.

  28. put the dam national guard on the border and treat it like a prison wall I'm tired hearing the lies from both parties every election cycle its the same bs 😒

  29. we should be taking care of our homeless people first these Democrats take care of non citizens instead

  30. We should encourage adams 2 set up as many tents as he can in his jurisdiction! He is helping our cause by 4cing the Democrats 2 own up 2 their mess, and relieving the pressure on the border states. He needs 2 get Biden in 4 a visit 2 his "tent metropoli"!

  31. That Dandy hasn't proven anything of the sort…..just his hypocrisy………

  32. NYC is a filthy hell hole!! I would not even drive through the city limits its so unsafe, better drive around it!

  33. Wait till he gets a brief on the logistics of this. He can call Cheney and give Liz some money resurrect Halliburton. Who will reap the social reward, Bay Plaza Mall, Co-op City or City Island? Place your bets. Well at least the name for this debacle is obvious District 9. Bet Curtis Sliwa would be having none of this nonsense! Voting Matters or was the last one corrupted also?